11 Things to Know Before Starting a Business In 2020


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Are you planning to start a business in 2020? Great! Great business ideas and innovative & creative things may be a reason to be successful in this competitive world. So, guys, we have brought few things to know before starting a business that will surely be a turning point and also will bring a lot of happiness or hopes for your business in terms of benefits. In this competitive world, to start a new business is not an easy task. You may face a lot of failures if you do not have a proper strategy and plan for your business.

In this article, we will appraise you about business strategy and what are things to know before starting a business:

  1. Nature of Business
    The first you need to think about is what will you offer, which kind of business you have to start, you can choose any one of the business:

    i) Service – It can either be selling is time and expertise, such as professional organizers, IT, marketing, etc or it can be restaurants, food, kiosks, transportation, salon, Spa, etc.

    ii) Merchandising – It means doing business in retail, wholesale, trading or distribution buy and sell off goods, etc.

    iii) Manufacturing – It is the business that includes combining raw materials, labor, and equipment.

  2. Target Customer
    We have things to consider before starting a business is the product’s demand for the products and what kinds of customer accept your products which are called target customers.  The marketing strategy says a product or service for everybody is a product or service to nobody.

  3. Location
    We have to consider certain things to do before starting a business is the perfect location where your office is to be established, what facility to be included to do the job etc

  4. Formation
    After you decided what things to consider before starting a business you have to decide what kind of business you have to choose which include the following:

    i) Single Proprietorship – In this business, you are the sole owner of the business.

    ii) PartnershipYou have to decide if you want another person to share the business.

    iii) Corporation – You have to decide if you want to distribute the business with more than two persons who are called stakeholders.

  5. Capital
    Capital means the minimum budgets you have to start a business. It can be cash or non-cash cheque etc

  6. Assets
    Assets means the equipment which you need to start a business it can be machines, tools, computers, etc.

  7. Operating Expenses
    Operating expenses are the expenses that are not fixed it includes electricity, water, furniture’s and other spending are things to know before starting a business.

  8. Hire People
    You have to decide how many people to be hired, how much technical and non-technical staffs are to be appointed, etc.

  9. Marketing
    Marketing should be done which includes Web publishing, Ads on TV, etc.

  10. Registration
    After considering the entire capital and expenses requirement, make sure you have the registration to legalize the business.

  11. Bank Account for business
    In this world of digitalization, it is good to open a separate bank account for the organization you want to establish so that your personal account cannot be jumbled with your business and easy for your sponsors to deal with the business.

  12. Accounting and Financial Analysis
    This is the most essential thing for your business and you must ensure that you would have a reliable accounting & financial reporting process in place. In terms of business, accounting is the language of business you can say if the business is your body then finance is your heart if any imbalance is caused then it will affect your entire business.

Few Things to Bear in Your Mind

  1. Tools Are Not Everything for Your Business
    Exploring your ideas or thoughts and employ them into business does not mean that you have touched every corner of your business. There are plenty of things available in the market now for instance – Online marketing tools that may assist your business in reaching out to new heights of success.

  2. Take Assistance of Experts
    To be successful in your business, it is necessary to take the assistance of experts who have well knowledge of the small, large or medium-sized business. You may now take online assistance, out of which some are paid and some are free. It takes you through all the basics of online marketing, step-by-step, in a way that’s approachable and easy to understand.

  3. Use Some Alternatives Ways to Reduce Cost
    You may take the help of some online tools that are cost-effective and available free of cost. By using these tools, you may vigilant about yourself among the people and may bring the value of your brand.


Now we have acquainted with all the things to know before starting your business in 2020. Here is the list of things that you consider to start your business that is costs, sales, profits, cash flow, and much more. It all depends upon the nature of your business and a well-executed business plan may define your business success as well. Having a written plan with your projected results and personal goals is the best way to stay on track.

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