12 Things to Know Before Performing Invisalign Treatment

Do you suffer from the problem of crooked or misaligned teeth? If yes, then this is certainly a matter of concern for you. Obviously, you would like to have straighter teeth and improve overall appearance. For this, you will need to undergo Invisalign treatment and solve your oral problems. You need to search for the best Invisalign provider in London if you reside in that particular area. Thus, your teeth problems will be resolved and you can get back your gorgeous smile soon. Go through this blog post to know about 12 things before you decide to undergo Invisalign treatment.

Here are the 12 Things to Know before Performing Invisalign Treatment

  1. Wear aligners for the specified time

    You need to keep the aligners in for as much time as possible. This is the way to get effective and quick results from the treatment. Dentists suggest wearing them for at least 20 to 22 hours in a day and take them out only when you eat, drink, brush and floss. After the first two-day period gets over, you should try to wear the aligners for a long time. The longer you wear then, the better it is going to be for your teeth.

  2. Adjust aligners when you speak

    Invisalign can affect your speech to a great extent. There will be slight lisp when you wear them for the first time. It is necessary to stay prepared so that you may not feel shocked while speaking. It is just a reaction for wearing aligners in your mouth. You will not have a lisp for the entire time you wear them. This will be for the first few days only when you become used to this specific change. It is advised that you do not get tempted for removing them when speaking with others. If you have the habit of taking them out, you will always find speech problems when they are in.

  3. Treatment time will differ for everyone

    Before you may begin with the treatment, it is necessary to know how long the treatment will last. It should last almost a year for the adults though this depends on the condition of your teeth and dental works that needs to be done. If you have slightly misaligned teeth or one or two teeth are not in proper place, then it may last for less than a few months. However, if the teeth are not in great shape, then it can last for a long time.

  4. Quick results when compared to metal braces

    Most people can see the results of the treatment within a couple of months. But this will only take place if you wear the aligners for 20 to 22 in a day. The treatment has a pre-arranged set of clear trays which you need to wear to solve the problem of your crooked teeth. You need to change the aligners in every week for restoring your attractive smile and confident look.

  5. Make it a habit to floss daily

    With Invisalign, it is extremely important to floss daily so that you can keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy. If you do not floss properly, there will be an accumulation of plaque and small food particles struck in between the teeth. This can become problematic since it might rub off into the aligners. Besides, you may even suffer from severe dental pain that can lead to further complications. It is suggested that you floss daily and keep your mouth completely dirt free.

  6. Maintain proper dental care habits

    If you are in hurry, then brushing teeth for just two minutes at the beginning and end of the day is a common thing. However, when you undergo Invisalign treatment in London, you will have to keep aside some extra timing for your improved oral hygiene habits. You need to brush and floss often after eating your favorite foods. This is because Invisalign keeps your teeth covered as you cannot miss any step for proper dental care.

  7. Clean the aligners properly

    Other than taking proper care of your teeth, you should clear aligners from time to time. All you need is to use your toothbrush and clean them by applying some toothpaste. You can do this every morning and evening when giving them quick rinse at the time of taking them out from your mouth. Your Invisalign provider will give detailed instructions on cleaning the aligners properly when you wear for the first time.

  8. Remove aligners at the time of eating

    There is a strict diet to follow when you wear aligners. It is the kind of foods you can and cannot eat when you are under the treatment. Also, metal braces have certain food restrictions however, with Invisalign you can slip off the aligners easily while eating. Your dentist will tell the importance of drinking water while you perform this treatment. When you wear aligners throughout the day, your mouth becomes dry which makes you feel uncomfortable. Drink sufficient amount of water and you will find it easy to smile confidently with the aligners.

  9. Whiten your teeth with Invisalign

    You need to get your teeth realigned for your attractive smile and improved look. The treatment can even help to have brighter and whiter teeth. This goes with the thought when you brush with a whitening paste, all whitening agents will get stuck to the teeth that can also protect from cavities.

  10. Get attachments to enhance the results

    You might be given attachments that can enhance the treatment results. These are known as Invisalign buttons though they are not meant for everyone. You need to talk to your Invisalign provider about them during the consultation and know if you require them. These are small things attached to the tooth that improves the movement of a particular tooth. Thus, you can get quick results from the treatment.

  11. No age restriction for the treatment

    People of any age group can undergo Invisalign treatment. It specialises in treating all patients who have crooked and slightly misaligned teeth so that they can get straighter teeth with improved appearance. Make sure you take care of the aligners while undergoing the treatment and keep your mouth absolutely dirt free. This will enable you to enjoy the benefits of the treatment quickly.

  12. Cost may vary for each person

    It might be difficult to know the price of the treatment as it differs from one person to the other. Most patients can get the desired results at an affordable price. However, it may be comparatively inexpensive than other treatment options available these days. Thus, you can enjoy your new smile and improve confidence level with this effective treatment.


Thus, you need to visit a reputed clinic in London to undergo Invisalign treatment and overcome the complications associated with misaligned and crooked teeth. You will have bright smile, improved look and attend social gatherings with confidence when you perform Invisalign for your oral problems.