13 Best Android and iOS News App for Free

Sara Abadi

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News is an integral part of everyone’s life because they keep us updated about the happenings around us. The launch of electronic media and technological developments made a significant transformation in the scenario of a new presentation and broadcasting system. Today, the latest global news can be accessed anytime, anywhere, through the  best android and iOS news app .

About the news apps

What are news apps? The news apps are the applications on mobile phone devices that provide access to the leading news channels that provide the latest updates on the happenings across the globe. These happenings may be in any field such as general, politics, sports, industry, entertainment, and many more. People want breaking news on what is going in this world. This may not be possible unless a news medium is accessible anytime, anywhere. The advent of mobile phones has offered a great advantage to people to get instant access to the news in any part of the globe. The mobile apps, whether the best android and iOS news app, have created the absolute possibility of having instant access to global news events. 

Free Apps for News

Most people these days have Android phones, smartphones, or iPods. These are the best devices to download and install news apps. Most news channels offer downloads of free news apps. The top news apps, such as Google News, Microsoft News, Yahoo News, Apple News, SmartNews, News 360, Flipboard, and Feedly, are free. Many more free apps can also be found online. These are the best news apps that can be installed by Android and iOS users. These are free and can be downloaded on the mobile device using Android OS or iOS, except Apple News, which is meant for iOS platforms only.

Downloading Free Apps for News

Downloading free news apps is accessible on the Google Play Store and many other internet platforms that offer free downloading options. The ratings of these apps can also be verified on these platforms. Softonic.com is one top online software for free and safe downloading of the best apps. There are a few other software ones that can be looked for free and secure downloading. This is necessary because downloading on a non-trusted platform carries a considerable risk of malware attack or virus infection that may spoil or hack the mobile device. The free news downloading also raises an alarm that it should be only on the trusted and safe platform. Downloading the best android news app, therefore, needs caution, especially when someone is looking for the free app.

Best News Apps for Android and iOS Platforms

Let’s discuss the best Android and iOS news apps. It would be rather hard to quote a single free app, which could be the Best news app in Android because it depends on the choice of a reader. The news apps for free mentioned somewhere in the previous paragraphs are the top-rated news apps. Besides, social media platforms such as Twitter are popularly used by people to access the news. 

  1. Google News

    Google News is the replacement for Google Play Newsstand, is the preferred app for many people who use Android phones. The reason for its preference is that it pulls news sources from every corner of the globe. A reader can get daily briefings or full coverage of various news events and stories.

  2. Apple News

    Apple News is a preloaded app on every iOS device, a product of Apple Inc. It is the best iOS news app but unavailable on Android platforms. Apple News has compatibility only on the iOS, and that’s why considered the news app for iPhone only, though many other news apps for free are also running smoothly on the Apple phone. The best features of this app are quick-loading videos and a significant focus on images. This app is amply good to access news on various topics.

  3. Microsoft News

    Microsoft News (formerly MSN News) is easy to use for quick news on the topics of the readers’ interests. The items can be quickly scrolled. Several options such as breaking news alerts, choice of light and dark themes, switching to absolutely local news, etc. are available on this news app.

  4. BBC News

    BBC News is a popular worldwide news network also available on the app for live streaming of the news. This news channel is known for the most updated information on any news topic.

  5. CNN News

    CNN News is the first round-the-clock cable channel is also available on the app. This channel is like more by the US population.

  6. The New York Times

    The New York Times is among the most popular global news sources which are used by the readers for breaking news alerts, social media sharing, and even offline reading. This app has a few exclusive features not available on the other news apps.

  7. Financial Times (FT)

    Financial Times focuses on the news mainly on the financial markets and business, and that’s why it becomes the foremost choice of business tycoons and investors who are interested in the notifications and breaking news on the topics of financial and business interests.

  8. Lumi News

    Lumi News is a Flipboard and Tinder mix that brings more personalized news for the app users in less time.

  9. News Republic 

    News Republic is suitable for stories’ collection from various news networks and YouTube videos.

  10. Feedly

    Feedly is smaller than many other news apps but amply suitable for news reading.

  11. Inoreader

    Inoreader is another small app but has many useful features.

  12. ESPN

    ESPN is the best app for streaming live sports, but there are a few other apps to watch live sports.

  13. YouTube

    YouTube is the choice of many audiences for sports and other news.


Finding the best android and iOS news app is not a problem even when someone is looking for a free app. There are many news apps to download on the Android and iOS platforms.