15 Best Clinics in Dubai to Look for

There has been considerable development in the UAE’s healthcare industry in the recent past. This has caused many international players in the healthcare industry to enter the market. Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and a big market for healthcare products; it’s also a great place for medical tourism. Besides domestic customers, many international travelers visit this destination every year for medical treatment. The reason is apparent because Dubai is quite affordable for medical treatment to many other destinations. There are many reputable clinics in Dubai that provide world-class cost-effective, high-quality medical procedures and treatments to the patients.

Reasons for the development of Dubai’s healthcare industry

One of the reasons for the great development of Dubai’s healthcare industry is medical tourism. Another reason that could be attributed to this development is the growing and aging population that requires more infrastructure and facilities in the healthcare sector.

When more services are provided, and more people make use of these services, the development is apparent in the sector. Throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the efforts are being made to provide world-class healthcare services, but clinics in Dubai are exceptions. They are required to cater to the needs of international patients who have the capacity to spend high on medical treatments and procedures.

A Healthcare Goal of Dubai

An overall goal of Dubai is to create a competitive scenario in the healthcare market. The economic slowdown had affected Dubai’s healthcare industry, but the finances were never so bad here, and the stern efforts were made to deal with the adverse situation. The credit of achievement goes to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), and other authorities associated with the healthcare sector. The role of world-renowned private medical clinics in Dubai and hospitals is big in providing top-notch healthcare services is also appreciable.

Dubai’s Best Hospitals

Finding the best hospitals in Dubai is not a problem. Dubai attracts the best talent from across the globe, and there are many hospitals in Dubai city, out of which 25 have been put on the list of best hospitals for 2020. A list of such hospitals could be searched online. The reviews and ratings of these hospitals can also be searched online. A complete list of Dubai hospitals and clinics can also be counted on Medarabia. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) oversees these hospitals to ensure efficiency in both public and private healthcare systems.

15 Top-Notch Clinics in Dubai

Here is a list to find a top medical clinic in Dubai that has been rated best for various types of medical treatments and procedures.

  1. Novomed Centers
    Novomed Centers was founded in 2016, has specialists in all fields. Novomed has specialized clinics such as Novomed Integrative Medicine, Asthma & Allergy, Men’s Health, Plastic Surgery, etc.

  2. Westminster Ortho Medical Clinic
    Westminster Ortho Medical Clinic is a multispecialty clinic. This clinic is especially known for the treatment of orthopedic problems, but there are specialists in this clinic for the treatment of all types of ailments. This clinic is also famous for family Medicine.  The specialists in this clinic are globally competitive.

  3. The Clinic for Health and Medical Care (CHMC)
    Specializes in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, and many other mental problems. Many other medical services and counseling facilities are available in this German outpatient clinic.

  4. German Neuroscience Center (GNC)
    GNC is a leading clinic for more than 12 years to offer treatments in the fields of Neurology, Psychology, and Psychiatry. This clinic is renowned for world-class facilities and the use of exceptional technology in the treatment procedures. The best doctors are available to offer treatments and counseling to patients with mental disorders.

  5. Medicentres Polyclinic
    Medicentres Polyclinic was founded in 2006 but made tremendous progress in these fourteen years. The clinic specializes in the fields of General Practice/Family Medicine, Dental Services, General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Dermatology, ENT, Spine and Sports medicine, Women’s Health, Breastfeeding & Lactation Clinic, Pediatrics, and Adult Physiotherapy. This clinic resides highly-skilled specialists in a wide spectrum of disciplines. The community is considered Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by the team of this clinic.

  6. Al Zahra Private Medical Center
    It is a state-of-the-art medical service provider, is serving both local and international communities with its world-class medical techniques. The patients can expect the best healthcare in the environment of this center.

  7. Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Center
    It is one of the oldest, founded in 1995, is a multispecialty medical center, which is one of the leading medical centers in Dubai, which is equipped with top-notch doctors and high-class equipment. This center ensures high-quality, comprehensive medical services to the patients using innovative technologies. The clinic specializes in dental treatment and is known for the best outcome.

  8. Dubai Sky Clinic
    Dubai Sky Clinic offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city from its 21st floor.

  9. Al Noor Polyclinic
    Al Noor Polyclinic was founded in 1995 and is known for its multispecialty and state-of-the-art treatment facilities. The clinic has the best panel of doctors in various fields of medical treatment.

  10. Dr. Mahaveer Mehta Medical Center
    It is one of the oldest medical centers founded in 1990 and specializes in various skin related lase and non-surgical treatments. Dr. Mehta, Chairman of this center, is a renowned dermatologist.

  11. NOA Dental Clinic
    Nova Dental Clinic is a multispecialty dental clinic specializing in Orthodontic, Preventive, and Family medicine. This clinic is known for a broad spectrum of dental treatments for children and adults.

  12. Florentia Clinic
    Florentia Clinic is the leading clinic for dental treatments and surgeries by a skilled team of professionals. This clinic is known for the highest standards of quality and practice.

  13. Versailles Dental Clinic
    Versailles Dental Clinic has existence since 1987 and is serving patients with a great variety of dental services and treatments.

  14. The Eye Consultants Clinic is the leading eye care provider of Dubai.

  15. Sharif Eye Center
    Sharif Eye Center is also the leading eye care center helping people for enhanced vision and many types of eye treatments. The services include Cataract Surgery, Refractive Surgery, Keratoconus Treatment, Retinal Detachment, IVT Injection, and more procedures.

The above clinics in Dubai have been rated best by the users, and their services are used by both domestic and international patients.