15 Best Places to visit in United States (USA)

Sara Abadi

, Travel

“First power in the world,” the United States not only owes its title to the strength of its army or its economy, but it is also because it sends to the world a captivating and seductive image. The destinations where you could have a pleasant stay are numerous, but some are unavoidable during your next stay in the United States. Do not forget to make your request for ESTA before your departure. This document is essential for your visit to the USA. In the case of a trip to the USA, you have to see which one (ESTA, or VISA) is best suited according to the length of your stay. The ESTA is much easier to get, but again it depends on your project.

Today, we will talk here about the 15 best places to visit in United States, which you cannot resist to visit once. To know more, keep reading.

  1. New York
    It is one of the famous places in the United States where you will find the famous Statue of Liberty. It also has several world-famous monuments like – the Empire State Building, the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge, and Central Park. Be sure to stroll the avenues of the legendary American stock exchange Wall Street.

  2. Miami-Downtown
    Miami, another best place to visit in the United States, is a sun destination punctuated with entertainment. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Miami, and its many activities such as skiing in clear water, sky diving, and diving near Key West. At night on Ocean Drive Avenue, bright neon lights with various colors animate the city in a very trendy air.

  3. Washington
    If you are little curious about American history, its politics, its biggest museums, its biggest presidents, then this destination will be the one that suits you best. The capital of the United States is a beautiful vacation spot in the US with a long history and a lively political activity.

  4. Honolulu
    Capital of the state of Hawaii, Honolulu is a city suitable for visitors who want to sail or, surf. Next to these sports attractions, you will also find museums, the magnificent Foster Garden, the Arizona ship if you are interested in American naval history. This is one of the best us states to visiting this summer.

  5. Los Angeles
    As its name suggests, one of the best places to travel in the United States, it is the city of angels. This is where Hollywood is located which you have certainly heard with its stories, and star scandals. While visiting the city, you will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of these movie celebrities in certain places, notably in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre or, across the Sunset Boulevard.

  6. Las Vegas
    It’s hard to find a better party destination in the world. When you visit Las Vegas, the famous city in United States, you get the impression that every corner of the city hosts great shows. There are still exceptional places that are relatively calm, like the rue Fremont district.

  7. Boston
    With its parks, shops and especially its history, Boston is a pleasant, and engaging destination. It indeed comes among the top places to visit in the United States. Start your visit with the oldest public garden, Boston Common, and its largest museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

  8. San Francisco
    The Pacific Ocean influences San Francisco’s climate. The sunniest periods here are best suited for sightseeing. The presence of the ocean provides a certain freshness even when the sun is shining. You will then enjoy the pleasures of its busy beach without failing to cross the famous “Golden Gate Bridge”.

  9. Orlando
    Another Florida city that attracts a lot of tourists every year. Orlando is a city of tall buildings, and places of entertainment never equaled. Orlando is the city of Disney World, the city of Lake EulaPark, the city of restaurants, and nightclubs. It is simply a dream destination.

  10. Chicago
    If you like to practice sport, then this destination should suit you because of its high class sports infrastructures. However, its architecture, its Lake Michigan and its shops for shopping will also remain etched in your memory.

  11. San Diego
    If there is a sun-kissed city in the United States, that is San Diego. Perfect for those who love beach life and nightlife. Start the day with your feet in the sand of the wonderful La Jolla, then go for a cocktail in the shade of Balboa Park, perhaps after visiting a nice museum, or taking a tour in the largest zoo in the world. Close the day with an evening in the lively Gas lamp district where music runs until morning.

  12. Portland
    The pioneers of Oregon are still part of the memory of an eclectic, and creative American town, a cultural, and artistic center with that sophisticated air that is so reminiscent of a city in Europe. Portland will be a pleasant surprise with its cycle paths, craft breweries, hipster neighbourhood, and street food from all over the world. In its streets and its urban forest you will feel at home.

  13. San Antonio
    Its name derives from the Saint of Padua even if the first to arrive were the Iberian explorers, way back in 1861. And so in the womb of Texas a city with a Spanish heart was born which has managed to maintain, despite the strong globalization, an authentic soul and historic architecture. Being one of the top tourist states in USA, get to know her from the River walk, its lively riverside full of bars, and bistros.

  14. Nashville
    Welcome to Nashville, the American capital of country music, the perfect place for those who have the rhythm in their blood and want to spend their vacation in the United States chasing fun clubs, and dancing festivals. But, not only dancing, because the food scene of Nashville also makes sparks, especially during the fantastic Music City Food + Wine Festival, in mid September.

  15. Philadelphia
    As elegant as Grace Kelly, and as creative as Andy Warhol, Philadelphia, the best tourist states in USA is a beautiful city in the United States that has rightfully entered the UNESCO list as a World Heritage Site for its great cultural, and historical value. Divided between Old Town, and University City get to know its two faces – the ancient and the modern.


So, here are the basic guide of top 15 places to visit in the United States. If you are visiting to the USA this year, be sure to choose the top 10 vacation spots in US, and enjoy the most delicate holidays in your life.