18 Best Project Management Tools to Look for in 2020


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Project management tools assist the software development team to streamline the whole project development process from initiation to closure i.e. planning, executing, controlling and completing the projects. Project managers have started using Project management tools to strengthen team collaboration and ameliorate performance and efficiency.

If you are here maybe know about the project management tools but you want to choose the best for your work. There are hundreds of project management tools on the internet today. The following are some best management tools that our team categorized 17 best project management tools here for you. Let’s get started

18 Best Project Management Tools According to Customer Feedback

  1. Trello

    Trello is one of the simple and easy project management tools on your fingertips. Trello power-ups the integrated apps you rely on. You have all the information and necessary tasks you need in one place. It helps you to organize information and tasks.

    Trello’s Elements:
    – Price( free for basics) (premium $12/Month)
    – Daily updates
    – Make boards
    – Easy card add a list to keep track of everything
    – Checklist, due dates files, and comments
    – Mobile friendly
    – Fully customizable
    – Collaboration on the project from beginning to end

  2. Asana

    Asana is the famous project management tool on the internet trusted by some well-organized enterprises in the world. You can easily connect with others in a direct link to the boards and gigs. Simple tools including lists, boards, timeline, calendar and progress options.

    Asana’s Elements:
    – Price (Free for Individuals) ($9.99/Month After 15 users)
    – Task and Calendars with easy use
    – Inexpensive did not charge until the limit of 15 users reached
    – To-do list
    – User friendly

  3. ProofHub

    Proohub is the type of project management software that gets everyone and everything in a single delegate workplace.  Widely used for creating projects, assigning tasks, collaborating, meeting deadlines, generating insight, and exceeding expectations.

    ProofHub Elements:
    – Price ($45/Month Unlimited Users)
    – Essential package
    – Android and iOS
    – Wide range of features

  4. SmartSheet

    This project management tool is an award-winning online collaboration and task management tool. It will improve productivity, increase revenue, and make better decisions faster for you or your organization. Use this tool to generate winning plans, remove roadblocks to workflow and generate impactful reports.

    SmartSheet’s Element:
    – Price ($15 User/Month)
    – Improve the way to manage projects
    – Roi for adopters
    – Budget planning and resource management
    – Comprehensive features

  5. Basecamp

    Basecamp is essential in business management projects, teamwork, and time so that every person alone or a group is at their ideal best. Achieve the best landmarks by having full clarity and control of work that is happening in your organization and work field. Move projects easier and faster by getting your crowd on the same page and aiming for clear objectives.

    Basecamp’s Elements:
    – Price (Free for Students and Teachers) ($99/Month)
    – Easy and Fast
    – Manageable
    – Facile to learn and use
    – Dashboard (HQ), message board, chat room, works tracking, and document archive

  6. Apptivo projects

    Apptivo is the cloud business management tool. Essential in resolving your all issues with ease. Restrict workflow clashes, project delays and missed deadlines. This tool helps you to gain full visibility into and complete control of different projects and tasks.

    Apptivo’s Element:
    – Price (Free for basics) ($8.33/user/Moth Premium) ($20/Month/Ultimate)
    – Usable templates to give you a head start
    – Software’s optically engaging and associated versions
    – Integrated billing capabilities

  7. Assembla

    Assembla is an absolute solution for enterprise, less expensive and essential on the infrastructure of your choice. Suitable for your requirements without any security tradeoffs. This project management tool is good for data stability and recovery.

    Assembla’s Element:
    – Price (for startups $14.5 user/month) (small companies $21.5 user/month) (enterprises $39.5 user/month)
    – Backup functions
    – Data recovery features
    – Perfect for Software development teams

  8. Confluence

    Confluence offers you the perfect environment for your team to generate, collaborate, and make new ideas. Essential for teamwork in a central place to share notes, product requirements, plans and multimedia documents.

    Confluence’s Element:
    – Price ($10/Month 10 Users)
    – Simple and easy to use
    – Work in time
    – Adds-on available

  9. Evernote

    Evernote is the best management tool if you are a person who writes everything on your own. It’s classic software for project management. Flexible for everything you can do. You can do anything on this like download graphics, add notes, create to-do lists, upload documents, and more. Its clean interface is available on multiple devices.

    Evernote’s Elements:
    – Price (Free for personal use)
    – Extremely customizable
    – User can write practically on it
    – Easy and affordable

  10. Hive

    One of the best management tools, easy to use because of the dashboards and card enable. Hive is currently used by many organizations and persons.

    Hive’s Elements:
    – Price (14 days free trial) ($12/Month)
    – Highly Customizable
    – Simple as ABC
    – Simple for adaptation

  11. Insightly

    Insightly works on customer relationships as well as project management. Insightly is a great tool to keep track of all of your client information while concurrently taking out tasks and projects to serve clients. Users won’t have to constantly copy and paste info from their database to project management software.

    Insightly’s Elements:-
    – Price ($29/Month after 2 Users)
    – Tracking management
    – Stores info in a single system
    – Integration from different software

  12. Liquidplanner

    It is considered as one of the smarter and top project management software. LiquidPlanner is here for you to move more geared towards the business side of an organization other than anything, allowing users to experience cross-project visibility as well as participant’s time availability in addition to task administration and calendar views.

    Liquidplanner’s Elements:
    – Price ($9.99/Month after 5 members)
    – Helps with prioritization
    – Time management
    – Simple interference

  13. Microsoft Project

    Microsoft is a trusted company that helps our users with essential tools in the market. This project management tool is better and famous among different organizations. It offers business and project managers across the industries.

    Microsoft Project’s Elements:
    – Price ($7/Month) ($30/Month Professional)
    – Market share projects
    – Oldest and experienced developer team
    – Fulfill all Industry standard

  14. FileStage

    Filestage is an innovative and the best project management tool that helps task leaders to adjust the review and approval action. Filestage is a bit expensive but it is best for project managers who can invite internal and external stakeholders in less time.

    FileStage’s Elements:-
    – Price ($99/Month)
    – Expensive but Essential
    – Easy and Intuitive
    – Fast and precise

  15. ProjectManager

    Project manager is best for any project leader, team or organization in any Company. This tool is the best management tool because of its popularity. This is used by NASA, the United Nations, and Volvo. ProjectManager is an online tool that provides all the things you need to consistently deliver excellent results within budget and on time.

    ProjectManager’s Elements:
    – Price ($15/user/month up to 5 users/Personal) ($20/user/month up to 10 users/Team) ($25/user/month up to 15 users Business)
    – Includes everything a project manager needs
    – Status reporting
    – Adds on integration

  16. Quire

    Quire is a glistening new take on the appearance of a project management tool. It is simple to use and designed for detailed projects, processes, and performance. Users need Quire to collaborate, manage tasks and get work done.

    Quire’s Elements:
    – Price (Free)
    – Innate interfaces
    – Gentle learning
    – Works with Slack and GitHub

  17. FieldBook

    Some people think that Spreadsheets are vast and easy tools for organizing work but they are also boring. Fieldbook is way better than your vintage spreadsheets it gave spreadsheets, a transformation, and a fast user interface to boost their capabilities. The rows and columns can help you to plan, track and manage service work, product development, customized workflows, business processes, and even customer relationships.

    FieldBooks’s Elements:
    – Price ($10/Month)
    – Documents and image attachments
    – Dashboard
    – Easy managing complex records
  18. Xtensio

    With the growing needs to work remotely, Xtensio has your organization’s back with its array of online collaborative features. Create reports, pitch decks, presentations, and marketing strategy content with your team in a single platform at the same time! This project management tool is one of the best cloud-based shared workspaces for effective team collaboration and communication.

    Xtensio Elements:
    – Beautiful, professional-looking templates
    – Real-time, auto-save and sync feature
    – Drag and drop function
    – Complete how-to videos and documentation
    – User-friendly
  19. ezClocker

    ezClocker is a highly rated tool that is simple and easy to use. The app is ideal if you are a freelancer working at home or a self-employed individual working in the field. ezClocker also has a business version that works for businesses with remote employees. The app gives you the necessary tools to easily and efficiently track billable hours, calculate your total pay (based on hourly-rate/hours worked) and much more! You can clock in and out with one tap; then, see your hours worked for the day, week, month, or set your own custom timeframe.

    ezClocker Elements:
    – Price (Free for basic features)
    – Easy to use
    – Cloud based
    – Job costing and overtime support