17 Must have Online Marketing Tools for Startup Business in 2020

Startup with new ideas and innovation comes with a risk factor. Marketing tools for startups are the aid that cannot reduce the risk but gives the company or the person, better chances to grow. The product or the startup needs an acceptance in the market, which can only be fulfilled if you reach every corner with due creativity.

The need for marketing tools for startups:

Marketing tools for businesses are the key to take your business to a higher level. It is not only about advertising but making a name, and everyone is aware of it.

Following points are accurately covered by the tools that help the business to grow:

– It provides a connection between the company and the customers that will use the products.

– Advertisement considering all the market and customer wishes.

– Sensing the competition and gets the right solution to overcome the same.

– It makes the company aware of the steps that can draw negative points in their picture.

The top 17 online marketing tools that you cannot miss

These tools are a collection of features that a person or the company needs when they are going with the flow of new business startups.

The startup is a big thing and there are terrible obstacles on the way of success for the same. Marketing tools for startups cannot remove them, but they can make you aware of the dos and don’ts.

  1. Google

    Google tool is a comprehensive tool combining some of the most significant features in just one tool. The remarkable work has made this tool to top the list

    The tool is the combination of other main three categories like google analytics, Google tag manager, and Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

    All of them together make an excellent combo to track the data of your online website. The data input of the customers is crucial for the startup as any next move will be planned according to the feedback and input of the customer.

  2. HubSpot

    They are the team with management; as their specialty. Making the data worth attraction and then checking if the setup worked is their prime area of work. The marketing workflow can be managed under their feature of inbound marketing.

  3. Mailchimp

    Any established company would not take a chance to leave this particular tool. This tool helps you to communicate with your subscribers with the medium of mail. If you have a small family, they provide a free service to a certain extent.

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  4. HootSuite

    This social media management tool has everything on one platform. This means that it gives you an overall view of all your deliveries on the platform all at once.

  5. Canva

    Social media asks for something different every other second, and this tool is there to stand by you for the same. This tool is famous for its creativity, and if you are looking for something like that, this is the one-stop for creative assistance.

  6. Marketo

    They work with strategies, and this is their feature. They have summarized the basic plan that is necessary and effective in the market space for startups. Their work is highly professional. They are more or less concerned with advertisement and analyzing customer input.

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  7. Optimizely

    The driving point of this tool is the real-time assistance when the event is going. This is helpful when you are about to bring something which was never tested before. If there can be anything that can ruin the startup, it can be edited.

  8. Buffer

    This deals with the key to marketing in this era: social media. They have some remarkable features enough for the company to spread wide and good on social media.

  9. Followerwonk 

    As their name says loud, they can solve your social media issues within a blink that are related to advertising. This tool has a great foundation team that is capable of bringing more and more attention to your product.

  10. Convert

    They are the service providers for testing in the market. This might sound similar to those of the other tools, but the accuracy brings in the difference for the tool.

  11. All in SEO Pack

    Search engine optimization has a lot to do with your fame, and the team of the can manage that All in one SEO pack.

  12. Buzzsumo

    They focus on assisting you in reaching out to the maximum people. They can make the pillars of digital marketing for you with the fulfillment of your demands.

  13. CrazyEgg

    The startups are confusing about how to come out on the websites. If you have the same doubt, you can approach them.

  14. CoSchedule

    They have got the backs for bloggers. They have provided some great editing and editorial features that brings quite a bright light to their name.

  15. Pablo

    Pablo, as the name suggests, is a tool for pictures. They are equipped for any assistance you might require when you are dealing with images.

  16. Unbounce

    This tool is the collection of templates for any sort of work. They are the requirement of the startups as they can fill the gaps in the work of some other employee dealing with designs.

  17. Survey Monkey

    Survey Monkey is a large group all set to get surveys done for their customers. They create questions that are a part of digital form. Millions of people take this digital form survey. Answers are processed. This gives the idea to the company. If there is the existence of any loopholes as they get the answers from their customers and market.


Business starts with a significant amount of money input and higher chances of risk. For evergreen business development, it is consulted to have the required marketing tools for businesses. Such tools can work as a significant part of the event and increment of the startup business.

The above paragraphs clearly explain about the online marketing tools for startups and the vivid roles that they can play to support your startup business.

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