20 Best Hospitals in Dubai to Look for in 2020

Hospitals are important structures for any country. For any person on the earth, they will need the hospital services on one or the other day. The discussion focuses on the best hospitals in Dubai. Dubai, being one of the finest cities for many reasons also has its name for the amazing facilities in the field of health care as well. Such facilitated hospitals have been discussed below.

Here are some of the Best Hospitals in Dubai

  1. King’s College Hospital

    This name is a collection of several institutes spread all over the region of the United Arab Emirates. These institutes are not just famous for their type and quality but also for the variety and that is what meant by the best in comparison to every other. If there is an issue, this name will have an institute providing the best service in their recognized field. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 4 5199 999
    Address: Dubai Hills, Alkhail Road, MArabea’ East Exit
    Open Hours: Open 24 hours

  2. NMC Royal Hospital

    This one is the complete package. Best services served with the best doctor team and there is nothing lacking by this Hospital. Also, the quality of living and service supported by them is much better than the rest. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 4 810 8800
    Address: Plot # 598/122, Dubai Investments Park 1, Behind Falcon house, P.O.Box: 7832, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
    Open Hours: Open 24 hours

  3. Medeor 24×7 Hospital

    This hospital can be the one when the person is looking for some immediate actions. This one is a part of the king’s hospital. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 800 900600
    Address: Consulates Area, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road, Bur Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
    Open Hours: Open 24 hours

  4. International Modern Hospital

    This hospital is ready to serve you with a great team and services all round the clock. The department in the hospital needs clarification and is capable. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 4 406 3000
    Address: Port Rashid Road Al Mankhool Area – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
    Open Hours: Open 24 hours

  5. Canadian Specialist Hospital

    This Hospital offers medication for all the issues. Further, there are also extra services provided. Going to this hospital for any check-ups can be recommended. Some tourism health and house package services are also offered. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 4 707 2222
    Address: Behind Ministry of Environment and Water – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
    Open Hours: Open 24 hours

  6. Al Jalila Children’s Speciality Hospital

    This hospital is built with great intentions and is a gift for the children of the region. The hospital provides all the services which are needed for small children. Also, with the great start have come the great opinions and shares about the goodness of the Hospital. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 4 281 1000
    Address: Al Jaddaf – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
    Open Hours: Open 24 hours

  7. Dubai Hospital

    Like every city/country have their main Hospital which was started by the government as a step towards the welfare of people, so is this Dubai Hospital. Also, it can be said that if compared, this Hospital can beat many other Great hospitals named in different parts of the world. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 4 219 5000
    Address: 222 Al Khaleej Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
    Open Hours: Open 24 hours

  8. Aster Hospital Mankhool

    This is recommended when you need simple care for your body and you do not find anything critical. The care provided is good with a team of doctors ready to serve you. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 4 440 0500
    Address: Near Sharaf DG – Mankhool, Kuwait Road, Al Mankhool – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
    Open Hours: Open 24 hours

  9. Ultralasik Eye center

    For any eye operation, you can go to this place losing all the tension. This place has everything it needs for proper eye treatment and surgery of any kind. Also, the cure is quite trustable. There are the least chances that the person cannot get the best treatment option from this eye hospital. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 55 974 6062
    Address: Dubai Health Care City
    Open Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM. Friday closed.

  10. Zulekha Hospital Dubai

    All the departments related to health care are almost covered. Well equipped with several packages for the treatment is also made available. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 55 974 6062
    Address: Doha Street, Al Nadha 2, Al Qusais, Dubai, U.A.E.
    Open Hours: Open 24 hours

  11. DxBone – Bone & Joint Center

    Specialized in the bone and joint department, all the people concerned with any such issues must contact this pace once as per their convenience for the best cure options. Visit the website for more info.

    Contact: +971 4 240 7204
    Address: Al Garhoud, behind Millenium Hotel – Dubai
    Open Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM. Friday closed.

  12. Medicare Women & Children Hospital

    Women and children draw a fine line of connection as a part of healthcare which is supported by this Hospital. The facilities are more than enough and one will never have to go somewhere else for the facilities provided here.

  13. Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai (MEHD)

    With the leading eye hospitals, even this structure has not given up in the run for the best hospital. Obviously, as per the requirements of the patients, they have a lot more to provide which brings them to the top list.

  14. Cancer Care Specialties Dubai, UAE, and Mena

    As the name tells us about the specialty of this Hospital, this center is a blessing for the one suffering from cancer.

  15. NOA Dental Clinic

    This one can be known as one of the dental clinics which are providing the finest services for years. This clinic is the option that has almost all the services you need as apart of your dental care. By any chance, if the person is confused to learn about which treatment he might need for his dental care, the best hospitals for it is this clinic with all the added treatments.

  16. Florentia Clinic

    This clinic has aesthetic service in the field of skincare and dental care. This hospital also supports a good plastic surgery option. Overall, reviews have proved to be good for this hospital.

  17. Novomed Centres

    This clinic can offer many services at one go. Need of anything for your skin like for allergy or surgery or need a dermatologist for the same, you will get the best services here. Also, the orthopedic and gynecology department has a  space in the clinic.

  18. Westminster Ortho Med Clinic

    They have gained the name for the amazing doctors they have so far. The doctors are not just well trained but have answers for the cure for even the smallest to the biggest issue relating to their professional knowledge.

  19. Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery

    This place is well equipped for even the toughest surgery. The best technology related to any surgery for your muscles and bones for the complete body can be supported by this hospital. This hospital has already marked itself in the best hospitals in Dubai because of the services that cannot be provided by anyone else.

  20. Modern Clinic

    Not so famous and big, but this place is good for simple people and also provides simple facilities and cure.

Dubai Health Association takes care of every factor that needs proper attention. Health care is a basic necessity and Dubai takes care that best hospitals will be there for the people of Dubai.

The variation in the best hospitals in Dubai lies from the extraordinary facilities to extra technological services for all the classes of people in Dubai.

Wrap Up

Best hospitals in Dubai need no reminder of what they have to provide as a part of their name. They make sure that everything that is expected out of the hospitals is fulfilled not just as a part of regulation but as a part of the amazing service provided. Nutritionists in the world will be glad to be a part of this government and its hospitals. The approach towards any action of doctors towards any patient will be to save them from whatever they are facing without concern of any other factor and thus this is one of the excellent quality of best clinics in Dubai.