5 Reasons Why Investors are Crazy over Dubai Investment

A report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) states UAE as the second-highest country that attracts foreign direct investments in Westen Asia. No doubt, Dubai has been magnetic in captivating investors from all quarters of the world. Besides its apparent stable economy and political conditions, Dubai can be a city of magical allure to investors. Why? Here are the top 5 reasons why investors are crazy over Dubai investments:

  1. A stable political environment

    Dubai is a country that boasts of the most stable political set-up in the world. You can enjoy peace of mind and a conducive state of affairs, with a uniform code of law and order for all nationalities who live in Dubai. A level of comfort and safety here makes you feel at home, although you may be thousands of miles away from your home country.

  2. Incredible culture and family values

    You feel assured of close-knit culture and ethnicity in Dubai. Family values and integrity are some of the best aspects you will appreciate and cherish while living in Dubai. At the same time, it offers a great blend of secure living for families and gives you the rush of high-end car -racing clubs and equestrian clubs for your sporty hobbies. And this is perhaps, the top reason why investors are interested in exploring properties for sale in Dubai.

    There’s never a shortage of community parks you could enjoy on an evening out. A barbecue at the Al Safa Park or hang out at the Dubai Miracle Garden, the Butterfly Garden, or a dip in the Jumeirah beach. If you’re a fan of sailing, then hire a yacht at the Dubai Marina for an exciting cruise!

  3. International education system

    You will love the array of schools and the excellent choice of the syllabus that’s for you to choose. Besides, there are also highly ranked educational institutions with international facilities most common to schools in Dubai. So, if you’re considering buying a property in Dubai, it’s a haven for you and your family.

  4. Tax- free living

    Investors in Dubai find the tax-free benefit most inviting. While you may be levied tax on income and property at rocketed rates elsewhere, in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about income tax. Can you imagine the advantages of living in a tax-free country? Unbelievable and super welcoming for investors planning on moving to Dubai or thinking of investing for rental gains. Both ways it’s a win-win! 

    Whether you are a professional or in business, the opportunities are endless. The repatriations of your profits to other countries is most of the time tax-free. So there’s a great advantage for you, while you’re free of the tax burden that’s common in most countries. 

    Generous mortgage offers are also one of the most important reasons why investors are crazy about Dubai property investments. When you get a sizable mortgage deal that helps you manage your equity at a reasonable profit or interest rate, you have every reason to be excited about investing in Dubai. Again, there’s a selection of local and international banks that can provide you with a mortgage, so you also have the benefit of choosing whatever works best for you.

  5. Architectural wonders and city living

    If you’ve been to Dubai, you will adore its architecture, carefully planned streets, and the well -connected metro links. From wide streetways to pavements that are safe for pedestrians, incredibly fancy building structures to stately homes and apartments, large exclusive gated communities giving you the perfect lifestyle you always wished. Here you find an array of the choicest properties that you can easily fall in love with. 

    The tall -tower, rightly named Burj -Al-Khalifa is a dream beyond imagination: an example of Dubai’s baroque style. A building that has restaurants, offices and residential apartments, Burj is a prestigious address for the elite.

    The numerous shopping malls, you either shop there or spend time gazing at the lavish interiors. Whether it is the sound and light fountain show at the Dubai Mall or the endless game events at malls to engage children and families, the shopping malls in Dubai are always a buzz. 

    If you are looking at Dubai for your property investment, there’s no limit to the luxuries you see and experience in this beautiful land. From blooming flowers by the road sidewalks to the star cruises and desert safaris, you can be sure of an eventful life and one that’s a highly profitable investment too!