7 Facts About Academic Writing


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Writing is one of the most important aspects of an academic career. It is something that every student should master if they want to score an A grade. But, it has many other benefits that you will come to know today.

A lot of people think that academic writing is just like any form of writing. You have to write what you think and that’s it. But academic writing is nothing like it. It is easy, simple, and plain yet it is an important form of writing.

So what is academic writing?

It is the form of writing whose purpose is to enhance the reader’s understanding. You can share your opinions, thoughts and ideas in academic writing but they require proper reasoning and evidence. Academic writing is clear, structured and focused. It is unlike creative writing, where you have a chance to write what you want just because it sounds fancy to you. Academic writing is a more formal kind of writing.

One of the most common types of academic writing is essay writing. You may write a persuasive essay to convince someone about a topic or a cause & effect essay to explain why something happened and its impact. No matter what kind of essay you write, it has a definite purpose and structure. It should be written in a logical order and should demonstrate your knowledge about the topic.

Academic writing also includes insightful research papers, case studies, reports and dissertations. All of these have a specific purpose and format. You need to take care of the tone of your writing and use appropriate language.

Now, here are 7 interesting facts about academic writing that will help you understand its purpose and importance even better.

Academic writing makes you an analytical thinker

The analysis is one aspect of academic writing that enables you to form opinions on the information that you research. Whether you are writing an essay or a dissertation, you need to think in a logical manner so as to communicate your ideas with the reader. You may research bundles of information about something, but until you analyze what is to be presented in your writing and how it is of no use.

Academic Writing is ‘writing for the reader’

When you are preparing an academic assignment you tend to think for the reader first. This is because academic writing is not about you but it is about who will read it. If you want your paper to be published you must think of a problem that people actually face, research about it and present your recommendations. So, we can also say that academic writing is more realistic and is based on legit facts.

Nowadays, keeping your facts right is not a trouble. There are many apps and websites that can help you collect and organize information, bookmark webpages and create notes all at one place.

It is about professionalism 

Before you create your professional resume, there are some things that you must learn about professionalism. And, academic writing can help you in it.

Academic writing always has a formal style and tone. For instance, instead of using words like ‘basically’, you need to use ‘fundamentally’. Similarly, instead of writing ‘at the end of the day’ you are supposed to write ‘finally’. Therefore, by enhancing your academic writing, you can learn to write in a more professional manner than a casual manner. It can later help you in your professional career while writing formal emails or reports.

It can make you feel accomplished

Academic writing is a complete process in itself and it is meant to challenge you. You will have to create a proper working environment to complete your academic writeup. You need to create a timeline and decide when you will create your first draft and how you will research all the information. You will have to find time to read, write and edit your work until you have created your masterpiece.

And, once you will do it, you will feel accomplished. Getting a good grade would add more joy to it and you will realize what it feels like to achieve something with hard work, dedication and commitment.

Academic writing enhances your language skills for better

It is quite obvious but yet many of us overlook this fact. Being able to write an essay properly not only helps you get a good grade but it also enhances your overall language skills. Whether it is your vocabulary, grammar skills, or your ability to comprehend the instructions. You learn how to communicate your ideas in a convincing way. It also gets you into the habit of reading and researching which yet again are two important aspects of language skills.

Academic writing is like thinking

Academic writing enables you to put up your thoughts on the paper. So, you need to have clarity in your mind about a topic before you write it for someone else. Many dissertation writing services advocate that your thoughts need to be rock solid if you want to enhance your writing. This is why they help students in doing some compelling research so that they can engage with their dissertation topic more effectively.

If you want to engage your readers in your work, you must first engage yourself in it. As you practice on improving your writing skills, you are also practicing to improve your thinking skills.

Precision and eye for detail are important for academic writing

If your facts are not correct, your work is not authentic. This can affect your writing. Academic writing is all about precision and little details that you gain by deep research and reading. Your writing reflects precision when you choose adequate vocabulary for the same. For instance, you can focus more upon powerful singular verbs like obtain (instead of getting), discontinue (instead of giving up), disappoint (instead of a let down), select (instead of pick out), etc. Writing in active voice also reflects clarity and optimality.

How can you enhance your academic writing skills?

Just like any other form of writing, academic writing needs practice. The more you read and learn about a topic, the better opinions you will have and the better you will be able to express them. You can always enhance your language skills by taking an online course, reading books or even listening to podcasts. It is not always necessary to read your course books. You should try to expand your writing skills by reading novels that you find interesting. Many students consider taking academic assignment help from professional writers and subject matter experts in overcoming the challenges that they face in writing. 

Writer’s Block is a normal thing!

Do not panic if some day you are unable to write much. Writing is not a calculative thing. No matter if it is creative or academic, there can be times when you are out of words. You need to find a pattern or develop habits that would help you break the writer’s block. For instance, you can play some background music or go outside and sit in a coffee shop. If you love silence, you can try working in the library. Using academic writing services like my assignment help can also help you get past these blocks.

In all, academic writing is necessary and relevant for every student. All you have to do is experiment with your writing skills and take care of these seven facts. You will be able to master it in no time!