7 Top Consultants of VAT Training in UAE

Sara Abadi

, Finance

UAE is a fast-growing country with many economic developments and reforms being implemented by the government for public welfare regularly. As the industrial and economic market in the UAE grows at a steady pace, the government is also looking to provide more infrastructural facilities. For this, the UAE government introduced VAT or Value Added Tax in 2018. Coming into effect from 1st January 2018, a 5% VAT applies to most goods and services including import goods for UAE. The filing of VAT and VAT refunds can be quite complicated as there are many regulations to be adhered to. There are some free zones in Dubai where VAT isn’t applicable. In such a scenario, VAT training in UAE is very important. 

Companies in the UAE need VAT training for the right calculation, filing, and knowledge of the refund process. Many consultancies offer VAT training at attractive prices with reputed faculty in UAE. Let us take a look at some of the top consultancies offering VAT Training in UAE. 

Best VAT Training Consultants

  1. LynchPin Training

    One of the leading VAT consultancies in the UAE, Lynchpin training provides some of the best courses for VAT Training in UAE. Being professionals in this field of taxation, they provide clear and detailed training programs in VAT-related topics. Value-added tax or VAT is fairly complicated in UAE has been in place only for the last 2 years. Lynchpin training’s VAT courses aim at providing a fairly broad understanding of VAT and the various sub-topics in it. You will be able to understand different processes such as VAT registration, certifications, penalties, VAT on import/export, filing, returns, and zone wise regulations to give you better confidence working in VAT. They also offer programs that detail VAT in a global context. 

  2. Zabeel International Institute of Management & Technology

    UAE has a complex economic and industrial landscape. The introduction of VAT has been done in a very thorough and detailed manner with many procedures to be followed. To adapt themselves to these changing regulations, companies and professionals are constantly looking for training courses. Zabeel International has realized this and designed a detailed overview of VAT for goods and services, import/export, returns, reverse charges, and registration process. The advantage of taking courses for VAT training in UAE from Zabeel is that they have specialized courses based on the location and the corresponding local regulations. The course is easy to understand and can be taken by anyone such as entrepreneurs, finance professionals, small and medium business owners, and accountants. 

  3. PWC Academy

    One of the world’s leading legal and tax advisory firms PwC has a learning and education wing PwC Academy offering educational and training programs on the different taxation regimes in the world. PwC Academy offers specialized VAT training in UAE for a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the VAT regime in the UAE and the entire GCC as well. They cover topics like VAT in real estate, VAT on customs, and excise duty. The training program is conducted by expert professionals with a worldwide VAT experience. PwC Academy offers a VAT compliance diploma being the only accredited VAT certification body in the UAE.   

  4. UAE VAT Expert

    UAE VAT Expert is one of the most preferred VAT consultancies in the country. Having developed their in-house software for VAT, they have proved themselves to be extremely proficient when it comes to the subject of VAT. Naturally, they are one of the leading providers of VAT training in UAE. Designed and taught by professionals, their training programs cover everything when it comes to VAT processes in UAE. You can learn about VAT, VAT filing, VAT returns, documentations, VAT on import/export, maintaining records, penalties, and different VAT entries as well. VAT can be quite complicated but UAE VAT Expert’s programs have been really helpful for professionals and companies. Their programs are also quite affordable when compared to other VAT training programs. 

  5. Farahat & Co.

    Farahat & Co is one of the oldest legal and financial advisory firms in Dubai. They are popular for their expertise in all audits, accounting, and legal claims related processes. Hence, when the UAE government introduced VAT in 2018, the company became one of the most sought after firms in Dubai for all VAT related queries and services. They are now one of the leading firms that provide VAT training in UAE. Taking a purely financial approach to VAT, Farahat & Co. is a firm that provides VAT training under the banner of sales and accounting. VAT registration, VAT accounting, VAT calculation, and VAT regulations are all covered under Farahat & Co’s training program. Their teams conduct on-site training for employees in their respective firms.

  6. Intuit Consultancy

    Intuit Consultancy is a leading taxation advisory firm in the Middle East and Africa region. They also deal with business setup services, especially in UAE. This gives them a very robust knowledge of the various financial zones in the UAE and the applicable tax regimes. When VAT was introduced by the UAE government, Intuit consultancy started offering comprehensive and practical VAT training in UAE for professionals and individual business owners. They not only provide training services for companies looking to adopt the new tax regime, but they also offer mentorship services for some months post the training. Their training programs consist of an overview of supply chain management, invoicing, and compliance in the context of VAT filing. 

  7. ARC Auditing

    An accounting firm with over 35 years of experience, ARC auditing was one of the first few firms that assisted with VAT registration for businesses in the UAE post the implementation of VAT. They also started providing VAT training services to empower finance professionals working with firms or individually to understand the new VAT provisions in detail. The courses are designed by accounting professionals who have experience working in the UAE, thus they are able to convey the various regulations and processes to trainees quite well.