7 Top General Trading Suppliers in Dubai


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Dubai has a very vibrant and fast-paced economy. All the major industries are situated here and there are many tax benefits and other infrastructural benefits extended to these industries from the government as well. Out of all the different business activities, general trading is one of the most preferred and profitable businesses in Dubai. General trading companies are involved in the import and export of different types of goods in addition to investment and other trading activities. In Dubai, it would not be amiss to say that general trading company are on their way to become the backbone of the economy. 

General trading suppliers are involved in all types of businesses such as food, clothing, accessories, construction materials, kitchen appliances, automobiles, and print media too. The beauty of general trading is that it extends across sectors and brings the whole trade world together. 

7 Top General Trading Companies

  1. Almaya Group

    With over 40 years of presence in the general trading industry, Almaya Group is one of the largest names in the business today. Starting from humble beginnings, the company has a worldwide presence including GCC and India for its production facilities. One of the biggest successes of this firm is its association with the biggest brands over the years. Almaya group deals with food products, FMCG sector, apparel, retail, and some of their own private labels as well. By associating with major brands, the company has managed to attract a large clientele for their business. The firm has over 1 million sq ft of warehouse space and does close to 10 thousand deliveries in a day. Some of the famous brands in partnerships with Almaya groups are India gate, Dollar, Bread Basket, and Borders supermarket. 

  2. Element Middle East

    Element Middle East is primarily a trading company in the kitchen appliance industry. Established in 1999, the company was one of the earliest to deal with branded appliances in the country on such a large scale. They are licensed dealers of major brands like Prestige, Pigeon, Helios, and Preethi, etc. The company’s dedication towards customer service and quality products has propelled it to the place of the top three household product traders in the country. They trade in all kitchen products such as mixers, grinders, cookware sets, cutlery sets, bakeware, cake kits, and fondant accessories. You can also find ironing boards, epilators, hairdryers, flat iron, and other such goods with them. The company has a huge distributor network across the Middle East, Asia, Egypt, and Africa. 

  3. Safco

    Safco can easily be considered one of the major players when it comes to the food industry. Trading in the food industry needs a lot of skill, market knowledge, and dedication to quality and service. Safco has it all and continues to be the market leader. The company has worked from its inception to contribute significantly to the economy. Currently, it deals with more than 25000 products. An end-to-end service provider to the food industry, they have products in different categories such as packaging, organic foods, groceries, beverages, meat, seafood, bakery, dairy, gourmet, and snacks. Safco is one of the most trusted brands in the food industry and has partnered with leading brands across the world. 

  4. Lifco

    One of the pioneers of retail, Lifco has been in the trading business since the 1970s. The company has grown into a major food and food product distribution and marketing company in the last few decades. Today, they serve all major supermarket chains, food outlets, restaurants, and hotel chains as well. The company also has a cheese factory in Sharjah supplying the best products across the UAE. Right from dry products to chilled products, the company does it all. With Lifco, quality and service come as a package deal. 

  5. Jashanmal Group

    Jashanmal is one of the oldest trading companies in the UAE. The company has been dealing with international fashion, household appliances, footwear, and travel gear for many decades now. With the trade boom in the UAE, the company’s growth has also increased. One of the major reasons for their success is a proprietary logistics network that helps them in trading. With a firm supply chain in place, the company has expanded its presence across the country with close to 150 outlets and 1000+ distribution partners. There is no major commodity in the retail world that Jashanmal does not deal with, and the customers have always received the best service from them. 

  6. Al Qairawan General Trading LLC

    Al Qairawan General trading is involved in the marketing, branding, and distribution of many leading brands in the food industry in UAE for the last 30-40 years. The company’s commitment to providing the best products to the public has made them push all boundaries of service and quality. They are major dealers of food products from international brands such as Pepsi and Nestle. The company also produces many products for the catering industry. Even though it started as a general commodities trader in 1980, the company is now an internationally acclaimed name in the food trading industry. Some of the products they provide include rice, sugar, olive oil, grains, and soft drinks. 

  7. Hadi Enterprises LLC

    If you are looking for a company that deals with a wide range of products from fashion to household products to accessories, you cannot find anyone better than Hadi Enterprises. Hadi Enterprises was established in 1979 and has worked in different sectors to date. The company works with the hospitality industry for its supplies, household products, and sports/travel equipment as well. You can find many popular brands in their partner list such as Royalite, Tribeca, Claytan, Dea home, and Glasslock. The company also has showrooms, warehouses, and offices situated across the UAE to handle all the goods and service trading. 


General trading suppliers play a major role in the import/export industry and are significant contributors to the UAE economy. They are the conduits of foreign trade in the country and are responsible for many major brands’ presence in the UAE. The UAE government has also been instrumental in setting up a flourishing trade in the country for supporting the economy. Some of the best general traders have also created a good impression of the country’s business environment in different parts of the world.