7 Top Interior Decoration Companies in Dubai

Sara Abadi

, Business

Interior decoration is a crucial part of decorating your home or office when you want to enhance its beauty and focus on getting more out of it. Unless you have a properly decorated home or office, it would be impossible to manage day to day work. Fortunately for you, there are many professional interior decoration companies in Dubai that can help you with your decoration requirements.

Here are some of the best interior decoration companies in Dubai that you should know about

  1. Al Zairah Blinds

    Al Zairah Blinds offers some of the most beautiful interiors and truly stunning furnishings that can be used for beautifying any kind of large or small home. The company has got an elaborate collection of curtains, blinds, drapery hardware items and window films. The professionals at Al Zairah Blinds have been in business for a long time and they are always ready to try out new methods of interior decoration that are loved by their customers. By sticking to a flexible way of working, Al Zairah Blinds can adhere to the requirements of their customers and make sure that they are completely satisfied with their solutions.

  2. AM Tech

    AM Tech is one of the most renowned names in Dubai when it comes to interior decoration solutions for residential and commercial projects. The company makes use of cutting edge design and architectural solutions to cater to complex design and decoration requirements; something that puts them way ahead of many other similar companies in Dubai. The contemporary interior decoration solutions offered by AM Tech are at par with the global standards. AM Tech has always been very focused on delivering innovative yet scalable decoration expertise to customers that can make the best use of space. It is this particular feature that has made them one of the indisputable leaders in this domain over the years.

  3. Awkar & Jaouhari Decor

    Awkar & Jaouhari Décor, also known as A & J Décor, is a well known interior decoration solutions provider in Dubai that is known for working with mainly commercial firms and enterprises. The company has over the years worked with numerous banks, offices, showrooms, financial centers and IT companies. Some of the big names in their list of clientele include Dell, Nokia and Pepsi. The company is familiar with the changing needs of décor in commercial enterprises which makes it possible for them to come up with practical solutions to challenges associated with home décor. This has naturally increased the demand of their services within the business sector. 

  4. Gajanand Interior Decoration

    Gajanand Interior Decoration is a one stop solutions provider for anyone looking to benefit from smart and efficient interior decoration. The company has been operating for more than 5 years now and over this time they have worked on numerous residential and commercial projects. The interior decorators working with Gajanand Interior Decoration can come up with turnkey solutions and deliver support relating to the management of the whole project, starting from procurement, planning and budget management to installation and delivery. Some of the clients that Gajanand Interior Decoration works with on a regular basis include luxury homes and residential complexes, hotels, financial institutions, restaurants and corporate facilities.

  5. BW Interiors

    BW Interiors is a highly experienced contractor company offering interior decoration solutions to various clients in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi. The company is known for its wide range of operations within the surrounding regions of Dubai. Over the years, BW Interiors has established a very high reputation for itself with its superior quality and efficiency in dishing out state of the art décor ideas and services. The company takes special care in handling all kinds of projects and can deliver custom services to meet the diverse needs of its clients. BW Interiors has already worked on numerous restaurants, retail spaces, airports, banks, hotels, corporate offices as well as commercial projects.

  6. DWB Interior Solutions Co

    DWB Interior Solutions CO. is a well known provider of cutting edge interior decoration solutions in Dubai that has been offering stunning solutions to their customers for many years now. Known for their amazing design and décor philosophy, DWB Interior Solutions CO. has already undertaken numerous projects in various parts of Dubai which include private residences, hotels, fully furnished apartments, hospitals, educational institutions and public facilities just to name a few. The company always puts the needs of their clients first and this has made it possible for them to achieve astounding success over the many years that it has been in business.

  7. Electrofos Interiors

    Electrofos Interiors is one of the most successful interior decoration companies operating at the heart of Dubai for a long time. The company excels at decorating offices, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants as well as food and beverage stores and making them look totally one of a kind. Whether it is painting the surroundings or planning the usage of space, Electrofos Interiors can certainly make it possible for their clients to have the perfect place from where they can easily manage their business.


Finding the reliable interior decoration company can take some time for you as you may want to make sure that their design sensibilities match your own. To make sure that you have access to all the information you need about hiring a professional interior decoration company, you should visit the online business directory of DCCIINFO as it can provide you with the latest and updated information about interior decoration companies in Dubai.