8 Advantages of Dry Needling Therapy

Dry needling therapy has gained popularity and acceptance in the world as it is a safe, effective, and secure technique. This procedure is different from acupuncture and involves the insertion of fine needles into trigger points in the muscles to alleviate pain over a wide area. Therefore, it is suitable for reducing anxiety, improving and increasing range of motion, helping speed recovery times, and much more.

Well, dry needling is usually combined with other physiotherapy exercises and techniques. Here we discussed some advantages of dry needling therapy.

Here are 8 Advantages of Dry Needling Therapy

  1. Treats Many Different Ailments

    Dry needling therapy is equipped to handle many different conditions like neck pain, tennis elbow (epicondylitis), back pain (disc compression), carpal tunnel syndrome, and many more. This therapy is also beneficial for treating migraine, pelvic pain, joint disorder, spinal dysfunction, tendonitis, and other ailments.

    In general, dry needling is considered to be an excellent treatment for people suffering from injuries, pain, and stiffness. Not everyone responds to treatment alike, but for most people, it’s an incredibly effective method of relieving and recovering from illness.

  2. Trigger points and reduces pain

    Dry needling is an excellent method of pain relief without any side effects of medication or surgery. It can also treat referred pain, which extends from the area of ​​injury to another part of the body. As the needles stimulate the tissues, patients may also experience increased movement and mobility.

  3. Enhances mobility

    In addition to relieving muscle pain and tightness by targeting trigger points, dry needle therapists can improve your overall mobility even after an injury. Enjoying a full range of movement is something that many of us take for granted. If you are an athlete or live an active life, you will particularly appreciate this experience.

    Sometimes when your muscles and joints are made to perform the same repetitive movements over and over again, you stress certain parts of your body. It is essential to give it time to recover and heal so that your muscles and joints do not contract and affect performance. Dry needling is one of the best treatment methods to improve mobility so that you don’t have to live life in pain.

  4. Speed-up recovery/healing

    The hardest part of an injury is often not the injury itself, but the recovery process. Also, if you want to promote recovery, you can try dry needling therapy as it helps reduce pain levels, improves mobility, and shortens recovery times.

    In short, dry needling therapy is a natural healing process that stimulates healing through the formation of collagen and protein and can help restore normal muscle function.

  5. Precision and accuracy

    Dry needling therapy requires a level of accuracy and precision, and the treatment only targets the problem areas. The practitioner draws up a map of the patient’s trigger points by making a complete assessment of his physique. It is only after the trigger points have been determined that the practitioner will use the dry needles.

  6. Improved function and flexibility

    Dry needling provides improved function and versatility for painful and injured points for patients undergoing physical therapy. It helps in improving blood circulation and reduces swelling, which can allow individuals to heal faster and to regain the full movement of the injured joints and muscles. The use of dry needles with physiotherapy helps individuals to improve sooner than traditional physiotherapy techniques.

  7. Fully customizable

    Dry needling can be used alone, but it is almost always used in combination with other therapies, including massage and therapeutic exercise, to help restore function, relieve pain, and prevent future problems. For example, dry needling could be used to help eliminate trigger points that could interfere with exercise and movement therapy, or it can be used with tissue manipulation to treat chronic or acute pain.

  8. Improve blood flow

    Dry needling triggers the points that cause a contraction of the muscles and releases them using an ultra-thin acupuncture needle. In short, by using the dry needle, we can reduce the barrier to blood circulation and improve oxygenation.

Some Precautions of Dry Needling Therapy

Dry needling is a very safe treatment, but it is advisable to talk to your doctor first, as:

  • Don’t use dry needling during the first trimester of pregnancy can be harmful to babies and women.
  • Don’t use dry needle therapy the patients that have bleeding disorders.
  • Don’t use dry needling therapy with patients that have a local infection near or around the site.

The Final Words

Dry needling therapy is rapidly gaining appreciation in the world of physiotherapy. It is used in overall health plans, which include some exercise, manual therapy, heat therapy, and education. If you or someone you know is looking to be treated for muscle pain, consult with dry needling Sydney professionals. With their extensive facilities and competent and experienced faculty, you can be sure of getting the highest level of attention and quality treatment.

Also, take a look at the benefits mentioned above of using dry needling therapy.