9 Best Weather Websites for Accurate Forecast in 2020


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Weather forecasting is done to analyze and then predict the weather of a given place for a specific time. Weather forecasting has been going on for a very long time. People use it to predict the weather by using their informal ways. But nowadays anyone can use these below mentioned best weather websites to check for the weather conditions. 

Why use these weather forecasting sites?

  • It helps people to be prepared for the weather conditions in that area.
  • It helps gardeners and farmers to plan for the irrigation of their crops.
  • It helps to prepare for any outdoor activities.
  • It helps to plan for any visit or vacation in a particular area like hilly areas.
  • It is very useful for the transportation business.
  • It also helps people to know what to dress according to the weather to keep them safe.

9 Best Weather Websites for Accurate Forecast

  1. AccuWeather

    AccuWeather is one of the best weather websites of all time. This website is very easy to use. Anyone can check the weather on this website by just providing the location or the postal code and then it will show up the weather condition in that area. 

    It also shows the satellite view of that particular area. It has other features also such as maps, severe weather, video section, and many other such features. One good thing about this website is that it is uncluttered.

  2. Weather Underground

    Also known as Wunderground, it is one of the best weather forecasting sites on the net. It gives the weather updates and also local weather updates. When anyone asks for the weather report of their area it shows the short current weather of that area and that too extended to see the whole report.

    It has real-time weather radar and also maps radar. The weather of other locations can also be checked by just typing the name of that area on the search bar. The home page shows the top weather news and it gives other features like severe weather, news, blogs, sensor network, mobile apps.

     It also gives real-time alerts to the ones who have signed-up on their websites. 

  3. The Weather Channel

    From the name itself, anyone can know that the weather channel is all dedicated to climate-related information. Anyone can easily check for the weather report of their area. On the homepage, it will show up the current temperature of the area. 

    If anyone wants to change the location or temperature scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa then it can be done with the option given on the upper left corner on the home page. It has other features like an update of weather on an hour, 5 days, 10 days, weekends, or even monthly.

     It also gives health and activities plus pollution options to track for such topics. There is also a section where it shows the weather of the top cities.

  4. Windy

     Windy shows reliable weather forecasts and that’s why it is so popular. It shows live atmosphere conditions of the asked place and also provides real-time radar information. It also has a map to have a look at the weather report of any part of the world.

    It also has other features like hurricane tracker, weather news, rain and thunder, air quality, clouds, waves, and more. If anyone wants to share the weather reports then they can log-in to the site and then conveniently share the weather reports on social media. So it can be said that it is among the best weather site.

  5. WeatherBug

    This website is one of the best weather forecast websites. It shows a detailed report of the weather in a given area and also shows the weather news. It also gives an hourly update of the weather.

     Anyone can also search for the weather reports of other localities and its live radar will show the most accurate report of the weather. It also has other features like hurricane Centre, allergies and pollens, videos, national outlook, and much more. It is said to be the top weather site.

  6. World Weather Online

    This site states that it is the most accurate weather website. It shows the temperature and weather report using the animated map. It will show the weather report of the nearby cities too.

     It has a section where the holiday weather, sports weather, blog post and more that adds more information to the weather. In the site, one can also find options like videos, holidays, maps, API, developers and more. And just like on other websites one can also look for the weather of any other location. 

  7. SAT24

    It is also one of the most accurate weather sites and the display is very colorful and eye-catching.it can be used by selecting a particular country and then moving the cursor on different is to check for their weather reports and if one clicks on an area a pop-up will appear that will show the air-pressure, visibility, clouds and also weather of the nearby area.

    There are also other features like one can also look for waves, snow cover, freezing level, radar, clouds and more. Therefore it is included in the best weather site.

  8. Meteoblue

    Meteoblue is one of the best weather websites. It is a great site to check the weather for more days.it is very easy to use and has a lot of information. Meteoblue weather website will explain all the features like wind direction, temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and more. 

    Other features of this Meteoblue include agriculture, aviation, outdoor sports, and more.

  9. Ventusky

    Ventusky is one of the best weather websites that will show the live view of wind, rain and the temperature on the map. Ventusky is easy to look for the weather of an area just like any other site just type the name of the location and it will provide information like a thunderstorm, precipitation, air pressure, wind speed, clouds, radar, and more.

    It is among the best weather site because of the accuracy it gives.

Bottom Line for Most Accurate Weather Websites

These were the list of best weather websites that anyone can find on the internet. They are all accurate and reliable and one can find not only the weather of a single area but other areas too and can also get live updates of a particular area.