9 Home Decor Trends and Ideas for 2020

Sara Abadi

, Lifestyle

We are surrounded by a world obsessed with colors, patterns, and different looks. Home decor trends are constantly evolving in line with the current aesthetic trends. Some of the popular trends of 2019 have worked their way in 2020 with some new kids on the block. If you are planning to give your home a makeover, look no further to find out what’s in. We are here to tell you what are the biggest trends in interior decoration and home decor for 2020. 

9 Home Decor Ideas & Trends

  1. Layers and Textures

    Home decor trends are not just about furnishings and colors that stand out. In the year 2020, interior decoration and home decor specialists are leaning towards emphasizing the comfort factor. Designers and consultants are recommending different kinds of textures and layers for cabinets, furniture, and even soft furnishings. Textures in wall treatments with textured interior paint finishes, wallpapers, and tiling are making a comeback this year. The layered curtains can also bring coziness and warmth to your home. Usage of layers and textures in the decor adds interesting features to the otherwise monotone decor. Without opting for bold colors or patterns, you get to accentuate the decor using textured and layered elements. 

  2. More Curves for 2020

    2019 was a year where straight lines and defined edges took the limelight. Contemporary style decor with straight and sharp elements was one of the most defining style points of that year. The year 2020 however is more accepting of other shapes. This year is seeing a lot of attention to curvy, voluptuous furniture shapes and styles. Circular, beefy, and curvy sofas are some of the popular furniture shapes this year. Curved chairs, divans, and tables are being imagined in bold curves. Similarly, when we look at larger elements in the house, arches are dominating over the other contemporary doorways. Round and curves are the “It” details for 2020. 

  3. Colors and Contrasts 

    20 years ago, when the Pantone Institute started the color of the year trend, nobody expected it to make ripples across sectors. We have seen these trends influencing color choices in interior decoration too. While pastels started to come back last year, 2020 seems to be the year of solid and bold hues such as blue, green, and surprisingly grey. While ombre and fade-out patterns dominated 2018 and 2019, 2020 is seeing solid hues and two-toned design trends. Color pop walls, two-toned cabinets in the kitchen, and bright furniture are what you will see in every designer catalog and new home this year. 

  4. Vintage and Antique

    So, we have all seen the slow comeback of vintage cars, antique jewelry, and even yesteryear fashion. Well, the trend has arrived in home decor too. Vintage themed decors with upcycled cabinets repurposed shelves, and 80’s color tones are receiving a good welcome among designers and home-owners too. Added to this, 2020 is seeing a combination of vintage decors with accents of antique furniture designs and collectibles. Wicker furniture ideas, grandfather clock designs, and intricate woodworks are flooding major Pinterest Decor boards. Shopping from thrift stores, antique museums, and local markets would be a wise idea if you are looking to keep up with this trend. 

  5. Sustainability

    2019 was a big year for sustainability with many countries and companies endorsing sustainable practices. Home decor and the interior decoration industry has been moving towards sustainable and green trends for some time now. Sustainable materials, no-waste furniture, and eco-friendly paint have started to gain larger attention this year. Another sustainability-based trend for 2020 is minimalism. Minimalistic designs and furniture avoid wastage and focus on using items that have value to the user alone without being just ornamental.

  6. Quirk is In

    Home decor is not just about wall finishes, cabinets, and other large furniture items. Home decor is also about the small knick-knacks or artifacts placed throughout the house to reflect the owner’s taste. This year, quirky and bold artifacts are in. Accentuating your walls with a tribal motif or a seemingly out of place figurine might just be the thing to lift the place. Bold wall prints, loud rugs, quirky placement mats, and lounge chairs are what seem to be lifting people’s spirits this 2020. If you are not the loud type but love this trend, you can try going for an antique photo frame or a cutlery collection display in the dining area. There is something for everyone in this trend. 

  7. Metal Accents 

    This is a trend that has made its way into 2020 from 2019. Usage of metal in non-traditional forms such as cabinet doors, furniture, and wall accents is seeing a major push this year. Furniture designs such as a sofa with a metal strip on the cushions, chairs with metal frames, a thin golden strip on the walls, and metal-framed glass doors for cabinets are some of the major trendsetters this year. Using metal brings a form of elegance to any rustic or cozy home decor theme. It can also prove to be one of the talking points from your interior decoration adventure. 

  8. Some chlorophyll please

    We saw cozy home decor ideas and sustainability are playing a major role in 2020’s mood board for interior decoration. One of the trends that marries both these and brings a lot of freshness to your space is the inclusion of indoor plants. Many are using indoor plants to brighten up space and fill warmth in all parts of the house. By handling plants as a decor item, you can incorporate them into the overall theme and bring nature inside your house. Plants also help purify the air and maintain ambient temperature to improve resident comfort. 

  9. Function with a pinch of Aesthetic 

    This trend, though it may seem like an opposite to the quirk trend, is surprisingly not so. Today’s generation likes utility above anything. Trends like using the kitchen table as a makeshift breakfast corner, small tables that open up to accommodate more people, and even clocks with storage have captured the market for some time now. Keeping in line with these trends, people are looking for quirky and tasteful items that spruce the space and bring a wealth of functionality as well.