9 Alternative Sites like TextSheet for Study (2020)

Sara Abadi

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The text sheet was considered to be the best educational site for students. It has helped a lot of students in studies, homework, and more things. In just a short period, it became too famous and the best site for students to study online. One may think then why do people need to search for sites like TextSheet?

Well, now Textsheet.com is not working due to some legal actions taken against the owner of the site. But no need to worry as there are still many TextSheet alternatives that can help them in their studies.

9 Best Sites like TextSheet for Students

  • Studylib

    Studylib is a good resource to solve the assignments and get answers to the questions and also one can share notes with their friends and mates. It has a massive library of notes on subjects related to social science, math, and more. The homepage is attractive and one can get the documents they need very easily because of the easy to use interface just like TextSheet.com.

    If a person signs up in this then they can also upload documents in their account. One can also very easily download documents. This is free to use the site. All these features of these sites make themselves an excellent alternative. 

    Benefits of Studylib:
    -> Good resource
    -> Easy to use
    -> Free site
    -> One can also share documents

  • Slader

    Slader is a very famous site, especially in the US. They give step by step answers to questions. They have a large library that includes many subjects like Math, social science, science, English, and more. they update daily. It is also very useful for college students.

    The interface is easy to operate. This site is also entirely free. But still, there is some ad on the site that can be removed by buying the subscription at $1.99. All the features of Slader make it so famous and it comes in the list of top alternatives. 

    Benefits of Slader:
    -> Step by step answers are provided
    -> It is useful for students from middle school until college level
    -> Free site and has a large library
    -> Easy to use interface

  • Course Hero

    Course Hero again is one of the best alternatives of Textsheet. This site has guaranteed that they have more than 25million study material that is course-specific. Course Hero is properly organized to look for notes, courses, and also answers questions quickly and easily. 

    Students can find their study material by just typing their name of the school and subject. One can also earn money from this site by uploading and referring it to others. The tutoring help is available 24/7. It also allows for downloading documents. But before that one has to sign up to the site. 

    This might make users think before they buy the subscription but one must see that all the features it provides are also great and it is on the list of best TextSheet.com alternatives.

    Benefits of Course Hero:
    -> The interface is easy to use
    -> One can also earn money from this site
    -> Easy to search for study materials
    -> 24/7 available tutoring service
    -> One can also download documents from the site

  • Chegg

    One just cannot ignore Chegg when talking about an alternative to TextSheet. This site provides solutions to the questions and if still someone is confused or having a doubt in the solution they can get help from the experts available on the site. They are very quick. Their available application can be downloaded from the app store and play store.

    Chegg can help with the homework with 80 subjects and various courses too. To use all these services one has to sign up and then pay for the subscription. Its membership starts from $14.95 per month that comes with a feature of video calling which is a great thing as children can ask questions directly to the experts and they can explain to the students more nicely. This feature is not usually proved by other websites like TextSheet.com. So this is the reason that it is listed in the best site as an alternative.

    Benefits of Chegg:
    -> Its apps are available
    -> It has a video calling feature
    -> Its library is huge
    -> If some are having doubt they can contact their experts

  • PaperHelp

    PaperHelp is one of the alternatives to TextSheet. It helps to complete assignments. It has been making lives much more comfortable who are struggling with their assignments or some kind of research paper. So it will be a great choice for such kinds of people.

    Anyone who can use this site for their help does not matter if he/she is a school student, college student, or a Ph.D. student. This site is also very secure and takes many cares about its user’s privacy. All the documents and information of their users are confidential which is a good feature. 

    Even all the ordered papers of research get delivered real fast. The pricing for professional writing begins from $10 and for higher the prices rise to $ 24 per page. It also gives offers if one orders online help.

    Benefits of PaperHelp:
    -> Secure site
    -> Research papers get delivered on time
    -> It also has got discounts
    -> Everyone can use it whether they are school students or Ph.D. students

  • SparkNotes

    SparkNotes is a site in which students can get chapter notes for various courses. It was started in the year 1999. This is an online platform where one can buy the book, test prep service.it has been helping students of America to complete their assignments and study for their academics and prepare for the exam like SAT. 

    Its app is also available in the play store and app store and it has got a big list of subjects like math, English, science, social science, and more.

    Benefits of SparkNotes:
    -> It has got its app that can be used in both android and iOS
    -> A lot of subjects are included in it
    -> It can help to prepare for an exam like the SAT
    -> One can buy books and prep services from them

  • Coursera

    Coursera is a great and excellent TextSheet alternative. It was found in the year 2012 to give students the world’s best education to where they live. It has now 40 million active users and nearly 3600 courses. It can be used for writing research papers and to study both.

    It is very easy to use the site. It also has its app that can be used in android and ios. It also gives online degrees with choices of 14 courses. Its starting price is from $39 per month that can be a little too much for some people.

    Benefits of Coursera:
    -> Its app is available for both Android and iOS
    -> It also provides a certificate for over 14 courses
    -> It is good for writing research papers
    -> It is easy to use

  • Quizlet

    Quizlet has more than 50 million active users that are from 130 countries. This site can help in every type of assignment whether its math, English, science, arts, humanities or other subjects.

    It has flashcards that make learning easier. This also has its app for both android and ios users. The starting price of the subscription of this site is $11.99 per year if taking the Quizlet to go subscription and if one wants to take the Quizlet Plus subscription then the price is $23.88 for one year.

    Benefits of Quizlet:
    -> It has flashcards to make study easier
    -> The pricing is comparatively lesser than other such sites
    -> It has apps for android and ios users
    -> It can help to study for many subjects and courses

  • Crazy for Study

    Crazy for Study is mainly focused to provide academic help to students. This TextSheet alternative is an online site that has over 50 million books and also steps by step textbook answers to their questions. Apart from this one can also get to learn from their online tutorials on many topics like finance, math, engineering, science, and more.

    At present time this site is only to Austria. But still, this site is very useful just like TextSheet.com.

    Benefits of Crazy for Study:
    -> It has many online books to study from
    -> It has given the facility of online tutorials

Bottom Line of TextSheet.com Alternatives

These were all the sites like TextSheet that can be used to study online for can be used for assignment help.  I hope this is a useful resource for all the students.