Best 13 Free Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online

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Are you one of the sports’ fans? If yes, then you would never like to miss any opportunity to watch sports out-there on the television. However, due to the busy and up-tight schedule, you may have missed a chance to watch sports. But there’s nothing to worry about, you can watch sports free online. In this article, there are some free sports streaming sites that may help you to watch your favorite sport. 

Moreover, it’s next to impossible that you are in front of T.V. every-time to watch sports. Sometimes, it may also happen that you’re traveling or in between some meetings, then the opportunity to watch sports free online would be one of the bliss for you. 

You would get to know about the top 13 sport streaming websites from the following information. 

Best 13 Free Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online

Let’s see some of the detailed information of the above best free sports streaming sites.


    This website is famous worldwide as it contains a feature of various types of languages. If you are a fan of multiple types of sports then this website is the right place for you. This website consists of various types of sports such as Ice Hockey, Football, Soccer, Tennis, etc.

    This is one of the best sports streaming sites, online you may find the website out-look some old features. On the other hand, the feature of this website is way easier to understand compared to others. You can watch your favorite sport by just clicking on the top-left corner section of the website.

  2. HotStar

    As the name suggests, the website was firstly owned by Star channel but now it is bought by Disney channel. You can find various types of entertainment categories on this website such as latest movies, best of kids, Live news, Popular Shows (in which they have different sections such as mythology, drama, comedy, thriller, for teens, etc), Talk Shows, popular shows related to science and various sports.

    This is one of the sport streaming websites that have two plans which are, paid subscription and free one. In paid subscription, you can watch the Hotstar premium shows. Whereas, you would get limited shows on Hotstar for free of cost.

    Moreover, there’re various languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, English and Kannada. You can watch all the sports channels owned by Star on this website.

  3. Stream2Watch

    Stream2Watch is one of the best websites to watch free sports online. It’s the most popular website as there are multiple sports and is easy to access. It’s safe to watch sport for a longer duration of time as it has the dark theme design and hence, it would be easy on the eyes. Strem2Watch is one of the free sports streaming sites to look for.

    This website also records the live matches so if you miss the chance to watch sport live, then it wouldn’t be hard for you anymore due to this feature. Moreover, if you find any difficulty to access on this website, then you use the Stream2Watch alternatives such as SportP2P, Redstream.

  4. CricFree

    CricFree is the website that is one of the best for free sports streaming online as it has a huge collection of sports such as Football, Basketball, baseball, tennis, and cricket. The name may suggest that this website is just for cricket fans but that is not true.

    Moreover, this website has a platform for chatting with other viewers. Hence, by watching the sport you can have the community or chat with other viewers. Hence, it’s considered one of the best sports streaming websites.

  5. Stream Whoop

    This website is one of the best websites to watch free sports online and it’s easy to access as this website contains features that are simple to understand. Furthermore, it’s limited to some countries according to its terms and regulations.

  6. VIP Box

    This website has a huge category of sports. It also contains the setting of the time zone so that, even if you are traveling in a different country you can set the time accordingly and enjoy the match.

  7. Yahoo Sports

    There was a time when everyone used to search for a variety of things on yahoo. Nowadays, the number of members who search on yahoo has decreased so that it has less traffic. Due to less traffic, there will be fewer loading errors. Hence, you would watch the match smoothly.

  8. WatchESPN

    ESPN or Entertainment and Sports Programming Network are considered the best of all the time to watch sports free online. This website also contains highlights, live timings, and match schedules.

  9. is famous as it is an ad-free website so that you would not be annoyed by unwanted ads. Moreover, there’s less traffic as it is ad-free so it works smoothly.

  10. is well-known for its smoothly working website. You would never find any error in this website link. Whenever you can’t find other websites helpful just go for this one. However, who would like to struggle more during the holidays.

  11. VIPLeague

    VIPLeague has huge categories of sports but you may get annoyed due to unwanted ads. Moreover, it also gives you an option to choose from its few channels. By choosing for them, you would get to see your kind of favorite sport.

  12. SONY LIV

    SONY Liv is one of the best live sports streaming sites to get the latest updates of sports and live scores. You can stream on this website for free and it’s also free for ads. Furthermore, it also contains various categories of sports. You can watch any sport you like.

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  13. Bosscast

    This website is famous for sports such as Basketball, Baseball, and Football. Moreover, you have a chat with your community on this website. There’s a schedule of matches on the left side and the chatbox on the right.

Conclusion for Watching Sports Online

If you are a big fan of sports and on the other hand don’t have time to watch the match then just go and visit the above sports streaming websites and watch sports at your ease. I hope this article was helpful to you. 

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