18 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free


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There are so many Anime fans out there who love watching Anime videos but haven’t paid for the websites. All the fans out there might take a relief breath, because here is the list of best anime sites that have a really good collection of Anime videos. Also, they are free websites to watch anime, and thus it is a big relief for the viewers worldwide. These are the best anime streaming sites that are available in the market and provide a better experience than then rest of the anime websites.

Using a VPN to Watch Anime Online

One can watch anime online by using a VPN. You might have to follow few steps and also get the registration and signup done for your VPN, but then you can easily watch anime online.

NordVPN is a suggested platform because that is basically having a Japanese base and thus lets you easily watch anime without having to pay anything for the videos. The setting up steps include the adding of payment method while choosing a free trial. This won’t charge you anything but you will have to make the account.


1- Go to https://nordvpn.com
2- Choose a plan
3- Create ann account on NordVPN
4- Choose your payment method
5- Download NordVPN client for your OS and install it
6- Launch the NordVPN client and log in
7- Establish a secured VPN connection and enjoy watching Anime online

One might not be worried about any payment issue and can watch what they have been wanting to without any disturbance and this is a very simple way to get to anime streaming sites with zero charges laid on the person who is watching the videos.

Top 18 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online

Following is the list of the anime websites which have been trending in the market and have gained a good name due to which they have been included in the best streaming sites list. They have provided users with a better experience while they watch anime online.

  1. Tubi TV

    This is surely the anime streaming site because of the quality of the videos it provides. Though one doesn’t need to think about the payment things and one also gets a website to watch anime with high-quality videos and thus this is among the great options which are available in the market.

    There might be many sites like Anime in the market, more than one can even look into because of the pirated versions of the contents and one can also easily access it because there have been several places from where they can get these and thus many people might not find this option ver good.

    This is surely among the best site to watch anime but the only drawback point is the fact that the number of videos which are available on this website is quite less and thus not many people have been choosing this option. Though the real fans have liked the fact and the videos as the quality has been maintained and thus have been including in the best anime streaming lists.

  2. Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll has all the qualities one has been looking for the in the website, the fans have been liking this option over any other option because all the demands from the availability of the varied content to free content is available on this. You can watch anime online for free on Crunchyroll and that will be a different experience as a whole.

    The fact that Crunchyroll is among the best sites because it also has regular updated new content for the fans all over the world. Not all the best anime sites can provide as many options as Crunchyroll does because the content variety is great in comparison to other websites.

    Also, this best site to watch anime has a paid version. This is for the real fans who do won’t give up on the fresh content for even a single day. Though the money they ask for is little more then they have the option of the Guest pass which makes the user access new content for free.

  3. JustDubs

    This is among the top best site to watch anime and also provides all the type od anime videos for the viewers. JustDubs has some great quality of videos, and also the options of the types of videos are great. Starting from romantic to every other option which should be made available for the user is seen when you watch anime on this particular website.

  4. Yahoo View

    When one might not be aware of this for viewing the anime content, this is among the best sites of Anime, because of the video quality and the variety it provides for all the viewers. The viewers in the market are quite satisfied.

    This is because there is a lot of non-anime content on this website and thus this is not famous but one can surely use it.

    Also, the fact that the website provides the views of all the videos without any advertisement is a great thing and thus one can surely experience this one before trying any other option.

  5. Viewster

    Even this name has not earned many names for anime streaming sites, but the viewers who want to watch anime that too who expect that the content should be from different countries, cant go for any other website.

    Though the content is not very new and the quality is also okay, the person who looks for variety can go for this website. Also, there are people who need subtitles, then this is your area of interest where you can view the content with subtitles in English.

    Also, the viewers who hate advertisements like anything, can also for this option as the person actually view all the videos without going through any advertisement, and thus this is surely one of the great options.

  6. Crackle

    The fact that this is owned by Sony is enough to prove that the website will be quite efficient as the content will be really good. Crackle is the best anime site because they provide movies for free. This is surely the cherry on the cake because not just the regular videos, but the people who are crazy about the anime content can also look for the movie option, and thus this is a great option when one is looking into the option to watch the anime content online.

    Also, the quality is good and quite maintained and the fact that they provide the content without any adds is great and likable. This option is also good for common users who are looking for anime content.

  7. Chia-Anime

    When one is looking for an anime streaming site, Chia-Anime cannot really be missed because of the fact that this is an all-rounder website for the same. While one is looking for the option to watch anime online for free, this option will really satisfy all the needs.

    All the content has the Japanese base but enough subtitles are available in the market and thus this is a great chance for people all over the world to look for this website when one cannot look at the anime content without any subtitles. 

    They also provide the add free environment which is really great because the disturbance makes the videos so annoying and the views tend to switch to different content.

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  8. AnimeBam

    This is the best anime streaming site for all the users who find the fact that the anime content should also have a great interface. The website provides many options and also provides some good quality of the videos and thus has been among the top. One can also check this website when you are finding the one which also suits you.

  9. GogoAnime

    One can also go for this option while they looking for the option of an anime website with a chatroom. Well, unlike other websites, they have not just been providing great content and also a wide range of videos, they have also provided the option for the chatroom for the whole community who have been looking forward to making the whole group and then watch the liked anime content.

  10. KissAnime.ru

    While this name has been not so common. For all the people who need perfect anime content with the English subtitles, this is the right place because they have the best quality of the videos in that particular phase. They have also been providing a wide range of options for people all over the world and because they have great content, the people from all over the world, have been liking this option.

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  11. Anime-Planet

    As the name suggests, they have covered everything which is available and this makes them very strong in the comparison of the others. Also, they provide free content and also provide wide options and also lets you make your list which allows you to add and gather all that you like a thus making the experience even likable.

    Also, the fact that they have also given the option where they suggest the content is also good because they let you know that what all you can relate from all the videos that they have on their list.

  12. Animefreak

    This is more of a blog website but there are a lot of people all over the world who are concerned with reading things about their favorite things.

    For all those people all around the world, this is a great option as you can literally look for everything and also get updated with all the information.

    It might take some time for you to adjust in all that but once done, you will have great information.

  13. Ani.me

    This is a great option for all the people who like the content which is made in the U.S. region. For all the people who have been looking for that option, this is the website.

    Though the bad thing is, that the option is not available for people all over the world and thus not everyone can access the content.

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  14. Hulu

    They have their original content but one needs to buy the membership. For all the people who have been looking at it as the free option, need not refer to this.

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    Though the charges are very nominal and thus one can always go for it but the thing that this is not available all over the world also affects the people.

  15. Anilinkz

    This is a good option who regularly watch the content because they only keep the content which in ongoing which means that here you will not find the old versions of the videos of anything and thus this is surely a drawback but it doesn’t affect the people who keep with the content on daily basis.

  16. Animenova

    This is also a great option and the options are also available for all the people who are present all over the world.

  17. Soul-Anime

    This is great content that has all the options and one can go for it but not a variety of options are available.

  18. Netflix

    Though this is famous for this content and is very famous for the rest of the movies and stuff and thus this might not be known for all the people but they also have a great range of options available for all the people.

Wrapping Up

Best Anime websites have been listed in the above so that the Anime fans can easily access them without paying anything. All of them are among the best anime streaming sites, yet only some of them are legal. Though there is no big harm associated with the rest and also they are the wonderful platforms to watch anime online. Also, the list includes top anime sites so the readers can find the right option which also satisfies their demands of the Anime videos and thus have better-watching experience.