Best Apps to Watch Live Sports for Free


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In this busy work schedule, a sports fan can’t sit in front of the television set and enjoy the match. Rather he/she can easily get updates of the game with the help of portable android devices. Such devices offer some of the best apps to watch live sports for free. The best part about it is that free subscription is applied to these Apps. The user only requires a highly effective internet connection. No monthly subscription or rent is required to view the channels. Some channels are available as a mobile application format. Others can easily be viewed by browsing from the Google web page.

Why you need Apps to Watch Live Sports

They display real-time scores of different matches at the same time. The bandwidth of the broadband provider is responsible for any buffering. One can easily pause, record, take screenshots and enjoy the latter game. The scorecards and rankings are always updated. The difference in each of the channels lies in the fact that which channel is giving lesser duration advertisement breaks in between the game. It is a psychological factor completely.

This platform has made it possible for the user to enjoy the games not only from his own country but from other countries as well. This service is not practically possible for a television service provider at a cheap price. Hence it is most likely that one will always prefer to choose the online portal than television. Moreover, mobile devices are available at a much cheaper price than television sets.

To save the precious time of the user, some important live sports channels are discussed below that most of the sports fans choose.

Here are 12 Best Apps for Streaming Live Sports for Free

  1. You TV Player

    You TV Player is a multi-player live streaming platform that can broadcast movies and sports online. The user is allowed to add programs or premium contents of his choice. A free subscription is provided for live sports and entertainment channels.

  2. La Liga TV

    La Liga TV is compatible with all Android and Ios devices, this app is most suitable for football matches, especially the women’s football league games. It does not acquire much space from the memory device.

  3. UK TV Now

    With good quality audio and excellent user-interface, one can easily play games as well as get sports updates. UK TV Nnow is not popular like other applications. But one can certainly watch live games for free. Apart from that, it is gradually becoming popular to be one of the best apps to watch sports for free. UK TV Now has a collection of 150+ live channels.

  4. YipTV

    With a collection of 100 live TV channels, this app gives the user the chance to use the premium version unlocking popular TV channels. This premium version may be charged a minimum amount of money.

  5. ESPN

    This channel is the most popular broadcast agency in the field of global sports, especially in the US. It can easily be downloaded from Google Playstore. It streams live events like international matches and college sports. It falls under the category of free apps to watch sports.

  6. YouTube

    It is the leading platform in online streaming. It is the world’s largest platform for a variety of channels like live news, sports, education, and technology. The user can also download the video for offline watching. At 1080p, the user can enjoy the best version of high definition online streaming. It is one of the best apps to watch live sports for free.

  7. SuperSport

    If the person is an official club user, he can easily watch instant live shows. It is complemented with live commentary. A huge range of games is covered including tennis, football, cricket, and rugby. The software is designed to give updates on upcoming matches.

  8. Live Score

    Even in a remote location having a poor internet connection, this app can function effectively. Hence data consumption is least. One can even get the news related to the major sporting events and enjoy free apps to watch sports.

  9. CBS Sports

    A fast declaration of scorecard and coverage of all famous sports clubs is an important feature. The user can rank the sport according to his wish. It covers a list of sports like rugby, football, cricket, hockey, and volleyball.

  10. Mobdro

    It is available in both free and premium versions operating in Android and Mac operating systems. Provided with a massive database, this app allows browsing a large number of search results. One can watch the videos from separate channels. Mobdro has easy to use interface with wide variety of content that supports languages from more than 30 countries.

  11. 365Scores

    The highlights portion enables the user to customize the notification settings. It gives a complete package of scores and ranking along with sports analysis. It globally covers sports with online streaming.

  12. Sony LIV

    Sony LIV is an app which was created by SONY to stream live sports online. It supports more than 15 languages over the world. There are over 100 channels which are dedicated to sports. It is one of the best app to watch sports live with low buffering.

Regarding the best apps to watch live sports for free, it is not mandatory to choose only from these mentioned channels. He can even browse other options. But most of the sports fans go for these options. The most important factor in this kind of program is that it saves the precious time of the working individuals. Now they can easily enjoy the match simultaneously focusing on his daily work. Watching sports is the most lovable entertainment mode of youth. Some of them even choose that particular sport of his choice as a career. In the old days, there was no provision of live platforms and hence people mostly enjoyed the matches either in the field or on the TV.

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With the invention of mobile devices, the sports broadcast methodology has become much easier. Now each and every TV channel is getting equal weightage in the global platform. Hence the volume of the audience regarding sports has also increased appreciably.

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