Best Boat and Cruise rides in Dubai


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There are plenty of places to visit when in Dubai. Also experiencing Dubai from water bodies is really breathtaking.

One can check the speedboat Dubai tour options if they want to do that and can get plenty of tour varieties there. One can select which suits them the best.

Dubai Yacht Sightseeing and Cruise with Dinner

Do you want a yacht cruise that comes with a special dinner when in Dubai? Well, for that one can choose this where they can spend a serene 2-hour evening with their loved ones at Dubai Marina. One can have a perfect dinner date at a lovely restaurant where one can look over the skyscrapers of the Marina and yachts. After that one can take a long hour cruise and spend a lovely time in a romantic atmosphere. The cool breezes at the deck and looking at the lit Dubai from the cruise is a different experience altogether. This trip begins and ends at the Marina Promenade and the duration is 2 hours. The cost is approximately Rs10k for 2 people and one can book them online.

The Jet Ski tour at Dubai Marina and Burj Al Arab

If you want a mixture of adventure and enjoyment in Dubai then one can take this trip where there is an hour trip which is accompanied by an experienced instructor. This can help one to fall in love with the best sensations that are present in Dubai. One can also visit the Palm Jumeirah and The World Land if they take this tour. This trip starts at the Popeye Jet Ski Rental and crosses by Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab and ends at the same spot. Safety jackets and masks are provided for the adventure awaiting. The cost for 2 people is approximately Rs 12k.

Dubai Sightseeing Boat Tours

If one wants to view Dubai from water then this is the best trip they can avail. One can see the Dubai towers, the clear skyline and all the silhouettes against the sky by doing this trip. This cruise mostly focuses on sailing along the coast and one can get a lot of opportunities to click Dubai from the water. One can also get a very clear view of Burj Al Arab and Palm Atlantis and capture the clean skyline on camera. This trip covers the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, and Dubai. The cost is around Rs 3000 per head.

30 minutes Jet Ski tour of Dubai

It is said that Dubai’s Burj Al Arab can be seen best from the sea. One can truly appreciate its beauty against the clean and clear city skyline and that too without any interruption. One can take this Jet Ski ride which is a fun water adventure sport and it can cater to the adrenaline rush of one’s as well. They can have fun in the water and at the same time get a clear view of the sail-shaped Burj.

One can also check the club villas Dubai hills if they want to go there.