Top 11 Best Chat Rooms Online of 2020

Online Chat rooms have given new space to people through which they can connect to other people anywhere around the world. The best chat rooms have been trending in the market as they have allowed people to chat and make friends with different people from all over the place that they find interesting. Though not all the free chat rooms online are comfortable to use for everyone but the person can definitely look into its characteristics and then go for the free online chat rooms that match their expectations. 

Top 11 Best Chat Rooms Online which are Widely used

Here are top chat rooms which are trending online and are liked by a lot of people are mentioned below with their key features:

  1. Zobe

    Zobe is one of the best ad most popular chat rooms option when one is looking for an application where they do not have to reveal much and still use every feature. If you are not comfortable sharing much, this is the app you are looking for as you are not even required to register before you start. But you will have to fill in the details that allow you to connect to the people that have similar attributes or the kind you are looking for them. This is the top among best chat rooms because the space it provides for private chats, as well as public chats, is wonderful.

  2. Teen Chat Rooms

    As the name suggests, this is among the top chat rooms as it has specified the space only for the teenagers thus it creates better security and comfort for all the young teens to join this platform. This has been in the market for quite a long time now and this the top choice among teenagers.

    The special features including the availability of the webcams and the microphone facility make the chat easy as when you are occupied with something else, they can be used. Also, it makes communication much better and allows the users at both ends to enjoy online chatting rooms. 

  3. Gay Teen Chat

    This is the best chat rooms ever created for gay teens as not many people have been interested in creating a space for them. This chatting area provides security as well as support to the gay and lesbians teens and also helps them find people with whom they can share a common time. This is one of the free gay chat rooms which mostly used. It online chat rooms strictly works only for the teens and no adults have access to it. 

  4. Chat Avenue

    The chat room doesn’t work only for a specific community or age. They have wide options for people with any background like age, gender, sexuality, etc. This is among the best chat rooms because it has given a different touch to the working system. The filter thing which has been set in the chat room works accurately and you will find like minded options soon. 

  5. Chatroulette

    Chatroulette is also a top chat room where the person does not need to think much about the details and joining process. The comfort feeling comes from the fact that the user does not need to log in or provide any detail while they want to join the group chat or something. There are many best Chatroulette apps fro iOS and Android.

  6. Chat for free

    This is the best and free online chat rooms for everyone. Users have a wide variety of options with whom they want to chat and can also video call them as per their needs. The space is large and one can have multiple options and make as many friends as they want. Also, they have options like sharing pictures and stuff which makes the use ever better and thus it is liked by people from all over the world. 

  7. ICQ Chat

    Not many people have been aware of the existence of this application but the user experience is really worth it. The easy usage makes it even better for all the users. If you are in the search of trying something new then this is definitely worth the try for anyone. 

  8. MocoSpace

    It is great fun when you can make friends and also play games with them. This is a good way to connect with people and also a playful way to add something new to your regular experiences. There are a variety of options available for the games as well and you can choose among the few which are given. Also, the friends you make while playing the same game also makes you understand them and know that you have the same choices in many instances. 

  9. Tiny Chat

    This has gained a lot of attention in very little time as the number of users has been using it. Even though the time for which it has been in the market is very few people have started skipping to this application due to simple strategies like availability of voice and video chats and also no registration and also connect you to the people who actually share something in common with you. 

  10. Camamba

    This is again a great option for the new users as you have a lot of space that can get you comfort vibes and multiple options which are the right friends for you. The growing demand for video chats has been accompanied by this chat room through the provision of the great quality of the video chat. 

  11. Justchat

    This is more of a friendly chat room for groups and also allows you to build a great communication link with many people all around the world. Also, there are some different options that are only available in this chat room which include emailing options to friends. Also, it helps you create a bigger picture of the different world which exists. 


The above content has talked about the best chat rooms and their qualities which defines them. Free chat rooms websites are also available in the list which has been given above and thus the one looking for trials can use them. The one looking for extreme facilities can choose among the popular chat rooms mentioned as per their requirements.