Best Learning Apps for Kids in 2020


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In the 21st century, amidst rush full environment for status and wealth, parents mostly face a challenge, which is to provide best child growth to their child. Infact, they plan how they will provide them tuition or in which school they may send them before they are born.

And parenting a kid in today’s world is the most difficult thing in today’s modern world. Toys and story books have become a thing of the past for children nowadays. The digital world starts casting a shadow on them since their childhood. In the online space, there are many ways which often become digital toys for kids. One of this is the usage of apps made for kids with special attention given to them.

Some of the best learning apps fo kids are detailed below as follows:

  1. Duolingo App
    It is a free app which mostly focuses on the foreign languages like Spanish, German and English also.

    It is one of the best learning apps for kids available nowadays because in our social life or day to day life, we mostly use our mother tongue. But, this app gives an opportunity to learn a completely new language.

    It provides game currency generally called lingots for characters upliftment and for bonus level which attracts the students. In addition to this, it also provides leaderboard score where the child can go through how their friends goes on and gave a friendly competitive environment. This leads to the linguistic development of the kids.

  2. Quick Math
    It is a free app which is available on Google Play Store. It is especially designed for children of more than 3 years of age, as its name says : it provides basic knowledge of calculation like subtraction , addition, multiplication, division etc and make their calculation good. It can be helpful for students of grade 2-4 students to enhance their capability of solving sums. It increases the speed of their calculations too.

  3. ClassDojo
    As the name suggests, ClassDojo really  provides a classroom environment where there is a transparency between the communication of a teacher and parents.

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    It is one of the best learning apps for kids or you can say that best guiding app for child. As we know in today’s busy world, most of the parents can’t attend Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) and the information can’t reach them. But this application provides basic communication tools and each student a login id which has avatars, by which they can judge the progress of their children. Due to its benefits, a lot of schools have already included this app in their curriculum

  4. YouTubeKids
    It is a branch of YouTube which was especially made keeping the requirements of kids in mind. We all knew about YouTube and it’s not suitable for as far as the content is concerned.

    YouTubeKids is generally an app which is designed for the kids. It is also one of the best learning  apps for kids of any age group. It provides them educational matter not for only one subject or two but complete course for the child in each and every aspect. It contains lectures, sound track, animation effects, cartoons along with eye catching captcha and colors for the learning.

    It also includes time restrictions for the child, which parents can set according to the needs of children. As it is evident that using electronic gadgets continuously leads to medical issues which hinders the growth of these young people.

  5. Amazon Kindle
    It is an e-book app, where everyone can find most of the books, from novel to moral story books.

    They provide e-books. A sign up is required to enjoy it’s features.

    The most attractive feature of this application  is that it’s self reading technique or read aloud feature which reads the book line by line, just like someone is reading a story for you. Parents can use this feature of this app for the night story time for the kids.It provides the child a warmth feeling of home, and also some morals which we lack in day to day life.

    Kids can use it to correct their ascent. Its multiple features makes it the best learning apps for kids of every age group.

  6. Fish School App
    This app is generally designed for pre-scholars or kindergarten students. It’s main aim is to introduce the child with numbers, colors, shapes, letters in a different way which is an exciting one.

    It provides ABC songs for the toddler age group child. This counts as one of the best learning apps for kids as it provides a fun and exciting platform to learn things to kids.

  7. DragonBox
    It is a puzzle game, where a child is required to place cards in order. These cards are related to maths, organisms etc. It has “5 worlds”and each world has 20 levels. Each level pass out is necessary for reaching the next one. This technique makes children curious to learn more and more.DragonBox won the “Best Learning Game” award in Games for Change 2016

  8. Crossword Puzzles
    This is not a particular game but a category of games which help the child to adventure the world of spelling and words, synonymous, one words etc. Some game apps  like word connect, word cross etc. This increases the vocabulary of kids.