11 Best Movie Review Websites in 2020

In today’s generation, who doesn’t love to watch a movie? Several movies release per year. There’re a variety of movies, and everyone has different choices for the movie. In this scenario, movie reviews become a necessity. In this article, there are some of the best movie review websites so that you could check out movie reviews before watching it. 

Why check movie reviews? 

By having a look at movie review websites, you will get to know about the cast, on what purpose the story is based on and is a movie worth watching. There’re several review websites but some of them have partial results as well as not that steady. Thus, sometimes it becomes a tacky job to find true reviews about movies.

So, here are some of the popular movie review sites that would give you the right reviews. In such sites, bad and good reviews are combined, and that will provide you an average review of the movie. So, let’s have a look at the following article. 

11 Best Movie Review Websites to look for in 2020

You must have a look at these 11 movie review sites that prefer you the right information about the movies.

  1. Rotten Tomatoes – Best Movie Review Website

    Rotten tomatoes are considered the best movie review site as it provides you crystal clear reviews about the movie. The system conducted in this is like, if the movie is worth watching then it show reviews more than 60%, whereas if the movie is not that good then it shows reviews less than 60%.

    Moreover, if it shows fresh tomatoes then the movie is worth watching. Whereas if it shows rotten green tomatoes then the movie is not a that good one. Hence, you couldn’t remain confused about whether to watch a movie or not.

    It is the most popular website as it does not have any errors and also the reviews are much more clear. 

  2. Roger Ebert

    Roger Ebert is very well known for his movie rating website. If you are searching for reviews on Hollywood movies, then Roger Ebert’s website is the right click for you to visit. He is used to giving reviews himself on the website and is also considered one of the best film critics. The movie that has been rated high by Roger is considered most worth watching.

  3. IMDb

    IMDb is another best movie review site in that all the members of IMDb can vote and share their reviews about the movie. Sometimes, confusion takes place due to a lot of different suggestions given by members. Moreover, the majority of comments can let you know whether the movie is worth watching or not. Members used to rate the movie on a scale of 1-10. You can check out the most top rated movies in IMDb and it’s worth watching. 

  4. Metacritic

    On this website, they show reviews by giving scores between 0-100 scale. It measures the average among all the reviews. Sometime, even one or two negative reviews may show a huge impact on the score. Furthermore, it also shares reviews of TV shows, books, games, and music. 

  5. Flixster

    Flixster is a popular movie review website as it includes the movie trailer, its Showtime in theatre, its DVD release date and also carries various movie information. It holds the top 10 positions among various movie review apps. Moreover, it also has reviews on various television shows. 

  6. MRQE

    It stands for a movie review query engine and it’s almost similar to rotten tomatoes. It has an amazing and large number of features categories compared to Metacritic. It consists of a large database of the latest movie reviews. Graphic grades are provided to show whether the movie is bad or good. 

  7. Movies

    The movie review websites that have all the details about the movie are Movie.com. It includes the release date in a nearby theatre, the cast of the movie, movie story’s outline and you will get updates to the upcoming movies. It also includes reviews of the latest movie that will let you know about the movie worth watching. You could find all types of movie reviews here. 

  8. Cinema Blend

    This is also one of the most used movie review sites as it’s popular for movie reviews. In a day, there’re more than 20 million visitors. It has a huge collection of best writers as well as editors by which you got updated by movie reviews. If you want the latest Hollywood movies update or information then this is the right site to visit. 

  9. Hollywood

    Hollywood is the best movie review site, as it’s considered among the top 10 movie review websites in London times. You will get all the information about the movie such as its cast, it’s story and time of release. You can also find various reviews about the movie. It’s similar to Cinema blend as it also includes the latest information about Hollywood movies.

  10. Bollywood Hungama

    It’s considered one of the movie review websites for Bollywood movie reviews. You can check the latest information for upcoming movies, its release date and reviews of the latest movies. You can get information about the latest music and its reviews. It has a huge collection of Bollywood music. 

  11. Plugged In

    PluggedIn is considered the best movie review site for having detailed information about movies. It includes information about violence, strong language as well as do movies contain sexual content. Such a website can be very helpful for parents so that they can select proper movies for their children. Moreover, this website includes reviews about games, music, books as well as television shows. 

    Furthermore, such detailed information can be a spoiler sometimes. Overall, PluggedIn is the best for the movie review website. 

Wrapping Up – Best Movie Review Sites

Moreover, there’re also other movie review websites such as TMDB (the movie DB), Fandango, The New York times, Film, Yahoo! Movies, BFI (British film institute), and Moviefone. So, whenever you couldn’t find stable and trustworthy movie review sites then just go and click the above-mentioned sites. Hence, the above was the information about the movie review website. Hope this article was helpful for you.

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