10 Best Real Time Voice Changer for Discord Apps in 2020

Sara Abadi

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Want a real time voice changer? Some people don’t like to use their real voice while playing the online game so for them, voice changer software is the best option. This software lets them change and modify their voice up to their requirements and lets them use it in gaming or other applications also. And it is fun using them. So it’s important to have the best voice changer for discord.

10 Best Voice Changer for Discord

  1. ClownFish

    Clownfish is a very popular app and has a very easy to use design plus has hassle-free instruction. It gives several different voice samples to choose from and allows customization to get the required voice. One good thing is that it is free and does not ask for subscription or sign-in.

    One good thing about this app is that it is for free. But it doesn’t have too many voice mods like other apps such as VoiceMod but still, clownfish is a popularly used app. This app works for every version of windows and its set-up is fast and easy. It is considered to be the best voice modifier for discord.

  2. AV Voice Changer

    AV voice changer is to pay and use the app but it is all worth it. It can be used for different voice changer software like discord, Skype, VoIP, and more. Anyone can easily modify their voice to the opposite gender or change the age.

    In the paid version of this one can also extract or remove a voice from audio. In this one can cut, spin copy plus apply effects to a voice. It also has hundreds of nick voices that are ready to use.

  3. Voxal Voice

    Here it is another free application for discord. It is a great app and helps to change voices and adjust them to get the perfect required voice for the game online. But it has a limited free version and to get access to all its amazing features one has to pay.

    But anyway it has a good and easy to use interface and helps to add effects to live voices and also recorded voices. It is a good free voice changer for discord users.

  4. Voice Mod

    As the name says, it is used to modify the voice. PUBG and discord players can use this to modify their voice. This app is also free and has amazing filters for voice. It is one of the best voice changers for discord. But if one uses it to change the recorded voice it even works better.

    So once a voice is made it sounds so good and it is a professionally designed software and its installation is also very easy and it is very flexible. One thing that might disappoint is that many features are locked in the paid version of this software.

  5. morphVox

    it is very easy to use and is user friendly. It is a great app to prank friends in the game. One can change his/her voice to a man, a woman or a kid. This can also be used in Skype. It has too many effects and features and so can be said as one of the best voice changers for discord.

    One thing that made itself on this position is the paid version or else this is the finest software for discord. It also uses very little CPU power and has customizable short-cuts.

  6. Mumble

    Mumble is a perfect voice changer for discord users. One of the best things is that it allows making servers for hosting and gaming. But for that one has to download the server version. It lets its users stay private plus safe. It also has wizards that guide via setups.

    It also has a feature of positional audio that helps to locate the position of a voice. It is a great option for gamers.

  7. Robovox Voice Changer

    Robovox is the top real time voice changer. Just be careful while downloading this app as many websites offer a malicious version of it. It is not free as some of its services charge money. It has a funny parrot function that will repeat things back. 

    One can also save their creations and share them with friends.it provides three modes and overall 32 voice options. But one bad thing about it is the in-app purchases and it has very few free voices. But still, it is the best voice changer for discord.

  8. Discord Voice Changer

    Discord voice changer is easy to use. Its interface is also good. But one sad thing about this is that one may not find it as it is not for non-androids. This tool does not own its website so many other websites hold for it.

    It can be a great choice as a voice changer for discord. 

  9. Super Voice Changer

    This is an amazing voice changer software that does not require too much space or CPU power. But it has only three voices that can be changed or manipulated but the level of manipulation is very deep. Work until the required voice is not made and once made then save it for later.

    It also loads very quickly but it is a little tricky to install and can be a little too difficult to make out what is the use of some functions.

  10. Audio for fun

    Audio for fun is an advanced tool but is mainly for Skype that’s why it is on the bottom of the list. The interface is good and a tech-savvy person may like it more. It has many free and paid trails. Settings can be customized to get the required result.

    The paid version is too costly. Some functions on this are never useful for discord users. And to get hands-on it one needs a good tutorial session. But still, it is a good real time voice changer.

Bottom Line

So these were the top voice changer for discord. Few of them are free and the rest are partly free. But the basic requirement that is to change or modify a voice in real-time is for free.

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