Best Technologies to Learn in 2020

Sara Abadi

, Tech

In today’s world of trending technologies, many technologies are emerging and rising to make the future of humankind better. The technological revolution has been one of the major deciding factors of the future until today. Your employability in today’s market also depends upon how much you know these new technologies. Many technologies have proven their usefulness by securing their place in mainstream products of many MNCs. With this article, we want you to know what the best technologies to learn in 2020.

Below are Listed Top 5 Technologies to Learn this Year

  1. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence
    The no. 1 best technology to learn in 2020 is Artificial Intelligence. In Today’s world, We developed machines in such a way that they now have brilliant skills to observe, examine, and execute without any help or intervention of humans. In this current world of advanced technologies, many Artificial Intelligence contributions can be seen, like, Watson, Mobile Phone Camera, etc.

    Emotion analysis is also a hot topic in today’s world of AI. Every message, Data and Query can be analyzed by a computer nowadays and also based on that analysis. They can provide suggestions, e.g. Grammarly, Gboard.

    There are thousands of applications of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is one the best technology to learn in 2020, not only because it’s trending but also because AI can solve many problem statements, like, pollution control by analyzing data, Devices for specially-abled people, etc. The demand for AI is huge and is protected for at least the next 100 yrs.

  2. IoT (Internet of Things)

    IoT (Internet of Things)
    The Internet of Things or IoT is already a popular career choice, and it is one of the best technologies to learn in 2020. In, Internet of Things technology, we connect our daily usage device through the internet and we can control them remotely, or they can change behavior based on some machine learning Algorithm. Already we have over 25 million IoT devices connected to the internet at the start of the year 2020.

    Knowledge of Devices, Smart sensors, Cloud Computing, Automation, AI, Data, Analytics, Embedded Systems is required in the field of IoT.

    New wearable IoT devices are coming daily. The market is already filled with smart wearable devices like smartwatches, smart bands, smart bracelets, etc. Survey says only a few people know how to make these IOT devices work. As a result, the demand for IoT experts is very high in the market.

  3. DevOps

    DevOps is a process path that balances the processes and continuous development with the help of various tools to execute changes.

    DevOps has already made progress in many industries in their product development process in the past few years, and this trend is going to continue in 2020 more extensively. DevOps requires the whole development process to change to apply continuous development and integration.

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    If you like this concept of automating the process of development and integration, then DevOps can solve your problem very quickly and efficiently.

  4. Blockchain

    Blockchain technology is a technology that is one of the most trending and best technologies to learn in 2020. Blockchain is a data structure that can hold digital records to save or record transactional and other confidential data in an encoded and regionalized nature.

    To explain Blockchain technology in simple words, Blockchain technology only collects data in a unidirectional manner. Still it is not possible to change or edit any previous feed or data entry. You will not be able to modify the old data blocks and that’s how Blockchain secures your data.

    Many companies are related to finance and banking, like IBM, Axis Bank, Google, etc invested their money in different startups and got better results. The best example of Blockchain success is Facebook itself invested in a Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency in 2020.

    In 2020, Blockchain will be used to handle many real-life problems like online transactions, fraud prevention, ATM transaction, etc.

  5. Cyber Security

    Cyber Security
    Cyber security is a relatively old technology, and still, it is one of the best technologies to learn. Many tech enthusiasts think that Cyber security is not necessary for ordinary people. Still, the truth is Cybersecurity is a high demand technology and it is evolving just like any other famous technologies, but you can’t see it. But you will see Cyber security in the trends of 2020.

    The main reason why this technology is still in trend is that many criminals are still out there trying to hack into your system or develop some spyware or malware to collect sensitive data. At this moment also, many hackers are using their knowledge of computers are to access crucial data unethically.

    As the number of hackers is increasing day by day in this techie field, Cybersecurity has become a necessity and required technology to protect against these unethical hackers. Improving the steps of authentication and credential management at the database level is some of the best ways of handling these threats.