Convenient Web Conferencing Tools To Use for Your Meetings


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Video conferencing is an invaluable tool for many businesses, allowing teams to work remotely whenever they need to. Besides the obvious benefit of connecting visually without being in the same room, modern web conferencing services employ various tools that could help you share information in a more streamlined way. A resource like the Ooma web meeting platform can help you accomplish more in your meetings. Here are some of the ways modern web conferencing platforms can make your workday a little easier. 

Share Multiple Screens at Once

Sharing your screen on a video chat allows you to show your colleagues important information, work through problems, and countless other benefits. Many video platforms in the past were only capable of allowing one person to share their screen at a time. Now, some services have the capability to allow multiple participants to share their screens at once, expediting the problem-solving process in your meetings. 

Use Chat Features While on a Call

If you are in a large meeting, you may need to reach out to another participant directly without interrupting the flow of the conference. Using a chat feature within the platform allows you to communicate important information to your co-workers privately without leaving the platform to use your phone or e-mail. This is particularly helpful for larger conference calls or video lectures. 

Set Up Recurring Meetings

If you have meetings that happen regularly, you can set up a recurring meeting that uses the same login information automatically every time. This frees up your day and saves you the trouble of creating a new meeting and sharing the information with your colleagues in each instance. You can also create a password-protected meeting that uses the same information, so everyone is on the same page for every meeting. 

Use a Meeting Dashboard To Stay Organized

Some services have a convenient dashboard that keeps all of your upcoming meetings organized and allows you to schedule new ones. This makes it much easier to see and edit all of your meetings in the same place and is especially useful for those who work remotely full-time and rely on virtual meetings to get all of their business done. 

Virtual meetings have come a long way in a short amount of time and can provide your business with the tools you need to work effectively. Consider upgrading your virtual meeting service to one with even more useful tools to streamline your workflow and save yourself from unnecessary inconvenience.