11 Best Customer Experience Software Platforms for 2020

The total of experiences a person has with a particular product or service throughout the relationship is known as Customer Experience (CX). Customer experience software is a technique or solution that lets a business manage, measure, and develop the digital customer experience. This is done by the way of collecting information about the customer’s interactions with the business, analyzing the same, and then interpreting the results.

You will find a number of customer experience management tools available on-cloud and on-premise, each having their pros and cons.

If your business is able to make a good impression on the customers, you can gain their trust easily. On the other hand, a bad impression can turn your loyal customers towards the competitors.

It may feel difficult to control how your customers feel about a certain product and their relationship with it. With the introduction of so many experience management software, it has become possible to improve and personalize the interaction by focusing on the business enterprise.

For the enterprises that work online, it becomes important to be available for their customers throughout and their response to the needs and queries of the customers must be really quick.

If evaluated properly, only 4% of potential customers in the world actually trust advertising. So the learning is the investments must be focused on improving the overall experience. And for that, you must know how to achieve the improvement and where you have to do it.

These tools work as a boon for enterprises who want to detect user problems and get customer experience optimized. A number of features are offered by customer experience management programs and you must know what you need in your kit.

Important Points to Check before Selecting a Customer Experience Platform

There are multiple features such as data analytics, predictive analytics, ticketing, online survey management, journey mapping, and much more that are possessed by different CX tools available currently. However, you cannot directly pick one as you need to know if it is capable of fulfilling the needs of your business and is the best match for it.

For that matter, here are the important points you should answer for your business and then decide the best CX software accordingly:

  • For what purpose or goal of your business do you want a customer experience solution?

  • Do you want it just to keep a check on your enterprise and get ahead with the performance of teams and systems that are responsible for it?

  • Do you want it to focus on a particular area that is directly related to customer satisfaction and you want to explore that area to get more details and in a better way?

  • What types of rating scales or surveys do you want to implement?

  • Do you want the surveys to get customized as per your business?

  • Do you want the CX software to provide analytics and reports in addition to collecting the feedback from the customers and management capabilities?

  • Check if the software you are going to opt for is easy to install or integrate with your current systems.

  • Check if it is easy to install or integrate the updates for the software as and when they are introduced.

  • The service reputation of the customer experience tool provider.

All the above queries and statements need to be considered thoroughly and completely to take an optimum decision. Once you are done with that, you will be able to determine what kind of service provider and customer experience features your business needs.

11 Customer Experience Software Platforms



Qualtrics is a customer experience management company that is capable of fulfilling all the requirements and needs of business of almost all the sizes and scales. Qualtrics offers predictive insights such as trends, patterns, and then makes predictions about consumer behavior. They provide the capability to respond quickly to your customers and turn the insights into actions.

Features of Qualtrics

  • This CX platform conducts surveys, research, and experience management.
  • Text IQ, Stats IQ, and Predict IQ are some of its remarkable features.
  • It is quite useful in form building, multi-channel surveys, in addition to data analytics.
  • This customer software can be incorporated even with the current tools.
  • Using this platform, you can manage customer, employee, product, and brand experiences altogether.
  • The other features of this tool include- closed-loop follow-up, digital CX, customer retention, and analytics.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager

Earlier, known as Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager is one of the strongest customer experience solutions. With this program, you can receive custom-made, content-led experiences faster combined with digital asset management. This software makes it easy for you to manage your marketing content including the assets. This way you can build lifetime value for your customer.

Features of Adobe Experience Manager

  • Along with content management, it also lets you build assets for web, mobile, and social media channels.
  • You can easily integrate with current enterprise software systems using its open architecture.
  • This software is a part of a comprehensive Digital Marketing solution i.e. Adobe Marketing Cloud.
  • You can build an enterprise toolkit that will have all the important tools such as web analytics, paid advertising management, or performing A/B tests on digital content.
  • This customer experience software supports Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iPhone/iPad, and suits any industry of any size.
  • The other features include- Customer Data Platform, Customer Location Mapping, Data Governance, Identity Service, GDPR Service, etc.



Zendesk is one of the most popular customer experience platforms used by most of the businesses of all sizes. It is a cloud-based solution developed to evaluate and add value to the experience of the customers of the company. Zendesk offers a good assortment of customer service expertise along with product knowledge that delivers the best experience.

Features of Zendesk

  • To enjoy a better relationship with customers, you can build a help desk, call center, and live chat software using Zendesk.
  • This customer experience tool brings together all the channels that aid in the interaction between customers and businesses.
  • It lets you build significant, custom-made, and fruitful relationships with customers.
  • The other features of this Zendesk include- analytics, feedback management, survey management, predictive analytics, knowledge management, customer segmentation.
  • It offers a user-friendly dashboard that offers an integrated view.
  • Zendesk offers an uptime guarantee which implies that they will pay in case the customer’s website goes down.



IBM customer experience lets you know how users are interacting with your mobile sites or apps and this can be the probable reason for it being one of the best software. IBM helps in identifying the factors due to which users tend to leave your website and mobile app without buying a product leading to revenue loss.

Features of IBM CX

  • It provides advanced filtering that lets you recover a particular mobile session on the basis of the device parameters, HTTP, or observed events.
  • Highly customized metric capabilities.
  • IBM CX platform has replayability using which you can detect and fix problems that are leading to poor online experiences.
  • It lets you keep an eye on large traffic without upsetting site performance.
  • The other features of this customer experience software include- create dynamic content, improve teamwork, leverage analytics, and connect with customers.
  • The reports and dashboards it offers are both ready to use and customizable.



Clarabridge is one of the best customer experience companiesas you get to hear the critical feedback irrespective of the amount you have received.  Clarabridge aids thousands of world’s top brands in understanding, evaluating, and improving their customer experience. It helps you grow sales, and increase efficiency at every point with the help of an AI platform.

Features of Clarabridge

  • You can collect all the feedback from all the channels such as email, social media, chat, surveys, and use it to optimize your website.
  • This CX platformoffers superior sentiment analysis including templates for different industries saving configuration time.
  • Clarabridgeis useful for social listening, media analytics, media reporting tools, media management, surveys, speech, and text analytics.
  • Those who receive a good amount of feedback get an edge due to the Natural Language Processing engine that gathers and arranges data.



Medallia is the pioneer in understanding and managing the experience of customers and even employees. You can call it one of the best customer experience company because of the amazing features it provides for the enterprises. It provides a platform to create online surveys, social, text, and online feedback from different social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other similar sites.

Features of Medallia

  • It collects a great amount of feedback from customers through various survey sources such as web, email, phone and you will receive the report directly on your phone.
  • Thisprogram can easily be combined with enterprise resource planning systems. It then compares financial data with experiences of the customer to recommend the areas where improvement is required on the basis of the business outcome.
  • A cloud-based CX software, Medallia offers some of the most useful features that include- data collection, data integration, benchmarking, and customer recovery.
  • You can get the details in real-time using interactive analytics, Text analytics, and Push Reporting features in Medallia software.
  • Media Sharing and Mobile Feedback are available and you can collect the feedback from any of the devices that are connected to the internet.
  • This online customer experience management program best suits the financial sector, public sector, retail, telecom, and B2B companies.



Zoho is one customer experience management solution that provides enhanced customer experiences to businesses. This program delivers an outstanding and remarkable experience to every customer at all stages of their relationship with the product. It integrates your sales, marketing, and customer support sections and lets information flow from one department to another throughout the customer lifecycle.

Features of Zoho

  • The customer experiences are provided through social media marketing, powerful analytics, intelligent chatbots, streamlined administration, omnichannel customer engagement, built-in AI, and much more.
  • Available at a starting price of $60/month/user, you can also have trials before that.
  • The other features include- customer segmentation, predictive analysis, survey management, analytics, sentiment analysis, etc.



SAS is one important customer experience management tool for digital marketers for improving CX. The software enables better customer experiences with the help of real-time and contextualized interactions. SAS is another cloud-based marketing management tool that caters to all the needs of the businesses of varied sizes and scales. It aids in advanced analytics, data management, business management, and predictive analysis.

Features of SAS

  • It is more useful for marketers who use data intelligence for increasing conversion.
  • The web analytics provided by this customer experience platform is quite advanced as it tracks the activities of the customer during the browsing session, on-site searches made by him as well as mouse hovering.
  • It lets the marketers to take action in real-time, suggests the best offers for customers, etc., on the basis of the logic of business enterprise.

Oracle Maxymiser

Oracle Maximyser

Oracle customer experience software offers a fully-featured set of solutions that are useful for digital marketers. Oracle helps the marketers in designing cross channel customer experiences that are tailor-made. The platform is easy to use and they offer data-driven experiences due to which website optimization can be done easily.

Features of Oracle Maxymiser

  • It collaborates with all the customer data, finds out the advantageous opportunities for testing,  and brings personalized experiences.
  • The visual editor is single and easy-to-use for marketers.
  • You can get your business transformed with the help of this customer experience platform with the help of advanced website testing and personalization solutions.
  • No more guesswork and ensure decisions driven by data on websites and mobile apps that ultimately creates a flawless and integrated customer experience.
  • The other features offered by this customer software include- A/B to complex multivariate tests, self-serve interface, advanced personalized tools, and powerful insights that make it easy.



This is one of the best customer experience companies as it simplifies your operations. Genesys helps its users with better call management, improved call routing, and quicker resolution of calls. it has been designed to give a boost to measurable improvement of KPIs such as customer satisfaction, conversion, etc. It even integrates with some of the leading software such as Zendesk, Oracle, etc.

Features of Genesys

  • It integrates personnel optimization with contact center infrastructure.
  • It lets you detect high performing areas, incompetency, and gaps.
  • The information collected is used to vary routing, work assignments, and supplement agent skills.
  • With the help of multichannel forecasting, it becomes easier to predict workload demand and unexpected fluctuations.
  • This integrated tool revamp processes, treat your products and services, and offers a unified 360-degree customer view.



Satmetrix is one of the CX tools that lets you recognize the connection between customer behavior and business outcome with the help of its automated analytics. It is one of the leading providers of customer experience management software and delivers success as a result. It makes it easy to understand the customer experience with the help of its expertise features.

Features of Satmetrix

  • You can understand the customer sentiment using the surveys offered by this customer experience solution possessing advanced capabilities, such as dividing by product, industry, or location.
  • It lets you directly publish feedback provided by the clients on social media.
  • The enterprise clients get a private virtual cloud along with improved support.
  • The software tells you how to use data for making major strategic changes that ensure the improved customer experience.

Final Thoughts

You can never ignore customer experience as the business’s future depends on that. Moreover, if you invest a huge amount on any customer experience software, you automatically expect high as you have put a lot at risk. However, it is relatively easier for a small or medium business enterprise to change their software as and when they want but it is not the same for large ones and they have to make a wise decision.

If a business entrepreneur takes good care and pays maximum attention to all the stages that are there in a customer-service relationship, he can surely get ahead with an improved attitude of customers towards them.

They need to focus on the optimization of the UX on the website and as a result, that will guarantee a good post-purchase customer experience. This is how the entrepreneurs can expect the pay off for their investments with improved customer experience.

So you need to analyze your business needs in detail and then make the best selection out of all the available customer experience tools in 2020. These platforms offer different features that will suit different enterprises’ needs. This is how you can stay ahead of the competitors in managing customer experience and relations effectively and that will ultimately help in the long-term success of your enterprise.