Types of Terrazzo Worktop Materials Available in the Market

Sara Abadi

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While Terrazzo floors have been popular for a long time, the use of Terrazzo as a kitchen worktop material has risen only in recent years. Terrazzo offers a versatile kitchen countertop option to create an elegant or sophisticated look for your kitchen.

Precast terrazzo marble has become a popular choice of countertop material for many kitchens around the world. Thanks to modern manufacturing technologies, precast terrazzo marble tiles can be fabricated to fit any kitchen space with ease. They require little maintenance and are durable. If you are in the market for terrazzo marble worktops, look at some of the different types you can opt for.

Types of Terrazzo Worktop Materials

White Faraya Terrazzo Marble

The White Farraya terrazzo marble is manufactured by combining a blend of crushed marble pieces, polymer, and resins. Mimicking the look of natural marble, it features a white backdrop and light brown veins dispersed across the surface in tiny swirls. The variant is available in several finishes, including textured, polished, brush-hammered, and silk. The result is a unique and elegant worktop for your kitchen which can be customized according to your needs and specifications.

Beige Faraya Terrazzo

This variant of terrazzo marble is similar to White Faraya but features an earthy beige tone as its backdrop. The veins coursing the surface follow the same swirl pattern, but are comparatively darker to create a trendy, sophisticated look. As a marble look alike, the Beige Faraya terrazzo worktop comes with enhanced physical features like slip resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, and chemical resistance. 

Blanco Aura Terrazzo Marble

The Blanco Aura Terrazzo tile offers a very unique look to any space thanks to the light grey crystals and blue hues that dance across a white background. The worktop design suits any décor that has white, blue, or grey as its primary color. Featuring a surface that is extremely hard and possesses flexural strength, the Blanco Aura Terrazzo marble worktop works great for busy kitchens and other areas of the house which experience a lot of traffic. The versatile design that it is, the marble can also be used along with other materials, colors and patterns to spruce up interior spaces and create unique looks.

Compac La Perla Terrazzo Marble 

Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installations, the Compac La Perla terrazzo marble features a classic white background interspersed with beige colored crystals of varying sizes and shapes. The result is a terrazzo countertop that not only looks fascinating but is equally versatile in its function. Available in large and small sizes, this terrazzo variant can be used for large and small kitchen spaces with ease. The naturally bright appearance of the worktop material creates the illusion of a larger space, thus making the entire kitchen look bigger than it is. 

Quarella Ginza Terrazzo Marble 

Straight from the drawing boards of one of the best Italian brands for terrazzo worktops comes a brand of Terrazzo marble called Quarella Ginza. In sharp contrast to the standard white background as is offered with marble and its look-alike countertops, the Quarella Ginza range of terrazzo marble worktops come with a solid black background dotted with innumerable crystals in shades of grey, black, white and beige. 

Lending a touch of elegance and sheer magnificence to the kitchen, this terrazzo marble variant also features extraordinary compressive and flexural strength, abrasion resistance, freeze/thaw resistance and dimensional stability among other standout physical features. The Quarella Ginza range of terrazzo marble comes in either a smooth finish or a glossy, polished finish.

QuarellaPolare Terrazzo Marble

The QuarellaPolare range of terrazzo tile lends a subtle look to the kitchen worktop with its warm off-white background. Flecked with tiny crystals on the surface, the material mimics natural marble stone perfectly and adds its strength and versatility to offer a better performing worktop.

The simplicity and practicality of its design is the highlight of QuarellaPolare terrazzo marble and its key selling point. Because many homeowners are opting for simple designs that combine form and function in the given space, this terrazzo variant will be an apt choice for kitchen countertops. It would also be suitable for other applications like flooring, splashbacks, wall cladding, etc.

Quarella Fior Di Pesco Terrazzo Marble

Quarellla also offers another variant of terrazzo marble called Fior Di Pesco which comes with different shades, shapes and sizes of crystalline quartz dotting an otherwise plain greyish-beige background. Some of the colours that come into play on its surface include grey, green, beige and black. As it hides filth and dirt impeccably well, it can work wonders in high-traffic areas.