Does the Acidity of Vinegar Kill Bed Bugs?

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you wake up from the bed and your skin is irritated and full of red marks? Imagine waking up from the bed and feel that your skin is itchy, red, irritated and all that stuff that makes you irritated, and consider the fact that it is early in the morning and you have to deal with all these problems. Then you stood up and made your bed while doing so you seem to find a pesky little bug, a bed bug.

There you are face to face with the culprit of your itchy, red, and irritated skin, but never in your whole life have you ever dealt with a bed bug, thus resulting in you being unable to act and get rid of it properly. In this article, we will be teaching you home remedies for bed bugs with vinegar. Naturally, you can use other materials to get rid of these pesky, annoying, and little bed bugs but we will be focusing on ways to get rid of them using vinegar.

Bed Bugs

Before everything do you know what a bed bug is? For those who have not encountered them, bed bugs or also known as disambiguation is an insect that differs from others because they are not attracted to sweets, and all that stuff but they are attracted to blood and carbon dioxide. After biting, your symptoms such as irritated skin, itchiness, blisters, and allergic reactions. Though they are just about the size of an apple seed they are known for their survival capabilities of surviving a year with no food, thus making them live longer and harder to catch and exterminate.

Before getting on the home remedies for bed bugs with vinegar let us first know the three types of bed bugs. You may ask, ‘is it really necessary to know the types of bed bugs’? Yes, yes it is. After knowing the difference of bed bugs you can easily eradicate them.

Three types of bed bugs and their differences between one another

  • C. lectularius– Cimex lectularius prefers human blood. The most common type of bed bug. They can be found in subtropical countries.
  • C. hemipterus– Cimex hemipterus prefers human blood.
  • L. boueti– Instead of human blood L. boueti is more interested in bat’s blood so you don’t have to worry about these kinds of bed bugs.

You may ask ‘is vinegar effective against these pesky, little bed bugs’? Yes, yes they are. Vinegar can be considered as a poison against bugs especially against bed bugs. Let us consider that vinegar contains acetic acid, vinegar is made from the fermentation of plants thus making the product ethanol to be used up. But in order to get rid of the little, pesky bed bugs they need to come in contact with the vinegar. Once the bed bugs come in contact, the acetic acid can damage the bed bug’s nervous system, thus making them vulnerable and can lead to their death. Same with alcohol, vinegar can be made from different kinds of plants like corn, apples, grapes, barley, and rice.  Other varieties or kinds of vinegar are made out of other ingredients.

How to Use and Make Vinegar Bed Bug Spray?

Homemade vinegar remedies for bed bugs are not insecticides, but they are much secure and safer and will work at the time of early infestation. Here are the steps on how to make a vinegar bed bug spray:

  1. Buy any kind of white vinegar.
  2. Fill the empty spray bottle with vinegar. Tighten the lid firmly.
  3. Soak the edge all over the infested area or space with vinegar, including crevices and cracks in the walls and narrow spaces between and underneath furniture. When you spray the bed bugs will scatter toward the areas soaked with the vinegar that you sprayed and die there. 
  4. Spray the vinegar straight to bed bugs to kill them on contact or lead them into nearby areas you just sprayed with vinegar.
  5. To avoid infestation, soak all infested areas, including walls, window sills, mattresses, carpets and furnishings. Spray the entire surface as well as the undersides and corners. You will need to perform this once a week for several weeks to see the results that the bed bugs are lessens.

The risk when using vinegar in killing bed bugs is that you are going to have bed bug infestation.  Vinegar has a very strong smell that you apparently do not want to live and smell all the time.  Yes, you can soak your furniture in vinegar to help drag out the bed bugs and lure them to acidic vinegar puddles, and may kill them more this kind of method but it is not going to be pleasing for you.


Vinegar dissipates instantly and leaves no continuing toxicity for bed bugs. You may need gallons of vinegar that need to be reapplied numerous times a day to keep bugs out of the area where they hide or live.

Don’t expect too much about if vinegar kills all the bed bugs.  Because it won’t kill them all unless with direct contact with bed bugs you find outside from the place they are hiding. 

If you are worried about the efficiency of vinegar against the bed bugs, it may be worth it if you used a specialist, secure alternative that will have much higher rate in killing the bed bugs while being safe around the family members and on the furniture.