Driving Tips Every Teen Driver Should Know

Every teen is excited to get their license and get out on the road! While you may be a bit nervous to see your teen driver getting behind the wheel, with the right practice and knowledge, they can become safe and responsible drivers. Though we can’t fit all the driver’s ed lessons here, here are some of the smartest driving tips every teen driver should know, so their next journey is a safe (and fun) one!

Get To Know Your Car

One of the biggest tips for teen drivers is to get to know their car. Though it may be tempting to simply get on the road as soon as you get your license, getting to know your car can help you in the case of an unexpected emergency. Getting to know your car means reading up a bit from the user manual, learning about the fuel levels and tire pressure stats of your vehicle, and even taking it in for maintenance services so you can get any tips on upkeep from a professional auto technician!

Get Rid of Distractions

One of the most important things any teen driver can do before getting on the road is getting rid of any distractions in the way. This means keeping your cell phone out of your site so that you may not be tempted to pick up the phone while driving. If you are a teen driver that is still relatively new to the road, it is also best you limit distracting passengers. This means not having all your friends crowding in the backseat and taking your attention away from safe driving practices!

Limit Nighttime Driving

If you are still learning the ropes of the road, it is best to limit your nighttime driving for the next few weeks or months. The dark can make it harder to see some stop signs and other possible road obstacles, so it is better to be safe than sorry!

Keep Space Between You and Other Vehicles

This can seem like a pretty basic tip, but keeping a cushion of space between you and other vehicles is essential to staying safe on the road. This way, in case of a sudden brake, you are protected from collision. There are many accidents on the road that could have been prevented if a driver maintained a good space between themselves and other vehicles.


Keep Your Car Serviced

The above tips should help any teen driver start to get the hang of driving while they practice and grow confident on the road. Any new teen driver will also have to learn the ways of proper car maintenance and obtaining repair services, including taking their car to a professional auto shop in the case of issues. If you are looking for an auto shop to take your car or your teen’s car for the proper maintenance and other expert vehicle services, Import Automotive has got you covered. Learn more about Import Automotive here.

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