Dubai’s Latest Masterpiece! Let’s Dive into It!


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A new chapter has been market after the La Perle was opened in Dubai. It is a live theatre scene and the jewel of Dubai’s Al Habtoor City district. This venue is world class and it also stages the first ever resident show in the city.

The show has been created by the mastermind director, Franco Dragone. It is referred to as the future when it comes to laboratories and it has been inspired by Dubai as well.

The fusion comprises of the finest artistic performances and creativity when it comes to imaginations and technology that is brilliant. So, here is a list of the things that you should be expecting in La Perle.

Not the Ordinary, In Fact Better!

La Perle is a show. It combines the Dubai’s spirit with the iconic aqua stage of 860 square meter. It also uses water worth 2.7 million for every performance.

This theatre was built according to the requirements of the show and its concept. It is inspired by the city and its vibrance. Moreover, the show has all of the things one looks for. Such as waterfalls that cascade, acrobatics that are very fast paced and a high dive with fantastical characters.

They hope that their production is so well that it makes the people enthralled. It also makes them forget about the outside world for a few hours.

He said,

“We are dreamers, but we also want to have an impact and we hope that is a little bit of peace, a little flavor of eternity,”


The venue has thirteen hundred seats and has been designed for maximum impact as well.

It has only fourteen rows and the seating are wrapped around 270 degrees along the aqua stage, which creates and experience that is very intimate. Every seat has a unique view of its own without any disappointments. However, it is recommended that the row N is booked in silver category and row A in the gold, for an experience that has a central perspective. If it is a special occasion, binge on a VIP ticket.

You will be welcomed at a private lounge for the pre-show snacks. Then, you will be escorted to the lounge chairs of the theatre, for a view that is premium.

The Mastermind

The creative director Franco Dragone has said that La Perle is a new sort of theatre.

He is a legend in the industry. He started his career from cirque du soleil and plays a very instrumental role when it comes to its rise as a famous creative director.

His roll call, which is very admirable consists of the following:

  1. Celine Dion A New Day
  2. Le Rêve in Las Vegas
  3. House of Dancing Water in Macau
  4. Paris Merveilles at the Lido

Dress Code

Going out at night in Dubai gives people the perfect excuse so they can dress up and impress people. If you are doubting yourself, opt for something that is both smart and casual, such as classics.

Men can wear chinos and a casual shirt paired with it, along with a blazer that is true to size and fit. Whereas women can opt for jumpsuits and make their looks more adventurous by pairing it with high heels or a printed pencil skirt along with a silk or chiffon top.

How to get to the location?

There are so many places to explore in Al Habtoor City, which is located on Sheikh Zayed Road. This district has a total of five hotels, which are five stars. It also consists of a Marina promenade and cafes as well. They are all very stylish.

If you want your dinner to be memorable, book a table at Zoco, which is a Mexican-Peruvian. You can also book at the Atrium or savor, which is a French fare at Brasserie Quartier. It is located at the Habtoor Palace in LXR Hotel and Resorts.

You can take a short drive from the airport to hail a taxi to Habtoor City. It is a short drive of twenty minutes from the airport and you can also pre book it. It is a five minute taxi drive from the metro if you arrive there.

Next Show

It plays twice a night, five days in a week. The timings are 7 to 9:30 pm from Tuesday to Friday and 4 – 7pm on Saturday. The price starts from AED 400.