Explore the Best of Puerto Morelos on Vacation


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The fastest-growing Mexican fishing village, which is situated on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, Puerto Morelos, is home to the world-class beaches, outdoor activities, and beautiful sightseeing. It has plenty of fish markets, local stores, farmer markets, restaurants, water sports activities, the warmth of the Caribbean, and much more.

From delicious seafood to thrilling outdoor adventures to Resorts in Puerto Morelos Mexico, the town has everything you would need on vacation.

If you land on the Airport of Cancun, then there are three significant ways to get to Puerto Morelos. Cab services, Private vehicle, and Bus services, you can choose the convenient one and travel to the gorgeous town.

Taxi – Taxi services are available from the airport areas onwards, and it charges around $50-$60 and takes you to Puerto Morelos, which is 25 KM from the airport.

Private Transfer – If you are someone who doesn’t like to travel in public transports, then this service is especially for you. You can book in advance, and when you arrive at the airport, they’ll be there to greet you.

ADO Bus – One of the most convenient and cheapest option to get to Puerto Morelos. The buses are safe, clean, and comfortable to travel for those who came without planning or bookings. Besides, you would find perfect Places To Stay In Puerto Morelos and at least try to keep the reservations in advance as it would save you from the unnecessary trouble, extra cost and time.

A peaceful village which lies in between the Riviera Maya of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos is the place with the experience of natural beauty, and anyone who visits the place quickly falls in love. Easy 20-25 minute drive from the Cancun, Puerto Morelos present colorful attractions, beautiful beaches, farmer’s market, friendliest community, excellent shopping experience, oceanfront stays, and endless adventure for travelers.

Puerto Morelos is separated into two beautiful areas in which the first region represents the seaside section. The seaside section gives you the feel of an island and offers delicious dining and oceanic adventure.

On the other side, it represents the beautiful La Colonia, which is situated on the west side and offers shops, local fare, friendly community, and the feel of actual Mexico. It has beautiful rentals as well, which are just a few steps away from the major attraction of the town.

The adventure of the Ocean

Puerto Morelos opens the gate to reach the World’s second-largest barrier reef in the Caribbean and the utmost beauty of the sea as well. You would find a crowd at the reef, but in the off-season, it would give you the chills of private space. The evenings in the middle of the Ocean would change the perspective of you as well.

While Scuba and Snorkeling are significant ways to dive and explore the Ocean, you can also enjoy swimming, paddle-boarding, kayaking, parasailing, and other various ocean adventures near the reef.

The Reef –

Those who travel to Mexico know it has the World’s second-largest reef, which brings the amazing experience at your feet. The extreme adventure of scuba and snorkeling could easily be adapted in the environment, which allows you to experience the “See the unseen” exploration under the Ocean. Those who aren’t professional divers can explore the Ocean alongside the experts.

Prepare and plan before you step on the magnificent land of Puerto Morelos. Mexico Oceanfront Vacation Rentals would be perfect for families as well as for couples. Beach within just a few steps, delicious cuisines, and sunset views, the oceanfront property could become the reason for your next visit to the beautiful town.

Here’s a Quick Way to Unveil the Hidden Beauty of Puerto Morelos for Vacation

If you’re looking for a place to escape the stress and rushes of the cities, then Puerto Morelos is the unexplored paradise for you. Just a 20-minute drive from the Cancun airport, and you reached the most beautiful Mexican town.

Travelers need to book the Beautiful Vacation Condo Rentals in Mexico before reaching the town, as it will save them time, money, and trouble. When you keep the reservations of such rentals in advance, it keeps you a step ahead of the problems. There aren’t many official resorts and hotels available in the town, thus, securing your bookings keep you on track and let you explore most of the places.