Food: 9 Best Dishes to Try in UAE

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Dining out is a unique charm for every tourist visiting any tourist destination. Almost every tourist visiting with any objective of tourism loves to dine out and try the popular dishes of his goal of the visit. Every country and every destination in a particular country has a type of uniqueness in its foods that attract tourists to try these foods because these foods create real craving beyond hunger. The cuisine has a nexus with the country or the region’s culture, which may be referred to as a food connection. This food connection craves tourists to try the best dishes of the tourist destination. There are some best dishes to try in UAE from one can’t resist skipping during his trip.

The Cuisine of the UAE

The cuisine of Indian and Islamic culture is quite popular among people across the globe. Take an instance of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the middle-east Asian region.

Emirati cuisine is a combination of Lebanese, Iranian, and even Indian flavors. There are many beautiful destinations to visit in the UAE, and there is a lot of luscious dishes to try in various countries of UAE.

Many people visit these countries for recreational tourism; some Islamic people pay a visit for pilgrimage; the objective is sometimes culinary tourism.

Taste Best Foods in UAE

You can taste the best foods during your UAE trip. There are plenty of mouth-watering Emirati dishes to eat in UAE, especially the traditional dishes that connect travelers with the Emirati culture.

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Many travelers flock to UAE every year, especially to taste these dishes. Emirati food has developed a new customer base because of the migration of millions of international workers from the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Best Dishes of the UAE

When you land in the UAE, you have an excellent opportunity to try the best dishes of the globe. The best dishes to try in UAE are Al Harees, Al Machboos, Chelo Kabab, Falafel, Fatteh, Fattoush, Hummus, Khuzi, Kousa Mahshi, Knafeh, Luqaymat, Madrouba, Mahalabiya, Manakish, Shirin Polo, Shawarma, Shish Tawouk Sandwich, There, and more. Arabic Coffee, Jellab and Qamardeen, and Karak are the best drinks to try here.

9 Best Emirati Dishes to try in Dubai

Here are a few flavorsome, healthy, and world-renowned dishes of authentic Arabian cuisine that you must taste when you arrive in UAE. Most travelers to the middle-east love to land in Dubai.

The following 9 are authentic dishes of Emirati cuisine that are must-eat dishes in Dubai.

  1. Harees

    Harees Dish in Dubai
    It is one of the famed Emirati traditional dishes found on the menus of Dubai’s most excellent restaurants. It is prepared with minced meat or chicken, crushed wheat, onion, and ground cumin; this dish is exceptional from the perspective of Dubai’s heritage and charm for the visitors.

  2. Chicken Saloona

    Chicken Saloona Dish in Dubai
    It is prepared with chicken pieces, olive oil, and onion, garlic, ginger, white rice, and plenty of spices, is the pride of Arabian cuisine that has won the hearts of the people because of its fantastic taste and flavor. This protein and the vitamin-rich dish is a grace of every feast and charm of the tourists.

  3. Meat Biryani

    Meat Biryani Dish in Dubai
    It is quite famous throughout the Gulf region, then how can Dubai be the exception. This dish is known for its exclusive flavor and intense aromas due to Indian spices used in its preparation. Made with a blend of basmati rice and spices, and a variety of meats, this mouth-watering dish is famous in Dubai in several types such as Iranian Biryani, Katchi Biryani, Southeast Asian Biryani, and Sri Lankan Biryani.

  4. Majboos

    Majboos Dish in Dubai
    It is one of the traditional Emirati recipes passed on from generation to generation, which is famous not only among the local population as a family meal but also among Dubai visitors. This dish is prepared with basmati rice, chicken, or a variety of meats, assorted vegetables, and spices.

  5. Madrouba

    Madrouba Dish in Dubai
    It is popular in Bahrain and Oman and is no less prevalent in Dubai as well. This dish is prepared with rice, yogurt, onion, tomatoes, garlic, and butter. This dish is best for people of all ages because it is easily digestible.

  6. Thareed

    Thareed Dish in Dubai
    It is also called Fareed in Emirati, is prepared with vegetable chunks and bread soaked in meat broth. This dish is typical of Dubai and distinctive Gulf cuisine in general.

  7. Oozie

    Oozie Dish in Dubai
    Oozie with meatis a special-occasion dish prepared for wedding parties and festivals. In this simple recipe, the rice is stuffed into gentle pastry pockets or served with chicken or, with yogurt and salad. It is sometimes garnished with roasted or fried mixed nuts.

  8. Jasheed

    Jasheed Dish in Dubai
    It has a fish feature, though most popular Gulf region dishes use a variety of meats or chicken. This dish is popular in coastal regions but can also be enjoyed in Dubai restaurants. This fish is cooked with water, onion, garlic, and plenty of spices in this dish. This dish is eaten with rice.

  9. Luqaymat

    Luqaymat Dish in Dubai
    Luqaymat is another traditional Emirati recipe, a sweet dish prepared from flour, milk, sugar, salt, sesame seeds, turmeric, and yeast. This melting in the mouth dish is ready in the shape of golden balls fried in oil and drizzled with syrup, which makes it excellent in both appearance.