10 Funny Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends


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Playing pranks with friends never goes out of style and there are never enough pranks for any friend. Prank websites are new fun whereby the websites have been designed particularly for playing pranks with the people you want and make sure that they have a hard time forgetting those incidents. The pranks involve something as baseless as a love calculator prank to some scary pranks. 

Best 10 Funny Prank Websites to Troll your Friends

The following is the list of the top 10 prank websites which have been widely accepted in the market because the features are quite amazing. Also, these troll websites have been rated much better in comparison to that of the other options which are available on the internet:

  1. Love Calculator Prank

    Love calculator prank is widely used by friends to play pranks with other friends. While this is not specified for any particular age, a love calculator prank has been commonly used by teenagers who have just stepped in this age and are excited about the secrets of their friends. 

    This funny troll basically provides a link to the sender. The friend who sends this link has an email attached and thus any input by the receiver is known by the sender. When the receiver opens the link, there is this page that asks you to enter the name of the person you love and your name and the website claims to give the love percentage for the names. When the receiver enters the name, the names are sent to the sender who initiated the link by troll websites. Also, the receiver gets a message that they have been pranked by the prank websites. This way the friends can get to know about the secrets and also prank their friends. 

  2. Facebook Pranks

    These prank websites aim at creating scary content for the users and this is great fun to use when you are aware that your friends are really scared of the ghosts and related things. The troll websites have been set up for the scary content on the Facebook platform which is used to scare people because of some haunted content that can be seen on their newsfeed. 

    The funny website is really bad for the people who are really scared of haunted things. The link which will be sent to the friends will let such content appear in the newsfeed of that particular person. 

  3. Fake Update: Windows

    The prank websites which allow the appearance of the fake windows screen on any PC are the fake update websites that have been used to scare the friends. The funny websites will have the page which shows that the PC is having a very old version of the working system and thus it needs an update and even if you try your best, the screen won’t leave and only the person who has set up the funny troll knows how to get out of the screen.

    No work can be done on the screen and this will definitely be a bad feeling for the person who owns the PC. Also, the friend can get the PC back to normal by F11 key once they are done laughing about the foolish prank. 

  4. Fartscroll: Funny Pranks

    These prank websites are really great because they aim at having fun and leave people laughing without scaring anyone. They have this amazing feature whereby when a person scrolls through the blog, a loud fart sound is heard.

    These funny websites can be used when you are aware that the person is surrounded by people around and thus when he goes through the link, everyone around knows where the loud fart sound came from and this will always make people laugh till their stomach aches. The funny troll where a single scroll through a blog will be a wrong move for your friend.

  5. Prank Specs

    These prank websites are all set to guide the user with multiple ways through which they can troll their family and friends. They have various tricks which can be learned and then can be played on some other person.

    If you are looking for some new ways through which you can troll your friends, this is surely the right place because you don’t have to be worried about the outcome as you can handle the situation on your own.

    Also, they have magic tricks and audio and video tracks and thus you can choose the best way you can troll your friends because you would know how they would react to a certain situation.

  6. Hacking Simulator: Geek Typer

    If you are one of those coders among your friends, and you want to fool them by telling how professional you are and how you can hack things, here is the key. Not just the coders, any person can show off such pictures to their friends and claim that they are the professional hackers.

    It is not just fun to fool them but it can also scare them as you have proved that you can catch any device or any information about them.

    The images and the visuals which have been created are lively and it might take a lot to look into it and find out that it is fake and thus this can be a great troll tool. 

  7. Joker Greeting Prank

    This is a super annoying prank and this will be great fun. This is a real-life prank and involves both the person. So, this prank is about a card, the card which has this sound which starts as soon as you open it and does not stop until you hammer it or burn it. 

    The person might be really grateful at the beginning because he received the card but later the sound will make him so annoyed and this will surely be a great prank for birthdays. 

  8. Do Not Press Red Button

    This is kind of playing with the tempt feelings of your friends. The page will reflect the message that the person should not press on the red button.

    But it’s common, that once your friend asks you not to do it, you do it first. As soon as the person clicks on the red button something hilarious comes up which badly trolls them and this is great fun. 

  9. Secret Codes From Google

    This is when you can prank someone and tell them that you have found some secret codes of Google. Though you can’t fool someone for a very long time, this can be a short time prank and can be used on any friend. You get these images and setup which reflects that you have such codes but they are fake in reality. 

  10. News of 2020- Future Year

    This is kind of a fake newspaper that has been prepared by the website. The website will make up any random information and it will all seem like it is all true for a short period of time. Once your friend looks into it perfectly, they might realize that the news is fake. 

    If the news is really amazing and your friend believes in it, it is going to be really fun. 

Conclusion for Funny Troll Websites

Prank websites have been in trend for a very long time now as more and more people are using it for fun. These funny websites allow you to have entertainment which is not just for you but you can involve as many friends as you want which makes it even better because all the friends can enjoy it together. The content is a funny troll that does not aim at harming anyone’s personal emotions. The content varies from love calculator prank to interesting edited stuff which is quite likable. Troll websites have been set up which only focuses on bringing a smile and laugh for the group of friends.