How Advertising Agencies helps in Growing your Business

Growing your business and keeping it flourishing has become extremely difficult in today’s competitive world. Market conditions and business strategies no longer effectively bring solutions in the evolving world. Factors such as increased competition, an increase of social media usage, the disenchantment of traditional print media, and also certain government regulations have changed the entire scenario. As a result, marketing and advertising now play a huge role in product launches, customer retention, product analysis, and overall business growth. 

Though many companies prefer to have an in-house marketing team, there are clear advantages all that an advertising agency can bring to the table. This is especially true in developing economies such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India, and African countries. 

Let us take a look at how an advertising agency can make a difference to your business

  1. Market Research

    Advertising agencies can help identify the target audience for a particular form of an advertising campaign based on their core expertise and previous projects. They can run mock advertisements or pilot projects before the actual launch. This way the agency will understand the market reactions, the effectiveness of the campaign as well as the product acceptance before the launch itself. This is especially significant if a big brand is entering a new market in a different part of the world. This can help the agency to save a lot of effort and time. Statistics say digital marketing for big brands is a huge part of the pipeline for advertising agencies in Dubai such as DCCIInfo, Spring Advertising, and Panama Advertising. 

  2. Cost-Effective Strategies

    Advertising agencies are also adept at identifying the important target points and allocating the right amount of money and resources where it is needed the most. They will deploy innovative strategies so that you do not end up spending more on advertising than required. Being experts in this field, they will also have access to resources that can help you get maximum potential at a cost-effective budget. Additionally, when the project is allotted to the advertising agency, it becomes their onus to deliver results within the given budget.

  3. Selecting the Right Media

    Different mediums of advertising such as print media, digital media, and advertisement via SMS, Tele-calling are all various aspects of the advertising medium. However, selecting the right kind of advertisement for a specific medium is very important to generate the required attention and traffic. The right platform plays a crucial role in the budget as well. Wrong advertising media can result in a loss with no results. Advertising agencies, as a part of their business, also bring in experts in each advertising media so that they can choose the right one based on the product, target audience, and budget constraints. They know to leverage each advertising medium to its fullest for the best results. 

  4. Accountability

    Hiring an external agency means spending money more than a typical marketing team’s salary. With the spending, however, there comes an added perk of accountability. For example, an in-house team may have limitations and the organization would set their goals accordingly. However, when you bring in an external agency, they will plan with a clear goal and achievable milestones in mind. This ensures that the business also has a road map and a guide to hold someone accountable if anything goes amiss. This incidentally also forms the pitch that most advertising agencies show their clients. For example, most advertising agencies in Dubai provide a guarantee on the results they promise, and the big names even work on profit share models based on the deliverables. This is a good way to hedge your bets in a safe way and improve the outcome too. 

  5. Creative Knowledge

    This may be obvious but an important reason to hire an advertising agency. Advertising agencies are in essence a group of professionals who have all the expertise. All the marketing material, whether or not meant to be for regular advertisement can be made by the Advertising agency. They can produce quality material in line with the current market trends, giving it a professional touch. They would be much more successful in highlighting the brand in the materials and you can just sit back and supervise to get the best result. Many advertising agencies across the world such as Dubai, India, the USA, Canada, and African countries also bring a core creative head to discuss with the business heads earlier on itself so that the marketing materials are just perfect. 

  6. Consultation

    It has always been good business sense to bring in a fresh set of eyes to a product developed in house. This holds good for marketing plans, product launches, and advertisement designing as well. Even if the work has been done with the inhouse teams, an advertising agency can provide valuable input on the design, creatives, strategies, and ways to optimize the budget as well. This would sort of work like a checker and marker process so that the final product is devoid of any flaws. With their years of experience and subject matter expertise, Advertising Agencies can also help slightly tweak existing campaigns for new products to save money and time in running a new one. Many advertising agencies in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and India are starting to deploy special teams as consultants for many projects. 

  7. Press Release

    In addition to the traditional roles an advertising agency plays in the marketing and sales promotions, there is one more important role that the agency plays for most organizations. The advertising agency would also handle the PR for the company. PR is not limited to promotional campaigns alone, they also include relationship management with vendors, brand image correction if any, and management of consumer perception, etc. Advertising agencies are positioned at the right in the process flow to interact with both the vendors and consumers without getting the brand involved. This ensures that the consumer feels they are talking to a neutral authority and starts to build the trust. Advertising agencies also cement many important partnerships for their clients with other parties to run a successful campaign. These partnerships can be very useful in the long run. Companies like ATNinfo have a great network of companies working in the same field and can make a difference in PR based assignments.  


Advertising agencies have become an important part of all businesses. They should be effectively utilized by all business owners for their growth. Agencies not only help in marketing and sales but they also work as an external wing of the team and bring in a lot of expertise in terms of market research, advertisement models, strategic partnerships, and cost-effectiveness to name a few.