How PPT Sharing Website helps in Increasing Organic Traffic

Search Engine Optimisation, better known as SEO, is the process using which you can get organic traffic from natural search results of the search engines. All major search engines, including Google and Yahoo, rely on basic algorithms to present their search results. These algorithms help to decide where a particular website will end up on the search results page. SEO helps websites rank higher up, meaning more users will be able to see the website, leading to more traffic and leads. The best thing about SEO is that it is a free ranking and requires no payment the way paid search ads work. Hence, with the strict competition that most websites face now, due to the overwhelmingly large number of active websites, SEO becomes incredibly important. Having a good SEO score ultimately decides how many visitors you get on your website, which, in turn, has a significant say on the number of clients you close. So, how can we improve SEO, and what relation does PPT sharing websites and SEO have? Here’s a look at everything you need to know regarding off-page SEO, and how PPT sharing websites help with that.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO or off-site SEO is a kind of SEO that can be improved via actions taken external to your website. Hence, it is based on how you use external factors to improve your rankings on various search engine results pages. Off-page SEO helps in improving not only a website’s SEO ranking but also its popularity, trustworthiness, authority and relevance with regards to other competing websites. The main component of Off-page SEO is link building. So, what exactly is this process?

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Link building is mainly accomplished by having reputable websites and web pages promote your website by sharing your web link on their platforms. In simple terms, link building is the act by which other websites digitally vouch for the content you put up on your website.

Why is Off-Page SEO important?

The way search engines rank websites and the algorithms they use continually change, as the rise of new technologies happens organically. Therefore, a particular process that was relevant last year may do more harm than good this year. So, how do we keep up with the continually changing rank factor environment? One of the best ways to do so is to focus on your off-page SEO, as this remains more or less stable over the course of time. A page’s ability to rank well is significantly affected by its trustworthiness, relevance, authority and popularity. Since these are the very factors that we focus on when it comes to Off-page SEO, this ensures that our websites remain essential even when on-page SEO elements undergo massive upheavals.

Studies show that off-page SEO activities carry more than 50% of the weight when it comes to ranking factors. So, how does this relate to SEO to PPT sharing websites? Well, the heart of a good Off-page SEO strategy is to link building and back-link creation. This is exactly where PPT sharing websites come into the picture. Search engines like Google rely heavily on back-links to understand and gauge the quality of content on a webpage. Therefore, websites which have a higher number of back-links, or have higher valued back-links rank higher than web pages without those.

Types of Backlinks

The main types of back-links are:

  1. Natural Backlinks
    Editorially a part of websites without any interaction or involvement of the page owner. For instance, a fashion blogger might add links to his or her favorite online shopping destination in their blogs.
  2. Manually Built
    These links are gained by manually indulging in link building activities. The primary examples of such activities are asking a celebrity to share links to your website, or asking your favorite clients to help you out by adding your website’s link to their stories or blogs.
  3. Self Created
    This process involves adding back-links to online directories, comment signatures, forums and even press releases. However, some of these techniques fall under the Black-hat SEO territory, which is generally looked down upon by search engines. Therefore, make sure you don’t garner the hate of search engines by excessively and excessively pushing for these kind of links.

Factors Determining Impact of Backlinks

  • Linking the site’s popularity and authority
  • Relation in terms of content between the linked site and linking site
  • The freshness of the link
  • Anchor text used
  • Linking site’s trustworthiness
  • Number of links
  • Authority of linking domain

What is PPT Sharing?

PPT sharing is essentially a traffic pulling tactic that helps in building organic traffic, making it a widespread SEO practice. PPT’s are created and then shared with other websites, or put online via PPT sharing websites like Share presentation to attract more visitors to your website. Uploaded PPTs create back-links, which, in turn, help in driving traffic to your website. However, care must be taken to see that your PPTs are shared on PPT sharing websites with high Domain authority and Page Authority.

How PPT Sharing Websites help with Off-page SEO?

In case you want to engage in such off-page optimization, then PPT sharing websites might just be the place to start from. PPT submission is one of the best SEO improving tactics that online marketers use. Here’s a look at why PPT submission helps in improving your off-page SEO.

  1. Enhanced visibility with respect to major search engines.
  2. Improves the overall rate of conversion.
  3. PPT submissions tend to look more attractive than text-based websites.
  4. Brings in inbound traffic through backlinks.
  5. It makes more people prone to sharing your PPTs on their blogs and websites.
  6. PPT sharing websites help you export slide decks from your PPT which can help drive traffic to your website.
  7. PPTs help in increasing your Google rank as several PPT sharing websites have high-quality directories.
  8. PPTs full of fresh infographics have a more significant impact on the audience’s interest when compared to other forms of information.
  9. PPTs can be turned into videos that can then be embedded quite easily on websites.
  10. PPT submission also helps with social media marketing.

Top PPT sharing websites for improving your SEO

  • SharePresentation
  • Issuu
  • Slide share
  • Scribd
  • Docstoc
  • Keepandshare
  • Zoho
  • Sliderocket
  • Mediafire