How to Apply for a Job in Canada: 7 Best Steps

Sara Abadi

, Education

In the global workplace, Canada has been emerging as one of the best workplaces for the millennial. The country offers an abundant number of job vacancies every year in diverse domains ranging from technology, engineering to healthcare and medicine. If you possess a proficient skill set along with a dynamic CV, a good job is waiting for you at the other end in Canada with a whole lot of perks and career benefits. Canada happens to be one of the most preferred options for job seekers according to the facilities and ground-breaking career experiences it offers. So, if you are one of those who dream of getting a job in Canada, then this article is for you. Read it till the end and get to know how to apply for a job in Canada from India in 7 easy plus best steps:

1st Step: Identify the Work Permit Jobs

Identify the Work Permit Jobs

You might be surprised to know that not every occupation in Canada asks you for a work permit. There are some jobs for which you need a work permit. A business visitor, healthcare student or a performing artist doesn’t need a work permit to get employed in Canada. If you want to know more about the jobs that don’t require you to have a work permit, you can read more here.

If you aren’t able to see your desired job on this list? Do not worry. We will provide you with a complete step-wise breakdown of where to start your search of finding that perfect job for yourself.

2nd Step: Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

If you are not born in Canada and happen to be from another country, then you have to apply for Social Insurance Number (SIN). If you are born in Canada, then you might have one and don’t need to worry. SIN is asked by future employers. This is a necessary step in the step-wise flow to get you your dream job. In order to apply for a Canadian SIN, visit the official website:

3rd Step: Give your CV a Good Update

Give your CV a Good Update

One of the most common things amongst all of us is not updating our CV on a regular basis. We tend to procrastinate in adding our newly learned skills and recent work experiences. This is a major issue and needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Time has come to set yourself into motion and update your CV. List the current job on your CV. Did you learn a foreign language recently? Don’t forget to add that into your accomplishments. Give a quick flashback to what you did in the recent past. Write it down roughly. Now, compile it in proper chronological order on your CV. For a good reference, give a call to some of your fellow employees as this could be pretty beneficial. Don’t forget to add their position in the company along with contact details.

Have a look at the online portals like CV’s on LinkedIn. They give you an insight into how things flourish in the global workplace and you might get a recommendation upon request from your fellow employees. Make sure that you have your CV up to the date with all the positive information added in proper chronological order.

We have our manual on how to write the perfect CV. This will help you to find the perfect job in Canada. This completes your 3rd step in the process of how to apply for a job in Canada from India. For more details click here.

4th Step: Properly Research on Companies which you are Applying for

Properly Research on Companies which you are Applying for

Most of us apply for multiple jobs using the same cover letter. We make use of the same CV for different domains of jobs and put it on online portals too. That’s not a good practice.

Try to write unique and specific job oriented cover letters to each and every company that you are applying to. This should highlight details that they have posted in the original job opening you saw before applying. If you are particularly skilled in some programs, skills or have specific work experience don’t forget to mention these small but important details. This is important for your application to stand out among the rest.

Try to be very selective about the jobs that you are applying for because, in some instances, companies can communicate with each other about your application and their realization that you copy-paste the same cover letter each time won’t be good for your career.

There are some really good job portals which you can make use to find your dream job in Canada, click here to know more.

5th Step: Boost your Professional Network

Boost your Professional Network

Answering how to apply for a job in Canada from India, the fifth step involves switching to LinkedIn instead of wasting time while scrolling Facebook and Instagram. Connect to people who are working in different domains in Canada according to your preference for jobs. This is one of the great ways to start making your place in their network.

In addition to this, Networking can be done in professional settings too. For this, try to attend job events and career fairs. These events are also one of the best ways to meet people who are employed in your field.

Trying your hands at volunteer work in Canada is one of the best ways when it comes to getting noticed. It helps you in not only getting some valuable Canadian work experience but also opens gates for you to enter the industry in order to better market yourself when you decide to switch to a full-time paid job.

6th Step: Follow-Up your Applications on Regular Intervals

If it has been a week/month since you have applied for a job position, then you can write a follow-up email to the company on your application. This shows them that you are genuinely interested in the work profile and isn’t a random job seeker. It gives you an edge over others in the list.

The same rule is applicable to interviews. When you get an email from any company about confirming an interview, always tell with a “thank you” email. A humble attitude plus a little bit of politeness opens a long way for you.

7th Step: Get your Qualifications Accredited

Get your Qualifications Accredited

If you did your education from a country other than Canada, you will have to get accreditation of your qualifications. This is usually done through the Education Credential Assessment (ESA). The accreditation costs around CAN$200 and around ten days are required for the documentation process.

All the job postings in Canada don’t require an ECA but they need a different form of accreditation.

In addition to this, there are some skilled jobs which require additional certification. But this varies in accordance with the trade and province. So, kindly research your trade choice thoroughly before going for further documentation.

This is the final step in how to apply for a job in Canada from India.