How to Get a Lot of Followers on Instagram


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To create a page on Instagram, first, you need to think of the content that will attract the audience’s attention.

Nice looking profile
Choose  a memorable nickname, add a beautiful photo or illustration for an avatar, create an attractive profile description, make design highlights, add contacts and links to your other social networks or projects, set up the “Subscribe” button.

Personal contacts
After  having created the account, go to the “Settings” menu and then to the “For subscriptions” section. There you can find the “Contacts” item and individual social networks. In each of the sections, you will need only to tick in the “Subscribe to all” column.

Other social networks or SMM services
You can get followers on Instagram using an active link in profile descriptions on Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, etc. You can also get 50k Instagram followers cheap (relatively) if you’re ready to spend some cash.

Link to Instagram from Facebook
To  add a link on Facebook directly to your profile description, you need to go to the “Information” section, select the “Basic and contact information” item, select Instagram from the list of social networks, and enter your login (without @).

You  can add up to 30 hashtags to one publication, enter popular ones and self-invented ones, for example, a place or event where the photo was taken, interests that can help the target audience find you, or hashtags describing what is shown in the photo.

Comments on the post
The easiest way to get users’ attention is to write something that most people disagree with and let them argue with you.

Comments in social networks, forums, and websites
Share  your opinion with the target audience under the video on YouTube or Twitch, in comments to the posts on VKontakte, Facebook, or in any other  place where you think people with similar interests may be.

Activity games
Such  game content includes tests, puzzles, comic predictions, and much more. The participant must write a comment and then click the “like” button under the photo of the previous commentator and so on ad infinitum.

Like-time Insta
You can also think up games, make comment-time, offer to solve a problem, guess a false fact.

List of clients for mailing
You can create a newsletter containing a link to your account via messengers, or send it out in corporate and personal mail.

Performances at events
Find  events where you could speak on an interesting topic and propose your candidacy. Also do not ignore invitations to meetups and parties dedicated to your activity.

Write texts
You  can add 2200 characters to the description for each photo. Pay special attention to the first two lines, make a headline that reflects the topic of the post. If there are not enough sign limits, separate the post into a few mini-articles.

Use stories
It  is recommended to write at least 1-2 posts per day in stories. Go live, like, and comment on the subscribers’ posts. Communicate with your audience and keep their interest in your account.

Polls, interviews, stickers
Conduct polls and interviews, ask users to share their opinions and answer the question.

Be yourself
Don’t forget that your page should reflect you. Live photos and communication will make you closer to your audience.