How To Make The Most Of A Small Bedroom


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With many of us choosing new builds over older properties, one of the compromises of living in a modern home is that room sizes aren’t as generous as period properties. If you find yourself in a smaller than average bedroom, there are some simple tricks you can use to trick the eye into thinking it’s larger than it actually is. 

Use light colours

Using light colours in your small bedroom will help reflect light, making it seem brighter and roomier. Dark paint on the other hand absorbs light, making it feel smaller and more constricting. But light colours don’t just mean white. Choose light colours with a warm undertone, like pastel blues, greens, and pinks for a tranquil feel. 

Go monochromatic

In small spaces, coordination is an important feature, as it creates fluidity and avoids confusing the eye – which can cause a room to feel smaller – especially if busy prints are used. Instead choosing a monochromatic scheme will help create an airier feel. 

To do this, pick a light colour and use similar hues to create a cohesive scheme. Avoid using big blocks of colour which will segment off portions of the room and make it feel smaller. 

Clever storage solutions

Using clever storage solutions like built-in wardrobes with sliding doors will help create more floor space, and makes use of even the most awkward spaces. And don’t forget to use the space under and around the bed.

These spaces are often underutilized but can provide a huge amount of storage, leaving the rest of the space clutter free. The key to making the most of a smaller bedroom is about using the space wisely, without overwhelming it. 

Use light and reflections

Small bedrooms need as much light as possible to keep the space from feeling small. Instead of heavy window dressings use light materials like linen or even use sheer drapes. The natural light will expand your bedroom’s sense of space, and waking up to natural sunlight will make it easier to get up in the morning. 

Of course, if you require complete darkness, then fitting a black out blind above the frame and not inside it will help block out the light when needed, without compromising on the amount of light when the blind isn’t drawn. 

Adding in reflective surfaces like mirror, glass, and gloss will also help bounce light around the room and create the illusion of a larger room. Now you have the perfect excuse to hang that crystal chandelier! 

Keep it simple 

The best piece of advice for a small bedroom – keep it simple. It’s easy to add unnecessary decorations and details, but you’ll soon end up with a cramped and cluttered room. A few pictures, bedside lamp, and a beautiful plant placed in the corner is all you need.