How To Show Up Like A Pro on Instagram Live

Instagram Live: why you may use it?

For communicating with customers or subscribers. That’s a unique opportunity to get to know people you talk with better.

One of the key benefits of Instagram Live compared to TikTok
You do not have to have any subscribers to go live unlike TikTok where you have to have at least 1000 subscribers.

How do I do the perfect stream?

  1. Enter the app
  2. Swipe to the right or to the camera icon in the form located in the upper left corner of the screen to get to the story creation section.
  3. Select the “Live” function at the bottom of the screen
  4. When the user is ready, he should click on the “Start Live Stream” button. The message “You are live!” Will be displayed on the screen, indicating the start of the broadcast.

Live customization

Do not forget to check up the sound and video quality.

Pro Tips:

  • Choose a convenient background
  • Try looking for a place where no one can distract you
  • Place your sit near the window to have more daylight
  • Announce it at least 3 days in advance
  • Attractive appearance and pro view:
  • You can wear something unusual to attract users’ attraction. It can be a shocking mask or costume, depends on which content you upload. Bright clothes are good as well.
  • Add some unique things such as a lava lamp or cute picture. But they mustn’t distract the audience

The main point before the start is…

…to choose the topic of the stream. Here are some ideas to use:


With its help, users get closer to their audience and receive feedback. An announcement of a live broadcast in a similar format should be published 3 days before the start so you would have enough time to collect all the questions from subscribers. To make the broadcast more interesting, you can arrange a contest for the best question with prizes.

To broadcast in this format, the user also needs to prepare and make an announcement. Before announcing the name of the guest, you can arrange a competition and allow the audience to guess who it will be. They need to be motivated with prizes, as well as asked to send questions in comments or direct.

Choose A Unique Topic To Discuss
When choosing a topic for a stream you should consider the idea that there are absolutely no restrictions on this issue. You can come up with and implement your own live broadcast format. This can be a review of a literary work or a movie, a culinary program, a little psychological training, online training, etc.

Importance of subscribers
Of course, you should have quite a big audience to have a successful stream. To attract them your posts ought to have a big amount of likes and views. Nevertheless, If you have a small number of subscribers that is not a problem at all. It’s a good opportunity to have a cozy dialogue. Otherwise, you may choose to spend some cash and get Instagram live video views from one of the many services that provide paid viewers.

To Sum Up
Instagram Live is another chance to attract people to your account. The key point is to announce it at least 3 days in advance and prepare a topic or create an intrigue. And then it will be a success!