Is Facebook Spying Good for kids?

With the plethora of social interaction in the current digital age, everyone these days loves to lurk on social media platforms. So far, cell phone technology and its connection with internet technology have come up with social media apps and websites that empower users to make their social accounts to meet people online. In the current situation where everyone owns a digital phone including young kids, social media addiction is one the rise and they spend most of the time on instant messengers and popular social media websites such as Facebook. FB is one of the classic social media platforms and everyone has their profile on it and young kids are second to none. Therefore, there are some reservation occurs in parents mind that kids are highly obsessed with a social website.

Are kids obsessed with Facebook?

FB is known for its popularity and over the last decade, it is one of the most visible social media websites in cyberspace. On the other hand, there is plenty of speculation that FB happened to ground zero for dangers associated with the children. It is a social platform that is not less than a digital playground for children to exchange gossips. Share multimedia in terms of photos, videos, and interaction with strangers. That’s why there is plenty of speculation about the dark side of the FB because it empowers kids to make unseen friends, upload infinite numbers of photos and share links of private videos.

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If you are worried about being parents that why kids and teens spend most of the time on Facebook then you have a valid reason to get worried about it. However, it is still unknown what consequences FB addicts could face due to social media interactions according to the study of Maryland.

According to the study published in the University of Maryland,

The study published in April 2010 has brought a great deal of concern. The study has been published in the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda (ICMPA) which says social media is highly addictive.

What dangers are associated with Facebook for kids?

There are plenty of dangers associated with the FB apart from addiction. Young kids and teens are using social media websites on their cell phones connected to cyberspace. Let’s get to know what dangers teens and kids can face if they are obsessed with the social media platform.

Cyber Bullying

Kids that love to spend time on their FB profile all day long using their cell phones and computers are more likely to interact with the bullies online. Cyber predators like cyberbullies are one of the most dangerous phenomena of the last decade. They always try to target young kids, tweens, and teens and use sexual and abusive language and if the victims respond it means they got trapped. So, most of the victims repeatedly got bullied online. Usually, bullies online send sexual images, sexts and plenty of other things to humiliate the target on a social media platform like FB. Therefore, parents need to ware of the fact that your child is normal or he/she is avoiding social media and staying lonely and depressed all the time. These are the signs that parents can perceive and take affirmative action to make sure the online safety of the kids.


They are the most dangerous people that used to have the expertise to trap your teens and kids online. Initially, they just show interest in your teens on Facebook and later on they become friends with them. Secondly, they start showing their interest in teens and show their affection and end up with the relationship in real –life and fulfill their dark motives and flew away. So, teens could face emotional and physical trauma and lose their self-respect and dignity. So, the parent should snoop on teens’ and kids’ social media profiles with cell phone monitoring apps and keep tabs of social media accounts to the fullest.


Teens enable them to upload infinite numbers of photos, videos on their social media profiles and that is an alarming situation. There are plenty of teens that have to face embarrassment due to sharing of sexually suggestive videos to their friends on Facebook or their profiles and somehow videos get viral and they have nothing left but to face sheer embarrassment due to obscenity on the social media platform.

Health Concerns

Young kids and teens often got health issues due to excessive usage of social media platforms like FB on their digital cellphones and computers connected to the internet. Teens usually got stress, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts on their minds. So, parents should keep in mind that spy on Facebook messenger is good for kid’s safety online.

Facebook spying is definitely good for kids: How it is possible?

FB monitoring gives parents peace of mind that they are doing well on social media and not getting involved in something inappropriate or risky. So, parents should snoop on their kid’s cellphones using a spy app for cell phones and computer spying software. Parents can set parental control on kids and teens Facebook to see messages, conversations, voice, and video call logs, and last but the least Voice messages logs.


Facebook is one of the most dangerous social media websites and apps for teens and kids if left unsupervised. Use parental monitoring app for cell phones and PCs to make kids safe on FB.

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