Language V/S Social Media: Reasons to Hire a Translator for Social Media

Nothing can compare the fast pace of social media not even the way influencers are influencing the followers at a mass level. When you say the word Social Media, it is a marketing tactic in itself that is being approached by dozens of businesses.

Entrepreneur’s play smart now, and have access to thousands if not millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat. The idea of using social media as an effective marketing strategy is pretty amazing but it comes with its flaws and can have an adverse reaction to a business’s interest.

When it comes to targeting the right audience you have to be sure you are conveying the right message to the right user. What if your user is a Chinese and you are providing the information in German or some other language? Yikes!

Spread the web

When your target audience is spread throughout various regions, it becomes vital to be available in their native languages. Social media, no doubt, is a powerful tool but it is useless if you are unable to convey the meaning and make things complicated at your end.

Take a look at websites. Chinese Websites localization considered to be a true business myth now is the tending strategy these days for eCommerce and several business ventures? Why? To be able to access people all over the world, you have to have a common sense to convert the message into the desired language.

Why hire a translator for social media?

Failing to access customers is the biggest nightmare for any business. Planning a social media campaign requires professional translators as well, who are ready at your back end to run the platform and to ensure that promotions sound the way the business initially intends to. Further, you will require a translator’s service for:-

  1. Wider global reach

    In a seasonal or a cyclical industry (where a business relies on seasonal promotions) you have to be quite careful in how to approach a target audience. For instance, you can hold a social media campaign for a seasonal promotion of a year-end sale or a Thanksgiving sale. It’s an occasional sale and to target the audience at a larger scale you need to use a translator’s service to make the content engaging in the native language.

    This way you are better able to promote your products and services and have a better chance at greater ROI. Maintaining and embracing cultural norms are the main reason why a translator needs to be hired.

  2. Lack of accuracy of the translation

    Not every other user is an English speaker. Despite the fact, English is a universal language, more than 45% of people are non-native speakers. If a Chinese knows how to speak English he will avoid speaking any other tongue when he has a native language only.

    The reason why interpreters are hired because certain individuals refuse to give such importance to learning a second language. But a business cannot neglect the need to translate social media campaigns because the internet is excessively used all around the globe. Google translate is helpful for short tasks but in the long run, it cannot justify the ability of human translation.

    Although most languages can be translated more simply, it’s a role driven task better handled by the native translator himself.

  3. Limitation of automated translation

    As mentioned above, translation is better suited to the actual job description of a translator but sometimes to avoid the surcharge expense of hiring a translator, companies rely on automatic translation tools.

    Which brings in just enough amount of understanding. Technological tools are helpful but it comes with the shortsightedness of not being a human translator. A translator better understands how to pitch a target audience and what cultural reference to use or not to use. You might have seen sometimes that YouTube videos have weird subtitles going on. Thanks to the automatic translation tool being used on the video, it’s a far cry from accuracy and the actual text gets lost in the automatic translation.

    The allure of using automatic translation tools is always there, like a drug, but you can’t solely rely on it.

  4. Website traffic

    How often your website is used by a native user? To increase website traffic, you have to customize your website in a way that looks more appealing. The same thing applies to your social media pages. Make it more appealing, not only by the pictures and videos or displaying stories but the content written on it to engage the followers.

    Localizing and adapting culturally oriented marketing strategies is what you need to boost the traffic either for a website or for social media accounts. Adding more links, blogs, etc. all of that is helpful to localize the content. A translator will act as a content writer with their ability to understand the cultural reference and produce engaging content.

    It is encouraging to use professional website translation services to localize the content whether it’s a blog, web content, or a social media account.

What happens when you have hired the services of the said translator?

When you use the services of a translator for social media, you can make sound investments because your direction is clear, a clear picture is resented to the audience and products generate an organic response as a return.

Translating social media content helps to increase the number of likes, shares, and comments and later create much-needed goodwill. An essential tool to remain neck to neck in the competition is what draws a business to use social media.

Speak the language your audience speaks and you are bound to win their hearts and follower’s loyalty tags along for the long run. Initially, it’s a strain, but once a flow of content and strategies is maintained it becomes easier and you can outreach the customer by giveaways, polls and most importantly creating an attachment with followers is what will increase the desired ROI as a long-term strategy.

Play nice, play wise.