PHP Vs Python: Which is Best for your Career

Maria Lena

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You have decided to grow your career in web development.

That sounds great.

But, have you ever thought of what programming language you will choose to build your career? 

In this disruptive yet innovative world of technology programming languages hold a high position. Unless you develop your skill in one or multiple languages, your ambition to grow your career as a web developer will remain as a daydream.

Now the question is which one would you prefer to join?

Do the PHP training classes are the best or Python training classes?

There is nothing wrong if you get yourself stuck in the dilemma which language amongst the others suits perfectly to start your career.

Although every programming language comes with specific functionalities and purposes, among all the programming languages, Python and PHP are the most popular and demanding languages that most of the corporate business house prefer. Here, we are going to pit PHP and Python head-to-toe to help you in your career growth.

Let’s Start With PHP!

  • Since its first emergence in 1994, PHP has become one of the most popular and highly preferred languages that web developers, programmers, software developers, etc. prefer for server scripting.
  • It will be wrong if you think that PHP is excellent and efficient for developing social media websites, blogs, etc. Web developers have successfully used PHP to build sites like Wikipedia, Yahoo, etc. Moreover, being a platform-dependent language, PHP has won a high preference among the coders.
  • PHP supports different kinds of databases, and nearly all of the business organizations around the globe require these databases. This programming language has given rise to the popularity of back-end developers in the IT sector. Once you accomplish a PHP training course, it will be easier for you to get a job as a back-end developer.
  • If you are up to developing small web applications, PHP can prove itself as a better choice. Why? The installation of PHP is a breeze. At the top PHP Training institutes in Bangalore, you will learn the fundamentals of PHP, including its syntax, coding, along with installation.

How Python Has Been Doing These Days

Python is not new to the world of programming and web development. It has been here since 1991. But, unlike PHP, Python, from the very beginning, is serving as a high-programming language for specific programming purposes. Python is not so standard in developing websites, blogs, etc. So, is the Python training course worth considering?

Oh, yes, it is.

Like PHP, Python is straightforward to learn compared to other programming languages like C++, Perl, etc. Once you join Python training institutes in Bangalore, you will gain knowledge about Python programming in no time.

In terms of library management, Python has already left PHP behind. As Python uses Pip, it becomes effortless to manage multiple and different libraries within Python application. If you are quite sure, that you will dig deeper into your career with Python, you have to include Pip in your tool bag.

The most exciting part is that both PHP and Python are open-source programming languages. It means the user can update both the programming languages in terms of advancements and improvements.

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If you are planning to push your career to the fast-growing and advanced realm of Data Science, Machine Learning, etc., knowledge in Python programming is a sure-fire to success. Many great and reputed IT organizations, manufacturing companies, are now looking for Python developers who hold the potentiality in managing the business data. Once you accomplish the Python training, you can open up your career to the vast arena of Data Science, data mining, DBMS, Machine Learning, etc.

Both PHP and Python are advantageous in their way. Instead of deciding which one to choose as the pillar of your career, please merge them. The amalgamation of the knowledge in PHP and Python would serve as a solid foundation for your career growth.

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