Positive Thinking can be Beneficial for those with a Dual Diagnosis

Many people don’t realize that addiction isn’t often a stand-alone condition. People who suffer from substance abuse may have other mental health conditions that they also need to address as part of their recovery. A dual diagnosis occurs when a person has a substance abuse issue and another mental health condition. More than half of the individuals who have a dual diagnosis are men.

One issue that comes with a dual diagnosis is that it’s sometimes possible that each condition will make the other one more difficult to treat. It’s going to take a concerted effort to overcome the issues that are going on. Working with a team that can help you on your journey to sobriety and improved mental health. Utilizing these tips might help you as you embark on your new life path:

Understand Why You’re Using Substances

Individuals who have mental health problems often turn to drugs or alcohol to help numb the feelings they have because of the conditions. Getting to the bottom of those problems can help you to do away with the things that are encouraging you to turn to alcohol or drugs.

Some people find that it’s difficult to handle the underlying issue and the addiction at the same time. The mental health issues are sometimes worsened by drug or alcohol abuse, which pulls the person toward the substances even more. It’s a seemingly never-ending cycle, but most people will be able to break free from it once they have the assistance of professionals who can help them.  

Learn to Focus on the Positive

When you’re trying to get off drugs and alcohol, being able to look at the positive side of things may be beneficial. Many people need to start their journey to positive thinking by starting to control their self-talk. It’s difficult to be positive about things in your life when you’re having to constantly remind yourself that you’re successful and not a failure or that you’re beautiful and not ugly.

You’ll also need to try to see the good in every situation. Just because you’re in a difficult spot doesn’t mean that you’re going to be stuck there forever. Look for the good that can come from the situation. Think about what you can learn from the things that are happening. All of these might help you to notice the good in what’s going on.

Being able to focus on the positive things in life can also have health benefits. It can help you to cope better when you’re going through stress. It can lower your risk of depression and may lead to better cardiovascular health.

You’ll likely feel better once you put forth the effort to think about the positives. You may need to stop periodically to evaluate your thinking and move toward more positive thinking.

Get the Help You Need

Trying to cope with an underlying mental health condition and an addiction is complex. Infinite Recovery detox can help you to find the recovery program that will boost your success. This ensures that you get the assistance that you need for every aspect of your recovery.