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There is a global expansion of organizations, and projects of large and small scale are being undertaken through increasingly evolving technologies. The growing advancements cause an immense need for skilled experts in combining the different facets of a project. So here comes the need for certified Project Management Professionals. Read on to know more about the work rewards, job prospects, and productivity of Project Management Professionals.

What is Project Management?

Project management is the application of experience, knowledge, resources, and strategies to fulfill project milestones, according to the Project Management Institute Inc. (PMI). PMI is the largest U.S. non-profit professional organization that tests and certifies your project management expertise.

What is the PMP Certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a PMI’s licensed trademark, and PMP certification is a globally-recognized project management certification provided by PMI. PMP is different from other certifications in project management as it finds its space to any industry, location, or strategy. It helps you recognize the standard approach and concepts of project management and, therefore, you have the knowledge, expertise, and abilities to manage any project and accomplish the targeted objectives. The flexibility of the PMP credential makes the most sought-after certification for project managers.

PMP Certification – Who Can Do This?

Project managers who possess a specific level of education and on-the-job experience are eligible to take examinations by self-appointed organizations to receive certification as project managers. Candidates should undergo a certification exam that varies from modest to complex based on the governing entity. The certified holder may also be required to be accountable for his personal growth and training through a set of classes and volunteering to recognize the advantages of certification better.

A project is only a temporary attempt to create an end product or result. The definition here means a wide range of industries, from construction to IT, need professional project managers to accomplish their desired project goals. 

How to get PMP Certification Online?

After long research and evaluation, it came to know that working professionals who prepare for the exam require around 6-8 weeks.

To earn PMP certification, individuals may need to follow the criteria, apply online, carry out the necessary audit process, and take a multi-choice test focused on the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK).

Preparations for exams differ according to your organization’s PMP course certification. It is helpful to undergo training before applying for the PMP® certification test. Such training courses are excellent to help you to know the different project requirements and needs. All of them can help you obtain many Professional Development Units (PDUs) that you need. When you are searching for a professional training approach, a variety of trustworthy organizations provide online training.

Live video training is provided if you do not have as much time and wish to know the advantages of classroom training. These are live virtual courses taught by a skilled instructor with whom you can communicate. Institutes often provide study materials and practice tests. Individuals get the same experience as a classroom but without transportation expenses.

PMP® Certification is a valid lifetime certification. It’s a career development path where you get to the first milestone by passing the exam and obtaining your PMP® certificate. Every three years, individuals should redeem the certificate.

What Career Prospects do you get with PMP Certification Course?

It is not a simple task to guide or lead a project team. It needs the highest degree of knowledge, competence, and practice. PMP here certifies your project management abilities. The PMP® credential helps you achieve competitive positions in IT, manufacturing, banking, health, and other fascinating industries. Certified PMP® promotes increased project efficiency and is sometimes given substantial raises in pay.

You should earn the PMP certification as a project manager if you like to: 

  • Expand your job prospects: They can be noticed everywhere or in any sector
  • Boost profitability: The PMI report shows that project managers with PMP certification receive 20 percent on average more than their colleagues.
  • Build your skills: The PMP certification needs a great deal of training to benefit the latest professional practices.

According to PMI’s new projections, rising job markets, growing demand, and strengthening GDP are the factors of the project management profession’s international expansion. With increasing recognition, there is more increase in the need for the best practitioners with the right expertise. IT employers are searching for unique skills that allow businesses to succeed, and over the next year, 40% of them will hire project managers to continue with their projects.

Do you know that by 2027, there will be worldwide 22 million additional project management jobs in the project management sector across various industries?

The rewards of this credential will enhance expertise and increase profits. A fascinating aspect of this certification is that you can step into the profession for your entire life once you get the PMP certificate. Therefore, it ensures that you become an essential part of a diverse and competent organization distinguished by the PMP team leaders’ commitment. 

PMP certification offers different forms of thinking, improving your knowledge, and job development potential. You often master vital and soft competencies such as teamwork, leadership, organization, managing staff, resolving issues and disputes, resource and time management. You will learn the best methods and trends in project management.

Obtaining a PMP credential may be pricey, but it is worth a single penny you pay. In terms of growth, PMP certification gives you popularity. Furthermore, certification indicates that you are more dedicated to improve your awareness, expertise, and credentials. It ensures respect from your employers, friends, team leaders, and clients. Also, the longer you are able to keep your PMP credential, you likely have a chance to earn high take-home salaries.

Start your Journey – Become a PMP Certified Professional!

Still, have second thoughts to step into the PMP field with relevant certification? Think no more as it is worth getting the PMP certification to boost your career to the next levels. A PMP certification enables you to operate in every project management approach in every field, anywhere in the world. A PMP® certification unlocks the career path to a rewarding job role.