Choosing a Career As a Roofer


A roofer is a professional who specializes in installing and repairing roofs. The job entails working with clients to establish good relationships and ensure that all safety procedures are followed. He also inspects the structure of roofs to give an estimate of labor and materials needed to complete the project. Other duties include smoothing rough spots on roofs in preparation for new shingles. He may also install insulation on roofs to create a waterproof seal.


A roofer is a tradesperson who specialises in the construction of roofs. They use a range of materials to repair, install, and replace roofs. These professionals are also called roof mechanics or roofing contractors. They are responsible for the safety and appearance of a building’s roof.

Roofing professionals must have good communication skills, be able to understand what a client wants, and follow safety procedures. They will assess the condition of the roof, measure materials, and provide estimates for labor costs. They will also smooth out rough spots on the roof in preparation for new shingles and insulation. This will create a waterproof seal between the roof and the building.

Qualifications for roofers can vary, but many employers will require that you have a high school diploma or GED. This will show potential employers that you have the basic skills needed for the job. You may want to consider taking up some college courses to prepare for your future career in the roofing industry.


The salary for roofers varies by city, education, experience, and other factors. The national average is $35,336 per year, but that number can vary significantly depending on experience and additional skills. The field is expected to grow 5 percent by 2030, but at a slower rate than the average for all occupations. The highest-paying cities are San Francisco, CA, Bolinas, CA, and Atkinson, NE.

Despite the slowing economy, employment growth for roofers is expected to increase by 2 percent a year over the next decade. Increases in construction and home building will increase demand for roofers. Also, areas with severe storms will need more roof repair professionals. A degree in management will increase opportunities for advancement and increase the salary.

The salary for roofers varies depending on the city, job title, and other factors. A base salary for a roofer is $34,115, and a higher salary may be possible if you have specialized skills. The median age of roofers is 37.4 years, and it is 0.635 years lower for women.

Work environment

There are several factors to consider when choosing a career as a roofer. One important consideration is the work environment. Roofing work environments are typically small, with teams typically ranging in size from two to four people. This allows for close cooperation among members of the team. Moreover, roofers often work with other construction crews, so they must be able to communicate well with them.

The work environment for roofers is active and includes many physical demands. A forty-hour workweek is typical, and overtime hours are typically rewarded with higher wages. Since roofers often work in the outdoors in inclement weather, they are at risk of injuries from ladders and steep roofs. Roofing jobs also require a great deal of physical fitness, including the ability to climb and bend. Temecula Roofer

Although employment prospects for roofers are generally favorable, the industry is highly seasonal, and turnover is common. Most work involves repair and replacement rather than installation. Many employers prefer applicants with military experience.

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