The Most Random Items That Can Clog Your Sink

logs can be tedious to deal with, especially in a busy household. Your drains can be very susceptible to clogs, and it can be the most random items that can end up causing your plumbing big trouble. Failing to notice a clog can cause it to grow even bigger and more difficult to deal with. You can prevent clogs by being more mindful of what makes its way into your drains. Not sure what items are best kept as far from a drain as possible? Here are the most random items that can clog your sink with a plumber in Los Angeles (and fast)!

Soap Scum

We’re not saying to ditch the soap when it comes to your sink, but the type of soap you use may end up causing a clog. Colorful bar soaps that come in designs and various scents can actually leave a small film of residue in your pipes. This residue can then build up and cause an obstruction in your plumbing. Consider going with other liquid hand soaps to avoid this possible clog!


Your kitchen sink should not be receiving food waste such as egg shells, large chunks of food, cooking oils, and large fruit peels. When you let things like these go down your kitchen sink drain, a stubborn clog is inevitable.


If you have children at home, you can attest to the fact that the most random items can end up in the most random places. If you have a younger child who has a habit of leaving legos and other small toys in the sink, a clog may become a part of your not-so-distant future. Educate your child and let them know that toys in the sink are not allowed.

Makeup Debris

Powders, blushes, eyeshadows, and all other makeup products will leave some form of debris. Washing it down the drain seems like it will be a good idea, but the truth is this debris can stain in your drains. Powdery makeup may not always clog the drain, but it can act as a net to catch other debris that makes its way down your sink, creating a clog of epic proportions.

Coffee Grounds

Though it seems like coffee grounds won’t cause much of a problem going down your kitchen sink, they do. Coffee grounds can instantly lump together and cause a major clog in your kitchen or bathroom sink. If you’re emptying your coffeemaker and looking to toss coffee grounds, the trash can is always your safest option.

Call An Eagle Rock Plumber!

If you’re dealing with a sink clog and need the help of a professional San Marino Plumber and quickly, call the dependable team at Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. Knowing what shouldn’t go down your sink can help prevent future clogs from occurring, so your household won’t have to slow down in the case of backed-up drains. Remember, if it’s solid, powdery, or very thick, it is best reserved for your trash can!


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