Thing You Need To Know About Surviving A Global Pandemic

The world is going through a global pandemic as COVID-19 spreads around the world. People are experiencing something that most of them haven’t in their lifetime. The last pandemic that caused several casualties was in 1918. The Spanish flu at that time took millions of lives. It was almost 100 years ago and most people that were alive at that time are not with us to witness this thing. So the current scenario is quite new for at least 90% of the world. 

There were many warnings and recommendations from some visionaries that the world is not ready for such an epidemic and we are wasting our resources on wrong things. The mortality rate of COVID-19 varies in different countries, it depends on their health care facilities. In some countries, it is close to 10% and in some, it’s around 1-2%. So far as of April, there is only one country that has somehow managed to control this virus and that country is where it actually originated from, you know the name, its china. 

Now in the current situation, we can’t blame anyone because it is something that is not man-made and it’s more like mother nature got really upset with what the humans were doing to the earth. As most countries are in lockdown, how do you survive this pandemic? Even staying at home you are at risk of getting various health issues and the most common is depression and anxiety. So here are a few things that you should know about surviving during this pandemic and some of these things will help you to go through it.

Precaution is Important

In reality, taking precautions is the only thing that you can do right now. As there is no vaccine available for this virus. It would take another year to release a proper worldwide vaccine of it and still in third world countries people won’t be able to get it properly. Some of the precautions that the WHO recommended are:

  1. Wash your Hand
    Try to wash your hands after you touch doorknobs, doors, metal surfaces, floor, and currency. The life of this virus on such surfaces is around 2-3 days. This is why washing your hands is important because even if you don’t touch your face and don’t get infected by it, chances are that you can still infect other people with it. Just use any soap and wash your hands for 20 seconds. If you are in a place where you can’t wash your hands then keep a sanitizer that will help in removing viruses from your hands.

  2. Social Distancing
    The growth of this virus is exponential. This means that it can grow at a rapid pace. One person can infect up to 2.5 people. It’s more like a domino effect, once it starts the only way to stop it is to pick one domino up. Social distancing helps in decreasing the spread of this virus. Even if you have to go out, try to maintain a distance of 5-6 feet.

  3. Don’t Touch your Face
    Touching your face will increase the risk of you getting infected with this virus. The virus can’t penetrate your skin so it does need any opening to get inside your body. The only way it can enter your body is through your eyes, nose, and mouth. So by not touching your face, it’s a favor that you are giving to yourself and the others around you.

  4. Follow the Authorities
    Your authorities know the facts and figures more than you. So if they are asking you to do some certain things then you should listen to them and don’t try to invoke panic in your community. The only way you can survive a pandemic is by keeping your cool and working together. That is the basic fundamental of being in a civilized community. If you are not following the orders of your authorities by thinking that you know better then you will only put yourself and others around you at big risk.

  5. Isolate Yourself
    Isolation and being quarantined are two different things and people do get confused about them. If the disease transfers from human to human then the best option is to stay at your home and isolate yourself from those who are outside. This way you will be able to stay safe from a serious infection. One thing you should know that during a global pandemic it’s more like a domino effect. One person can infect up to 100s of others. So it’s better that you take precautions and save others too.

  6. Boost Immune System
    People who are in critical condition right now have a previous underlying problem such as heart disorder, diabetes, and a weak immune system. Your immune system is more like the army inside your body that protects you from such unwanted invaders. You can boost your immune system by consuming foods that are nutrient-dense. Here are some foods that you can consume to boost your immunity.

    – Salmon
    Instant pot bone broth
    – Nuts
    – Citrus Fruits
    – Herbal Tea
    – Eggs

    Consume these foods so that you can boost your immune system that plays a major role in fighting off this virus. If your immune system is good then you will recover after a few days. 

Whats Next

If we look back in history then you will see that humans have gone through such tests and trials. What’s important is that every time we faced such issues, we learned from our mistakes and tried to improve it. The current situation is no different and it’s not going to stay like this forever. Right now you have to do your part and follow the instructions that are given by your authorities. This will allow them to work on this situation while keeping you safe at home. If you want to survive this pandemic then you will have to be brave and fight through this to become a better person. Stay home and stay safe.