Tips on How to Learn Playing Netball

Netball is a popular sport played by many athletes internationally. It comprises of two teams with seven players on a rectangular court with a raised netball post on either end. A team needs to score a goal by passing the ball down the court and shooting it through the opponent’s post ring.

Players are assigned different roles and can only move in certain areas of the pitch. You have to shoot the ball towards the ring or pass it to a teammate within three seconds. The team with most goals after the one-hour duration of the game wins the match.

If you are new to the game, let us know some basic tips to learn playing netball

  1. Arrange for proper equipment

    Even though netball does not require any fancy equipment to play, a beginner should always get a proper kit and essential equipment needed to play the sport. First of all, you will need some good trainer shoes that provide protection to your ankles and socks with good padding so you can move comfortably on the court.

    It is a physical game that involves a lot of running and jumping, so the risk of injury is always there. It is better to strap your ankles and knees to provide extra stability and avoid strains and twists. Also, remember to remove any jewelry or pointed accessories that may be dangerous while playing.

  2. Build fitness and always warm-up

    Make sure you exercise enough so that your body reaches a stable point and balance. It won’t be very easy to play a fast game of netball if you are not in the proper condition. Work on your arms, chest, and legs as they are mostly used in netball.

    Try to increase your stamina by regular workouts and work on your speed and endurance. Do exercises that involve jumping and change of direction. These attributes are the main ones that a netball player must possess.

  3. Start with passing the ball

    Netball is a team game, and therefore, passing is the most important attribute in netball. It is the first thing you should work on when you begin playing netball. Try to pass both with one and two hands and make sure you master both of them.

    Start with basic two-hand overhead passes and gradually move towards advanced and tricky passes. In the beginning, you should pass alone and then work together with your teammates to enhance your team’s overall passing ability.

  4. Practice various movement styles

    In netball, players need to do a lot of different movements. It will be better if you work on your jogging, sprinting, backward running, jumping, and sidestepping in order to prepare yourself well. Players at different positions have different roles and need to improvise according to it.

    Attacking players need to move towards the opposition netball post while defensive players stay more towards their own posts and try to defend. Also, the tactical style of your team and coach’s instructions will dictate your team’s overall movement.

  5. Play in different positions

    Just like other team sports, even netball has different positions filled by the various team members. A goalkeeper defends the post and tries to break down the opposition attacks with the help of other defensive players. The central and attacking players play further up the court, and their job is to advance the ball and try to score a goal.

    No one knows at the beginning about their best position. The best way is to learn about the various positions and play in each of them so that you know where you can play the best and help your team the most. It is all about the whole team’s effort and co-ordination.

  6. Practice tactical patterns and watch professional games

    When you are clear with the basics of the game, it is the right time to develop your skills and team chemistry. Listen to the coach and develop your team’s style of play. Build your tactics based upon your team’s strength and implement them in your game. Practicing will make each player and the team as a whole better.

    You will also learn a lot by watching professional players play in the best competitions. See how the best players play and what things they do during the games. Observe how a player handles his particular position and role. This is an essential part if you want to develop into a top player in the future.


The most important thing is to enjoy playing netball. It should be competitive, but the players should have a fun time playing. If you work hard and train properly, you can become a professional player too. In the above article, we read about the best tips to learn about playing netball. Follow these steps, stay confident, and no one can stop you from being successful.